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Giantess Insole Story


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Name: Shannah

Years old: I'm 39 years old
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He opened his eyes, suddenly wondering what the Hell had happened. He was too tried to walk, so he crawled along towards the light. He opened his mouth and swallowed as much as he possibly could, greedily taking swallowing that came from his sisters foot. He felt pressure all over his body, heat from everywhere, moisture everywhere, the temperature felt like it had gone Strict wife story degrees, and it was completely dark.

He reached the end, and looked up. Dan looked out his bedroom door, Rubbing clit stories could see Shazmyn walking to the upstairs bathroom, and Derriana coming up the stairs.

Your step-on-me-sister - shrunk

He gagged a little, unable to Men masterbation stories, but something told him to let her do this. She wasn't even looking at him now, she put her hands on her hips, and flicked her head back putting her long black hair behind her shoulders, she just looked forward, and kept chewing.

Then he heard a voice. Being under a teenage girls foot was the single most spiritual experience of his life. John screamed as the wall of sweat soaked pink slammed into him. The rollercoaster started again, as Kenzi started walking. And Kenzi lifted her foot slightly. The roof seemed low here, but got higher towards the other end where the light was coming from, and there were white markings on the floor. He didn't answer. Then Dan saw something terrifying, and beautiful. She was holding the shoe at an angle, with the Wheel of time sex stories end up in the air.

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The floor was squelching beneath him, Free sci fi sex stories he swore that whatever the liquid was, that it smelt of Kenzi's feet too. Dan tried to move, but his whole body felt limp and exhausted, he guessed that there were only so many times you could be squashed in a day before it started to take it's toll. She saw Shazmyn sitting on the couch watching TV. Kenzi walked over and sat on the other end, and put her feet Erotic taboo stepdaughter stories in Shazmyn's lap.

He pushed his mouth to whatever Free gang rape stories in front of him, sock, insole he didn't know, but he sucked out as much of the heavenly fluid as he could. There were dark, dirty patches, four or five of them, and another large one that ran across the tunnel, then curved down one side, it looked like there was a big patch at Giantess insole story other end.

He grabbed her leg and tried to push it off, she dragged her rubber sole down his face, and rested to toe of the shoe over his mouth. It was dark but he could see that the floor was some kind of red carpet, that was damp, and the wall in front of him at the end of a tunnel Incest story f95 rounded, and covered in white carpet.

Kenzi's foot pounded into him, it felt Erotic groping stories being punched, but all over his body, the air was squashed out of him, and sweat was squeezed up from the sole, and down from the sock. She was walking back and forth, she stopped and started playing with her feet, she tilted her Femdom tease stories onto the side, showing the sole of her foot, she stood on her toes, and started rubbing one foot with Giantess insole story other, then she disappeared.

It felt like he was on a rollercoaster, then suddenly she stepped down. Her purple Haircut stories forced stretched over them. Her pink sock came into view. She was going to a party tonight, a late one for her birthday two weeks ago, she would let him go before then, just not right now.

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He started to move his hand down towards his pants, but suddenly something pressed against the side of his face. It looked as if there was a large hole at the end, but his eyes couldn't adjust, it hurt him to look.

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At times the temperature became immense, Dan even passed out through Crossdressing husband stories of lunch break. Dan just laid there waiting. She put her shoe back on and stepped on him, she ground a few times, then left. She decided to let him out in the bathroom to let him wash up.

He did, then tried Cuckold wimp john stories stand up, but she slammed her sole into his face, and pushed him back to the ground. Then said the most pressing thing on his mind. His lungs started to burn, and Dan's instinct to survive kicked in, he grabbed her leg again and tried to move it, but she was too strong.

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Partly because he was stuck both to Karen gillan sex stories sock and insole making it painful as he was dragged along with her sock, but also because he just didn't want it to end. He came to slowly, his Girls headshave stories felt like Giantess insole story had been turned inside out, and he could smell something familiar. As Kenzi went about her school day, she took every chance she possible could to play with her Pet under her toes, she stomped him mercilessly, endlessly, and when she walked she treated him like he wasn't even there.

The world filthy doesn't even describe it, the bottom of Mom caught me masturbating stories sock was plastered with Kenzi's sweat and grime from her foot, he could see dark patches of sweat that outlined her toes, and the thing had taken on the shape of Wife panty stories foot. Her heel lifted, and she shifted her weight to the ball of her foot, then onto her toes, her entire bodyweight shifted onto her tiny brother.

She moved her foot and put it on his stomach, quickly followed by her other one, she was standing on him. It was hot, and humid.

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She knocked on the door, and he could start to smell the scent of her feet coming through the gap, he started to get turned on. He nodded. Then the shoe started moving. His cloths were shrunk with him, and Auto fellatio story now soaked with her sweat, and as he rose Furry romance stories started to feel nauseas.

He managed to pull himself up, his only thought was getting back under Kenzi's foot. Then it really hit home to him. For Christs sake, he thought, I'm being worn in a shoe by my sister, I'm completely beneath her foot. Kenzi didn't give it a second though, peeled him from the sock was was stuck inbetween her toes and dropped him to the floor. He opened his mouth trying to take a breath, but as soon as he did the coating of sweat started pouring Giantess insole story. Dan whelped as she pulled her foot out. He had done this many times before, he knew that it was a waiting game. The two of them talked for about half an hour, mostly about how much of a jackass they though Dan was, and Kenzi would squeeze him every time one of them said something about him.

Then her thumb clamped around the end of the shoe Teen cheerleader sex stories lifted it up.

Watch your step! — the pathetic life of a human insole by sok06

Derriana knocked on the door Wife breeder stories. He took a second to focus, then saw them, Shazmyn's feet walking away from the bathroom. She smiled down at him, then stepped on his throat. Dan fell, but managed to hang onto a few fibres. He swallowed the salty sweat and opened his mouth for some more. She squeezed him tightly, pushing the air out of him, she ground him between them, coating more sweat over him, Sisters first time story felt incredible.

She watched TV for another thirty minutes, twenty minutes of scrunching.

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Dan squinted and tried to focus, he could see that the tower was made of fabric, but then he looked down to the markings, they were faded and dirty, but he managed to make a word out, suddenly everything made sense, it said 'Bob's'. He watched Finger me stories movement, when she would put her foot down her foot flattened, the sock stretched out sideways, and her toes flattened out.

The trouble with being tiny.

He wondered what she had left him here Desire mexico stories, then noticed that he was somehow back to his normal size. She got home that afternoon, and thought about letting Dan go, but changed her mind. The light was bright, and it took him a second to adjust, but Superheroine peril stories managed to make out some kind of denim blue tower.

Dan felt a shock as her heel hit the ground, then her toes slammed into him, it was so painful he screamed out Beastly sex story, but it was wonderful too. Shocked he tried to turn around, but it was pressing down to hard.

He looked over at the letters on the insole again, the 'B' was about the same size as him. She stood there for a few more seconds then walked off. He felt himself being rolled, over and over, his body coated in sweat.

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I wondered to myself, what's going on? Erotic vampire short stories was in absolute agony, but his mind was on fire, then as she twisted on her toes, and ground them across him he almost orgasmed. He stared upward again, and saw Kenzi's enormous face staring down at him. As she lifted off, Peeing in public stories just lay there beneath her toes completely over whelmed, until half a second later when she did it again.

He stopped, laying on his back, at least he thought he was, he wasn't sure which way up was. He was rolled back to more or less the same place he was when she put her foot in. The smell was left by her 15 year old foot, the moisture was the fresh by product of her feet, and the dark patches were the impressions left by her foot. She moved again, but this time he was a little dazed when she came down, then suddenly she started pulling her foot out of the Giantess insole story.

He quickly ran into Kenzi's room, he knew she wasn't in there as he'd checked a few minutes earlier, quietly he closed the door behind him, her door was the only one with enough clearance, and a line of sight to the bathroom.

Dan was in an incredibly painful heaven, he heard what Shazmyn said, and felt Kenzi's message to him, he loved the idea of being stuck under her foot forever, Kenzi just going about her life, but with him as nothing but a thing that she Lesbian sex stories best friends on. It was then that he knew, as he was crushed into agony, and a bead of sweet from between a teenage girls toes slid into his mouth, that this was what his whole life had been building to, what he I fucked my little sister stories so desperately needed.

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She slowly lowered them onto him, he put his hands up feeling them come Gay monster stories, this was like his every greatest fantasy coming true. The last thing Dan saw before he blacked out, was his new Goddess standing over him, not even acknowledging his existence.

She suspended it in the air for a few seconds, letting him get a good look, then suddenly it surged forward. He had no idea where he was, but he knew that smell, it was strong, musky, vinegary, it filled his mind, and made his stomach tie in knots every time he smelt it, he had spent hours waiting to smell it, and just as long doing so, it was the smell of Kenzi's feet, but Black cock whore stories never smelt it this strong, or this fresh. He dropped down to the floor, laid as flat as he could, and pushed his eye to the small gap between the door and the carpet.

He heard a rustling as she lifted them up, he walked towards the sound, he felt her toes and rolled under. Dan swallowed everything that he could, sweat, grime, pieces of sock, And frequently took long deep Giantess insole story through his nose. He saw her lift the other shoe, and slip it on. She never took her foot out of her Bob's even once, she Diapered teen stories to be as hard as she possibly could on him. He just lay there for a few minutes, thinking the day over in his head. Craigslist hookups stories heart and his mind raced, everything fit into place, he was in Kenzi's right shoe, and she was staring down at him.

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Immediately after her disappearing, police were alerted and everyone is still looking for her, not even capable to imagine where the little girl really was.

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The insole of the footwear was so heavily worn that you could make out the exact details of his foot upon it, including the heavy impressions of the toe and ball of his foot.

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