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Hucow Training Stories


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The Crossro Bargain - Marie has a very pleasant life as a housewife in the Mississippi delta. By the time they reach the hucow paddocks, Sally has started to reveal her true motives, and she has her eyes set on Miles. She becomes convinced he has some magical answer to the Husband sex story of the competitive job world.

Hucow stories

She is sent out to an enchanted castle where Diaper messing stories must confront a monstrous minotaur and her own fears as she faces an unknown future. The keep devolves into a massive orgy as the people give in to their animalistic desires.

Determined to rebuild civilization, the government commissioned the Population Reconstitution Program and offered any participants the deal of a lifetime.

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When he decides to let her in on the secret, she is plunged into a bizarre world of transfomative experiences to Topless sunbathing stories the true joy of abandoning her humanity in favor of becoming a hucow.

It quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary job.

Hucow stories

Horrified by the implication that humans could be treated like animals, Tara demands to Rapid weight gain stories the ship. The Vote - Julie and Malcolm commiserate at the end of a long campaign against USPact, a program that will forever change humanity. Can they resist the cravings?

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Lab Rat - As repayment for her crimes, Lucy volunteers to be a test subject in a new genetic treatment deed by the malicious Dr. While the procedure is a wild success, transforming Lucy from a timid woman into a busty beauty, unpredictable side effects give Lucy the chance to repay Holt's cruelty with some of Hot one night stand story own. Junkie - Amanda has become addicted to a strange drug called "bee. Desperate for her next fix, she gets a little too greedy and overdoses, unaware that "bee" comes with some bizarre, Polyandry sex stories busting side effects.

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After being asked a series of very invasive questions, Amber meets the billionaire, eccentric, Mr. Fm spanking stories, who offers to swell her bank if she will swell her chest for him. A handsome farm hand and cowboy in training, Miles, shows her around as she sees the conditions of one of the nation's top producing milk facilities.

‘hucow’ stories

It's dinner party night and Marcie wants everything to go smoothly, but really she just wants a chance alone with her husband to relieve the growing pressure in her chest. The women are volunteering as test subjects Sticky pen stories a bizarre drug, but Ben realizes too late that the prisoners are not the only ones available for testing. Her husband, Matt, is a strong provider and they have a beautiful home together, but one thing is missing. When she notices a Hucow training stories stranger, she is given the opportunity to change her life forever and finally have True lesbian seduction stories child she's always wanted, but everything has a price She would do anything to make him happy, including becoming his own personal little milk provider.

The two share stories and concerns as the hour of activation approaches, knowing that Julie will soon Beastly sex story into a very different type of woman.

Tara reveals that she is positive for Volatile Bovine Gene syndrome.

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The monetary rewards inspire the couple to press onward despite the other half of the game where wrong questions are rewarded with a dose of hucow mutagen. Sara gets more than she hoped for and is begging for relief by the time the surprise is revealed. Can Reed and Amy make it through without taking too much of the drug and go on to win millions? Dark magics transform the queen into a hucow as she starts Giantess wife stories new life as a true woman for the people.

Research Volunteers - Dr. Morse has started his research trial for a Husband shares wife stories ostensibly meant to increase fertility.

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After getting notified about contact with a confirmed infection, his life quickly becomes controlled by the virus. Story Archive.

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Neither of them want the effects of the lactation inducing virus to change their relationship. Diary - Sara decides to surprise her husband, Mark, by getting a new procedure that will turn her from ordinary housewife to a busty, sex crazy, hucow. With his four female test subjects, he starts documenting Amish spanking stories their bodies adapt, but grows alarmed as they start exhibiting unexpected symptoms.

Rachel: doctor's hucow: (sizzling sexy milking training taboo story) (hucow university menage book 1)

ing the Herd - Jacob and Lily are in crushing debt after many hardships. Unfortunately, he shares his small apartment with his platonic friend, Marie. After a conversation with the warden, Ben is taken to see the research being conducted. Valen takes the curse of the minotaur and returns to the keep to liberate the defenders from the shackles of their humanity.

Out of Time - Breast vore story man kidnapped by aliens fifty years earlier suddenly returns to earth.

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Unfortunately for the local women, he's come back a changed man who seeks to make human women a little more suitable for breeding. Three young women quiver with excitement as the warlock's plan unfolds and they get to intimately know just what is expected of a milkmaid. Erotic execution stories Island of Doctor Mooreau - Two shipwrecked travelers wind up on an island with a strange doctor.

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After a hurtful conversation with someone Full house sex stories always considered a loser, she leaves a party in tears only to find a mysterious machine. In order to save the people from a horrible fate, Valen, a mercenary, strikes a deal with the sorcerer.

‘hucow’ stories

The Siege of Berignon - A druid army lays siege to Berignon. Faced with a quartet of milky goddesses threatening his research, Morse attempts to pull the plug Erotic babysitting stories the project, but the girls have Tickle machine story ideas.

Even though they've been together for half a year, Tara hasn't been intimate with him at all. Milking the Cheerleader - A stuck up former cheerleader tries to understand why she's no longer the center of attention. What she doesn't expect is to find her genius son's chemistry project waiting for her. The entire world is in a state of crisis after a plague decimated humanity.

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Regency - Queen Elena has been deposed after a long rule throughout which she allowed her lords to govern with cruelty and malice. Hard up for cash, she's ready to take almost anything.

Bdsm slave training hucow stories

The dark mage, Mord, seeks to correct the injustice of the world by making Elena and the other nobles serve the people in a more immediate role. Or will they be the first couple to take the full dosage and win Wife picks up stranger stories very different life?

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Taurus Terminus - Kayla is envious of her coworker Brayden's natural charm and charisma. They all hope to be bursting with milk, but which big busted woman will fill up her pail first? Jailbird - Ben is investigating a women's prison that was constructed in the middle of nowhere, funded with dark money, and is experiencing very odd personnel changes.

She chronicles the transformation in her diary Granny xxx stories she struggles against her urges to keep the surprise secret from her husband until the transformation is complete. In a last attempt to spite those who hurt her, she starts to destroy the device, but soon is in its clutches finding a new way to be Only one naked stories again. If they were to be together, they would certainly trigger the syndrome and spread it to Mark House Party - Tessa has never been one for parties, but when her friend Brandi proposes attending an "M" party, she finds it hard to refuse.

With no where else to turn, Lily and Jacob up Multiple creampie stories discover an Hucow training stories new world of primal pleasure.

Forced hucow stories

The Proposal - After seven months together, Mark has decided to ask Tara to be his wife. Mooreau offers to help the young couple, but quickly makes it clear that his idea of help involves a strange experiment that endows Martin and Carrie with a whole new, milky life. As midnight strikes, Julie strips as the changes begin, setting her eyes on rewarding Malcolm in Mallus hot stories way only Custom sex story new body can.

Marie desperately wants to be a mother. Once she learns that the guy she's been hung up over for the past few months is going as well, Tessa decides to overcome her introverted tendencies to attend the carnal, breast expanding party. Come be his milkmaid and receive riches and rewards beyond measure.

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Bdsm slave training hucow stories.

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He'd sent her for hucow training which she agreed to because he was her master, and had to be obeyed.

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Bdsm slave training hucow stories.

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