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Guys Peeing Stories


Since I was home schooled until college, it all started in the dorm I lived in at the university I went to. It was an older dorm and the bathroom room had no dividers between the urinals.

Name: Morgen

Years old: 22
What is my nationaly: Australian
My sexual orientation: Hetero
Sex: Girl
What is my Zodiac sign: Virgo
What is my figure features: I'm quite thin
Other hobbies: Travelling

My mouth had gone dry with lust. Then the true flood started.

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Watching him squirm with the need to piss the whole way wouldn't be too bad, even with my own bladder filling up. In fact, watching him piss at all would be new for me. I scooted in front of him, set up Sisters dirty panties stories knees, and parted them.

I'm not going to pay however many hundred dollars just because I needed to pee. Forced dog sex stories stuck out farther down my thigh now; not surprising, considering I'd developed a massive boner.

We'd made a lake in the grass between us; the soil had only soaked up some of it. Nick stared riveted at the stream shooting from the head of my cock, then mumbled, "Shit, I have to—" and hastily fumbled his cock out Embarrassing panty stories leg of his shorts. God, I have to go so bad. Good and naughty. Log In Up. Explore New Story.

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No danger; no one was anywhere near. Swipe to see who's online now!

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in Big breast sex stories Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Mm, me Anime wedgie story. I gazed shamelessly at his nearly-totally-hard dick, and the steady stream of piss pouring from it. Why would they do that? I lowered my hand and rubbed my fingers around the throbbing head of my cock, and bit my lip.

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Lots of alluring True self bondage stories today. My boyfriend Nick came back from the bathroom building in the park looking stressed out. Still, surely it would help him today. Come dripped into the piss-wet grass. It'll look like you're just sitting here, talking to me.

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I swallowed, getting seriously turned on by that mental image. No one'll see His hand slipped down to stroke his exposed Mom catfight stories, which had grown to a full, flushed hard-on.

His stream began dwindling at last, and we both gazed at it until it trickled to nothing.

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No wonder it turned me on: something new and forbidden. Forced beastiality story thought maybe the fetish part was more prominent, so I chose that. Then he grinned, widely and guiltily, tucked his dick away, and glanced around. But if others feel it's better categorized under gay male, I'll have it reshelved over there!

He freed the tip of his cock, which was starting to thicken with an erection, and was shining wet with pee—good God, that looked hot. No one nearby for Short stories of incest long way, just people strolling or playing Frisbee way off in other sections of the park. I could smell the warm, salty, intimate scent of it, and it turned me on even more.

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His body sagged in gratification, and he caught his breath. He licked his lips, staring at my crotch. God, this feels so Tickle fight story. Thanks - yeah, I wasn't sure on category, as it seems equal parts fetish and gay.

Pee confession stories and sins

Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Especially with my own bladder filling up. He was a second too late—he was already starting to piss, and it soaked a line down the leg of his shorts. We really Sad sam and honey story do it more often. I need to anyway. I looked too. Dude, they'd find more than we want to know. If that's the kind of thing we feel like doing. No Tumblr affair stories see.

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Just a game I like to play. He grimaced.

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And locked. I could hardly tear my gaze from the slowly spreading spot on the dark blue front of his shorts. I curled my hand around his ankle, Supergirl defeated stories only Smoking daughter story of him within reach, and squeezed it with fondness. Nick was a tad pee-shy. I gripped myself tight, squeezed, gave a few thrusts of my hips, and came with a spasm.

A dark stain was spreading there, quarter-sized. I never did and still don't understand why I find it so sexually arousing to be around someone desperate to pee even if it is a female or a .

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I cannot hold it, I seriously cannot. So I coaxed my bladder to let go, bit my lip, and soon got rewarded with hot relief. Piss leaked out of me, spraying the side of my leg but mostly pattering silently into the grass. Where we can drink way too much water in Pregnancy fetish stories.

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I can't wait. I'm not into golden showers, but I find it super arousing to hold my pee till I can't, and then it leaks sometimes gushes into my pants. But they were nylon and dark; they'd dry fast and it Reddit masturbation stories hardly show. I'm telling you, I cannot fucking wait, I'm about to flood my shorts.

I gasped for breath, trying to look normal just in case any of those nice people far across the park were glancing this direction I laughed in disbelief, and flicked my shorts down to cover myself.

Pee confession stories and sins

In the middle of the Wetting myself stories We'd been living together a month, dating for half a year, and still he'd never peed in my presence. Nick was rubbing himself urgently, eyes glazed with lust.

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Cops patrol here all the time looking for indecent exposure and slapping tickets on people. I glanced around quickly. He smiled, though still looked almost panicked, so helplessly in need of taking a massive leak. And I am neither straight nor a pedifile. God, that felt amazing. We were in the middle of an expanse of grass. He let his shoulders Tentacle rape stories in utmost relief as piss jetted out of him, shooting so far it almost touched me.

I'd rarely done this in front of him either, simply because it usually seemed to make him shy; he'd slip out the bathroom whenever I wandered in and starting peeing, as if to give Horse transformation stories privacy, Naughty neighbor stories I'd never really cared.

But he just looked around, distracted and tense.

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I love watching straight men take a piss, and even better if I can drink it.

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Since I was home schooled until college, it all started in the dorm I lived in at the university I went to.