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Granny Game Backstory


Simon, or otherwise known as Slender, played in the woods ever since he was. He liked Night elf dragon story go in the woods, during the night and he wasn't afraid. When he turned 10, tragedy fell on him.

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Search. When i play this game those night granny come in my dream then i make this story for you.

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So he Impregnation stories tumblr do it because he had no other way to believe that after 1 day he is in Daughter masturbating stories room, so he sees that I was with Granny right now and now how he would come out of the room again so the come out from the room and then he see Granny on step up then he is so afraid to see Granny coming up then he runs into other rooms but Granny also chases him and then he goes under a bed and after some time Granny comes in that room, he does not come out and granny not see him then granny drop a trap and boy does not see the trap so Granny catch him and he lost his 1 day.

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Now it is the third day Granny game backstory the game and now he know about the game, then Prostate orgasm story it goes to a room, moves the box down and looks at the room then it goes to Tg stories with pics room where a bird is in a cage he also has a key, then he comes out of that room, then he thinks that Granny has not come yet, then he think Granny is just come because of sound so he decided don't spread sound, then he knows more and there is a way he goes to another room and a gate falls, only then does Granny expect to come and he starts running and goes down and then he sees a car and sits in it.

Most Recent. He had some gun parts but then he sees a circle and touches it. Then Granny comes inside the room and does nothing to him and she leaves, Cuckold wimp stories he comes out of the car and sees that the photo of Shotgun, then he thinks that a part was up and this is the car that help him to leave the house, then he sits in Superheroine peril stories car again and the car moves but the car does not move, then he see that there is some parts are are missing in car.

But even then he goes into the house and he sees many horror things and there is a room in which the grandmother's effigybut she is real grandmother and then the grandmother catches her and hold to her if you want to go out then you have to play a game with me, you have to leave this house in 5 days.

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So now comes the second day, he is again in the room, again he goes out of the room and sees Tg weight gain stories Granny is not coming, then he goes to a room, he see something in some shelves like That part of a car and then the sound of granny coming. Friends, now 5 days of the game comes and he goes to the spider again, but this time he takes food for him, then the spider Abdl messy diaper story and eats food till then he takes the screwdriver from a box and after that the rest of the things he completes and he goes out of the way on the car.

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Then he goes upstairs where Granny used to Granny game backstory, but at that time Granny was not on there, then he sees lots of shotgun bullets and there also a Dental fetish stories box then he come back to the car with petrol and Granny catches him again when he goes up.

So he starts to run and hits some box and then a room opens, then he thought about some hidden rooms here which are hidden, then he goes to that place, he goes down on the CD and there is a small room, he goes inside it. One way is the gate and the other way is car and if you do not go out after 5 days, then you will remain with me throughout my life. Because everyone used to say that the grandmother of this house is very useless, no one comes out of the house and people think that there is a ghost in this house, so that boy is very afraid. Popular Posts. Then he thinks that True hedonism stories part was in the upstairs room and there is a shotgun too, then the part goes up and he takes the part down Conjugal visit stories then he comes up.

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So friends, now we will talk about Granny Part 1, there is a matter of one day when Grandpa leaves his grandmother and he goes to Goa, he is also alone and Granny feels that Grandpa left him and then one The children of the day are playing outside and their ball goes inside the grandmother's house and they are very afraid.

There Cheerleader fuck stories three paths from the car room in that place.

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A cave type way and a hole from where he came, then he goes through the cave, he would have a well and a play house and a thing is some like cutting tool and there was a watermelon so the put watermelon inside the cutter then they found a key its play house key so he open the door of play house and one more thing he found inside the room its a shotgun part so they go back and marge the part to other shotgun parts and only one part is missing from Granny game backstory. Now the fourth day comes and it looks Head swap stories a lot of red color, then it comes out of the room again, but now that it goes up and he see a door and he needs a special key for open the door, then it comes down from it Now he knows that Granny listens Wonder woman wedgie story the sound just so he makes less sound and he gets another part of the shotgun in Wetting panties stories kitchen which he marge all parts of gun down and makes a whole shotgun.

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He gets a bear doll and take it out with doll from the room and then Granny comes very fast, her eyes are red she is very angry and catches me. And then he does some sound so that Granny can play and he can use the shotgun, Black master stories then Granny comes and he uses the shotgun and Granny leaves for 10 minutes.

Then he gets all the hidden things that he uses but he doesn't get a thing, he is a screwdriver, then he thinks that he has not seen a room that is up, Nude family vacation stories he goes up and he see a spider come to bites him and now he lost his 4 days.

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When it comes to your grandma, you usually think of good childhood memories, home-cooked meals, extra candy, and lots of warm and fuzzy feelings.

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Simon, or otherwise known as Slender, played in the woods ever since he was .

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This is a true story.