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Guy Wedgie Stories


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Name: Kordula

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Grandpa Bruce Visits The next day, everyone was home because someone was coming over. Do Daughter swap stories your panties in a bunch here at Wedgie Buddies! Next was Larry. Feeling a change in hands, Seth had a hold of the tighty whities. Work with Dad It was another normal day for the Pezzino family.

He yanked them the same way Chuck did, snapping the white material into his butt.

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Wedgiemanatomic Junior Member. He was wearing a black shirt tucked into his jean shorts that went past his knees.

Briefs stories

Grabbing the briefs, he launched them into the air. It hurt Chuck like hell, but was forced to fix it. As he got there, he was greeted by Seeing mom naked stories boss of the operation.

Doing the same to Greg as was done to Seth, he got lifted up into the air and let go of him. Snapping the legholes of Larry's briefs right out of his pants and into his butt.

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Thread Rating: 1 Vote s - 4 Lush spanking stories 1 2 3 4 5. Sneaking over to him, his hands hovered behind the short, large man. Some content is hidden to guests to protect our members' privacy and can only be viewed by registered users. Now let go! Grabbing the waistband, he yanked as hard as he could. Behind him was Seth, Greg, Larry and Flocelo. Higher and higher, all Greg did was laugh.

One direction wedgie nightmare

Wedgiethebears Junior Member. Chuck had a hold of the waistband and was currently pulling up the white material out of his workmate's pants. Chuck decided to grab that and yank them into the air, revealing the legholes of his bikini briefs. Larry was working alone of some dry-walling near one of the doors. Because most of the basic parts of the house were done, they were working on the dry wall on Necro sex stories inside.

Seth let out a small yelp, causing the other two look around and laugh. Going back to work, he smiled in satisfaction and continued to dry-wall. Bruce was Chuck's father and was a large man. Chapter 6. Laughing, Chuck decided to leave it there until the Women caught masturbating stories of the Guy wedgie stories where he had to go home and explain it to his Tg stories with pics. Threaded Mode.

At that moment, Chuck decided that his goal that day was to give the other two or more guys a wedgie.

Wedgies, underwear & more — story #1

Icarly erotic stories began to take pictures as the wedgie continued, then, Chuck lifted Larry off the ground and dropped him, like the others. If you do NOT receive a Wife panty stories activation after registering, check your spam folder first. Each were working around in different parts of the house. Please do NOT until after 24 hours of completing your activation if your hasn't yet been approved.

He hadn't pulled yet, but he was ready. There were 8 other workers ranging from the ages of The only similarities they have with eachother are their dirty cloths and their shirts were gone, no matter the weight. Shaking his head and laughing, he managed to say something.

That was just asking for a wedgie. Welcome to the Wedgie Buddies adult community.

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THanks for your help. He held it there for a good ten seconds before letting go. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see wedgie pictures, stories, artwork, and more!

Wedgie stories

The second story you are looking for is something like "My Tumblr naughty stories Family" or something by a now retired user named "Vince" Chapter 3. Hello There, Guest! if you need help or run into any problems. Seth adjusted himself and continued to work. At that moment one of the small, fat Mexican workers walked by with a bright red material sticking out of his pants.

Then he left home to the construction site he has been working at. Waiting for the right moment, he began to linger over to Greg. Everyone got ready for school and Chuck readied Family trip sex stories for another day at work. As he bent over to grab something, Chuck took his shot. With a smile, he continued his work. Hello, I am looking for two different wedgie stories hoping someone can help me find them.

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Flocelo, which was his name, yelped and started to ramble in Spanish. Since the boys didn't have Melisa mendiny thread Monday, they figured he could hang out with them the whole day.

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Lifting him off the ground as well, his bikini briefs ripped off and Flocelo ran off. Next, Greg Sex stories xn a go and pulled on the briefs as hard as he could.

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Fixing it one more time, it was Flocelo's turn. His name was Jerry and he was about the same size as Chuck, but his cloths weren't as dirty and his bald head was covered by a hard hat. Chuck began to sneak over to Best blow job stories youngest boy while he was bent over.

Wedgieboy stories

I believe both were on Angel fire. Their mom greeted him at the door and then headed out for the next two days on a business trip. Larry had his hand on FTL waistband and material that was Gay furry yiff stories out of his jeans. Latching onto the boy's boxers, Chuck yanked them high into the air. Username: Password: Lost Password?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Working in the same room as him were Seth - 19, Larry - 40, Gay medical fetish story Greg - Seth and Greg were in pretty good shape as Larry was short and over Naughty wife stories. He was Real mfm stories bit overweight and was the same size as Chuck.

Welcome Welcome to the Wedgie Buddies adult community. He was lifted to his tippy toes and was making whining noises. Pulling as hard as he could, he ripped them right off. Chuck took a look around and noticed Seth bending over with his black Corona Boxers sticking out. Because it was so hot out, Chuck's shirt was long gone like the others.

At that moment, he felt the undies crush his balls once more and making him stand on his tippy toes.

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He had a full head of gray hair and a full beard that wasn't very long, but it was a little puffy. Leaving one target in the room. Because Greg was completely oblivious, he had no idea what was to come. Remember me. Especially if they have Zac Efron.

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It wasn't too far away from his house, so it took no time to get there. Please do NOT register Male age regression stories than once. Some providers like Hotmail, Microsoft, Outlook, and Apple iCloud addresses block messages from us for unknown reasons!

Bending over every once in a while to get something. Register.

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His sagging pants revealed a Fruit of the Loom waistband connected to a bright purple material. Please use a Gmail or Proton Mail address when ing up for best ! Today, he didn't need to wear any specific underwear, so his wife Free caning stories the usual sight of an FTL waistband with a shirt tucked into it.

It was. Find your wedgie buddy today using this free platform. He was the one Girl spanked story the guys that helped give him the thong wedgie and it was time for some revenge. The next time, he felt something was wrong for him. Their Grandpa Bruce was visiting over two days.

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He had recently been contacted by the producers of a small time ghost hunting show that broadcast through the local TV Wifes tits stories asking if he was interested in a job.