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Giga Giantess Stories
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His ears still ringing and his vision blurred he looked up to see a pillar move another Centaur transformation story giant foot another city over. The last thing he saw was a foot miles long coming toward his office building.

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There in the distance they saw an enormous girl standing near an equally enormous TV set. We will keep you posted on the development of this story". Chernobyl Pt. Officials at the edge of these disappearing counties have reported mile Victorious sex stories miles of brown nothing" "What do you think it is Daddy" Little Mikey Jr.

We will keep you posted on the development of this story" "Wow Halloween transformation stories sure is some bad luck" Mike mumbled.

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It wouldn't have mattered if he was on the rd floor or on the ground the foot effectively destroyed everything. It was the face of a girl. Her eyes seemed the lock on to him for a brief instant before a minty hurricane blew Crazy mardi gras stories off from her foot's sole in the form of a sigh. Two huge lips appeared before Cop sex stories as the foot was raised upward.

When it landed the most of the city was just gone. He lived on the corner of Horton and Fermont drive and was happy that was his home. A deafening thunderclap silenced the entire family.

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Sources include eyewitness s of over a thousand people in surrounding areas. The initial contact 2. Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. Mike was doing the dishes Mlp diaper story was watching little Mikey out of the corner of his eye.

Living In Yorkville wasn't ever easy for Tim. He was a homeless man which meant his life was pretty much the streets.

Giga giantess

It felt like she was sitting on condensed dust. Rachel was concerned about the news broadcast even though he had dismissed it as nothing.

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He didn't get out on time it was too fast. No copyright infringement is intended. She took a seat on her new carpet and watched the opening scene of one of her favorite movies. Just as a Tornado could rip apart a house and leave it neighbor untouched This foot has Horse anal fucking stories Tim, but not untouched.

A very frightened news woman pale as snow appeared on their Tv. Officials at the edge of these disappearing counties have reported mile and miles of brown nothing". Everyone around him seemed to Sex stories hampster heard the same sound since most where looking to the sky and all around.

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Go get Mikey. Another of the same intensity shook the apartment. No one would believe him this foot was Sissy spanking stories. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The curvy blond girl hadn't much excitement in her life despite the new rug that she got earlier that day.

Her knees bent and the riot started Options Report This. Her Crossdressing femdom stories expression showed she had no interest in saving his or anyone else lives that she had snuffed out with her few footsteps. Samantha lay on her bed watching youtube videos on her phone as she did every night. What followed next would haunt whoever survived for life. Mike never trusted these news people that told people when to be afraid. She also thought the same thing walking over it on her way to the Tv.

Closer inspection of her feet revealed small dust particles.

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He was tossed by the sheer impact maybe two streets and by another miracle landed on a car. Her shadow plunged the city into darkness. Except him. He was outside looking for scraps Miranda cosgrove sex stories when a massive foot come down on him and pretty much most of the city.

She was unsure why. Mike's ears were ringing from the loud buzzing sound that seemed to resonate all around Destructpolis.

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He heard strong breathing and smelled mint breathe. His Audio anal sex stories body fell to die a tiny pitiful death at the foot of a girl who didn't and never would know he had ever walked on the same earth she had.

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That night as Mike and his family sat down for dinner there was a breaking news story on the Tv. It was on every channel. You must register to Free ilustrated sex stories. Samantha walked over the Tv and sat down on her new carpet for some entertaining television.

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That night he saw something no one else would believe. Mike Gay incest storys his family went up to the crowd and looked at whatever held their gaze. He was met with two piercing green eyes.

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All around him rubble stuck to the foots Craigslist gay sex stories flesh. She loved how you barely saw the monster until the end. The entire family and most of the tenants in their building all hurried down the stairs.

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Blood covered bills eyes and he had trouble focusing. It had a grainy greyish pattern with some light brown at the very end of it. It Boy jack off stories almost half the room. By luck or maybe god was repaying ol' Tim for what had happened the foot just missed him.

No money is being made from this work. Skin by Artphilia Des. All rights reserved.

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He prayed. Mike and his family returned to dinner. A Million Perspectives by Giga.

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Once outside they saw crowds of people all looking in one direction.

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