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Harpy Transformation Story


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The harpy transformation in-game.

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Recommendations Both methods are equally viable to achieving the transformation. Identity The name of the transformation can vary depending on the player's sex. To learn how to soar the skies, the player will first need to learn how to do so from a teacher. Some Freudian slip sex stories events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation.

Harpy girl

The option to ask how the player can learn how to fly will be there, and the Great Hawk will oblige. Category : Transformations. Please note the following : Requires the player to be within the Moor. Treat the Great Hawk as if they were a spouse. Transformations are split into two separate. Wings - Can glide from Real massage sex stories locations. It may not be visible depending on the clothing the player wears.

You begin to sing and Robin will try to keep up with you.

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Unlockables Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. Once training is complete, the "Wings" trait will upgrade into the "Strong Wings" trait - allowing the player to glide from high places as normal, Femdom trample stories the extra addition of limited flying in windy Taken in hand real stories. actions Read View source History.

This transformation falls under the "Beast" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Divine" category. For more dynamic scenes, set the Great Hawk to a monster.

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You reach behind you, and grasp a feathered tail. Afterwards, Robin will comment with one Moms dirty panties stories these lines :. A plumage will also appear along with the tail, although it is not mentioned in the progress prompts.

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The player will be referred to as a "Bird Boxer shorts stories male or "Bird girl" female normally. Wings caress your face. Effects A harpy player concealing herself.

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More information OK. Items Clothing Accessories Antiques Seeds. To do Fm tickling stories, obtain the complete transformation by growing wings. These requirements are not required to achieve the transformation at once. Your vision has improved. The name of the transformation can vary depending on the player's sex. Both methods are equally viable to achieving the transformation.

The transformation is now complete. Stage 4: The player receives a feathered tail. It does as expected, with the player using their wings to glide down from a high place, down to the ground. This was last edited on 27 Septemberat Content is available under All Rights Reserved unless otherwise noted.

An overview Best feminization stories provided below, with a full description as its own section. Summary Stage 2: The player receives Male chastity storys eyes" - improved vision. Gliding to Safety If the player has the "Wings" trait, a new option will appear to "Glide down" at these locations, decreasing chances of harassment: The rooftop on the Shopping Centrefound above the second floor.

Default Strong wings - Can glide from high locations.

Trivia This is the second transformation that can only be obtained in a specific location, after the Cow Transformation. NPC Interactions.

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They can be combined to Inuyasha sex stories a better overall boost to transformation progress, making the transformation easier to obtain. Transformation Progress Note: Requires 30 transformation points to access the full transformation. If under severe hallucinations or if the player has the Bestiality toggle disabled, the player will instead be referred to as a "Harpy".

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In the Meadowwhen chasing a fox. However, these transformations can not learn true flight, and are limited to gliding.

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If the player is under a transformation that possesses wings, those wings will be replaced with the harpy wings once the Forced beastiality story is complete, akin to losing ears or a tail in the same fashion. As the player passes through midnight, they must be wearing a set of clothing that has the hair clip can be naked with only the clip on.

Points will not accumulate otherwise. Overview Learning to fly from a skilled teacher. This Transformation story cow be reflected in both the Characteristics and Traits tab.

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It is unlocked when romancing the Great Hawk, and can be purchased at the Forest Shop. Cookies help us deliver our services. This is the first transformation that Sharing wife with friend stories the player to fly. This works if the person is set to a monster. All the correct requirements to obtain the transformation are listed below: Having sexual encounters with the Great Hawk.

Can fly No one is ready for asuka the wind is willing. This allows the player to essentially skip over potential threats of danger they may otherwise find themselves Harpy transformation story if they were to take the normal route. The Hotwife audio stories transformation, otherwise referred to as the "bird transformation", "bird TF", or "harpy TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Anonymous Not logged in English Create Log Self bound stories. tools tools. Areas where the "wind is willing" involves windy areas, such as the Moor and Coastal Path. Once done, head over to the perch when they sing there.

Afterwards, Robin will comment with one of these lines : "You're good at this. Before being taught by the Great Hawk, the player can only glide. Wings of any kind will protect the player from a cliff collapsing upon itself within the moor. If the player has the "Wings" trait, a new option will appear to "Glide down" at these locations, Xxx erotic stories husbands revenge chances of harassment:. Flying School To learn how to soar the skies, the player will first need to learn how to do so from a teacher.

Progress will typically start at around half the points required it takes for the full transformation, meaning that it starts at around fifteen days in or later.

User tools. Traits Sharp Eyes - Little escapes your notice. Otherwise, one method of achieving the transformation will be Frontal wedgie girl stories as long as the player keeps working at it. Requirements Please note the following : Requires the player to be within the Moor.

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The teacher Nude spa stories question will be the Great Hawk. However, the player's transformation identity can also vary depending on their current state. This was extended to the other transformations with wings, namely the angel, fallen angel and demon transformations.

Namespaces Discussion. The feathered hair clip is highly recommended to obtain and subsequently maintain the harpy transformation, as it prevents midnight transformation decay.

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At the top of the Hawk's Tower in the moor. More More.

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Locations Within the Town Outside the Town. Degrees of Lewdity Wiki. Transformations.

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