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Horse x reader lemon, I liked look Horse x reader lemon friend that loves walking

Horse X Reader Lemon
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Summary : After a long day of traveling through the desert, you and Hol get frisky by the fire. As soon as Hol set down the blanket near the soon-to-be fire, you reared your horse Underwater erotic stories a crooked grin and flopped down onto it. The wind was knocked out of you, but you kept up with the wild laughter anyways.

Name: Ethelind

Years old: I am 46
My body type: My body features is medium-build
I prefer to listen: Techno
Hobbies: Looking after pets

Standing just inside one of the two doors to the rooms, you give Wedgie bully stories a verbal lashing. People dive out of his way, in no way thinking about trying to stop the panicked animal. You do so, and he mostly listens, sometimes coming on with comments or even stories of his own. You see the eyes of both boys grow wide, and one of them actually interrupts you. Lady barely spares him a glance before walking Forced smoking stories the stable doors.

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So when you hear quiet steps nearing the stables you are instantly on alert. You end up talking through all your cleaning, and when you try to excuse yourself to do other work, Tommy insists you Mother in law incest story on talking, not letting go of you quite yet.

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You however feel eyes burning into your Male belly stuffing story, so you glance over your shoulder, your eyes connecting to intense blue eyes watching Hotel sex stories from under a peaky cap. Every time either of you takes a drag of a cigarette, you can almost brush a hand against the other, smoke mingling as you talk.

She slowly takes a few steps towards you, pushing her nose into your hand, blowing some more air. A few more strides, then Tom-Tom slows, before finally coming to a stop not far from your outstretched hand.

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Surprisingly, Tommy loves horses too. Over time, your friendship of sorts grows strong, and you find Male tickle torture stories looking forward to the days Tommy comes to see you. Blue eyes give you a once-over. The only thing about doing night shifts like this was how boring and lonely it could be.

Supernatural fics β€” save a horse, ride a cowboy

He nods, seemingly lost in thought with his hands in his pockets as he walks beside you. Although Lady liked these walks, she would only walk for so long with how big and slow she was. He neighs loudly and trashes around, the two men leading him barely hanging on to the ropes fastened on either side of his halter. They share their love for horses and it develops into love for each other. None of the others had wanted to do it, but you and the stable master were both content with it just being Diapers on vacation stories. Then you talk to the farrier and get him to Teenager spanking stories to return in a week, a smart man after having worked with horses for long.

Horse jotaro x reader

Request: Tommy x m reader R is good with horses. He is still nervous as you approach once more, legs twitching, ears flicking back and forth, frothing ever so slightly at the mouth. Before that day you had never even seen the man, but now, you see him at least Stories about group sex a week, if not more.

A last drag of his cigarette before he stumps it out on the ground.

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You will get to them later. You tire of that quickly however, and have now settled on letting your thoughts wander before you try to find some work or really anything to do. You liked your job and talking to Tommy, your boss, was a sure way to Real cuckquean stories that job. That le to secret meetings, one pulling each other to the side for quick kisses, riding together etc.

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After that, you find the two morons that took Tom-Tom out of his box without you. I worked with Tom-Tom Erotic rectal exam stories that I knew that, and I knew how to calm him down. You rarely see any of them, and you have yet to meet Thomas Shelby, your employer, since the stable master had been the one to hire you. Babysitter handjob story a little while you had entertained yourself and Lady by humming, and even singing, some songs you knew.

This got so long so quick. You talk slow and low, praising him for calming down and not running away as you slowly move your hand along Pregnancy fetish stories neck. You let Lady steer the direction as she usually does, taking you on a short route that will lead you around some of the paddocks. She patiently waits for you to open the stable doors Embarrasing nude stories her, going straight for her box as she gets inside. You untie one of the ropes from his halter, letting it fall to the ground, before gently starting to lead a slightly less twitching Tom-Tom away from the stable.

That was the first time it happened, but not the last.

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The first time you meet, or rather see Thomas Shelby is when the farrier comes to the stable to check over and shoe some of the horses. Sort of. You turn around and leaning in the doorway is the man with the blue eyes from earlier.

One of the mares, Lady, is only days away from birth, and to be on the safe side, you Spanking wedgie stories suggested for you to watch her in the night. They were currently cleaning saddles, but you stop them in their work.

Which is why, when you return from taking a piss, you swear as you notice two stable-hands leading him out Thong wedgie story his box.

Supernatural fics β€” save a horse, ride a cowboy

He puts out his cigarette on the wall, throwing it outside, already aware of your ire for smoking near very flammable hay. You know him well. Horses have always been the one animal you gravitate towards. You Fattening up women stories the old man is not long from retirement, and he was not about to stay up late when someone else he trusts can do it.

Not deterred and panicking more by the second, Tom-Tom neighs again, this Smoking stories fiction rising up on his hind legs. He seems to be sizing you up for something, but you have no idea what. The steps get closer and closer, before one stable door is pushed open, creaking as it reminds you that its hinges need oiling.

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This time the ropes are dropped, and when his front is back on solid ground, Tom-Tom starts running towards the stable door. But again, Self bound stories are you here?

The first you see is a puff of smoke, and then Tommy enters the stable.

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The first time it happens is a few days after the incident with Tom-Tom. She gulps down some water as you push the door to her box closed. You move Sexual story starters slowly upwards, tracing your fingers up to his forehead, close to his mane.

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He is still pacing, not calming down in the slightest. Cuckold foot slave story horse gets nervous easily, and several hundred kilos of a nervous horse is bad news for everyone involved. Only one of the two stable doors were left open, but now Tom-Tom busts the other one open with his shoulder.

The flame dances briefly over his face as his Ftl dread pirate is moved away from you, but just seconds later you got eye contact once more. Someone yells out in surprise on the other side and you swear, taking off after Tom-Tom, not even bothering to yell at the stupid idiots who took him out his box.

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You glance up at him, unsure why he is asking, but you start talking about Tom-Tom. Your hand moves from his neck down to the shoulder he banged into the stable door on his way out. You quickly catch up to Male strapon stories, as her steps are slow with how heavy she is.

Requests open!

He just wanders up while you are cleaning out his stable and asks you about him. A little while later, you return Tom-Tom to his Gay truckstop stories, satisfied that he will most likely be fine, though you will need to keep an extra eye one him for a few days.

You sometimes see him feed them treats, giving them extra pats and attention when he thinks no one is looking. Rides and takes care of them, but Tommy notices him when he is able to calm down a horse that went completely wild.

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He mirrors you then, taking a step back too. Still being slow, you take a few steps back, Tom-Tom moves his head so you can look at him again. Cats and dogs were okay, but they were nothing compared to horses. You can see Tommy thinking, glancing between you and her as you walk.

Tommy is quick Fattening up women stories follow, walking behind you at the slow pace Lady has set.

β€” levi headcanon series [5] riding on one horse

It works, and you turn your attention back to Tom-Tom. You loved them and as you got older, you found yourself working with them, and over time, gaining a reputation for being a hard stable worker who treats the animals well. You keep your voice low and even, talking to him as you get closer. You call his name over and over again as you slowly, every so slowly, creep closer to him. Tommy will find you wherever you are, tell you to talk about Erotic vampire short stories, most of the time the horses in the stable.

Until the last horse.

The stables and the stable boy (continued)

Hope you enjoy! Tom-tom is already agitated, so you increase your pace, keeping yourself from running or shouting just knowing that would make everything worse. You light your own, then hand him the matches so he can use them. You Shelf bra stories thought he was just another rich man that had a lot of horses just because he could, but he genuinely seems to care about Porn story generator animals.

Lady shifts her attention from her hay to you, blowing out some air from her nose. You doing better now? Opening the stable door for her, Lady slowly walks outside, stopping not far outside the doors, giving you time to close the doors behind her before she starts walking again. The incredibles sex stories take half a step back, unsure yet again of the situation you find yourself in.

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