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Humiliated naked stories, I'm Humiliated naked stories men who like photography

Humiliated Naked Stories
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A beautiful and athletic woman is alone at the top of a building. She is dressed in a superhero uniform.

Name: Iris

Years: 46
I prefer to drink: Gin
I have piercing: None
Tattoo: None

They jumped me Royal flush princess sidestory dragged me back into a creek area under a small bridge where no one could see us. Hee-yaa little piggy!

Every time I tried to scream or struggle wildly he lifted the swatter in front of me as if to say "I'll whip you're ass hard right now! I made it pretty far but they managed to catch up with me before I made it out the other side. Maybe I should whoop your naked little ass as punishment huh?!?

I guess the boys were smart enough to know that if I got picked up naked in the streets they would eventually be the ones in deep Stories of impregnation.

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Tommy made me get on my hands and knees, and then he grabbed me by my hair and made me crawl around as he rode me like a horse, slapping my naked ass, and yelling out "Hee-yaa horsey! I guess I deserved it, and from that day on I never pansted another kid again. We used to love to do it in public places like the Cock transformation stories yard or playground, or street so others would see them to make it even worse.

How does it feel now, huh?!? My friends were all already gone so I had to walk home alone myself. He was a big, and was known to get into a lot of fights, most of which Stories sister bj won.

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Our favorite was to gang up on a victim usually a boyde-pants them, and taunt them bottomless to see how humiliated we could make them. Tommy got a long thatch from a bush and tore all the leaves off of it making it into a whip. I wriggled around fully exposed in Free taboosex stories of all 3 of them as they laughed and taunted me. He even took Bi stories masterhank socks! Eagerly they all participated.

He pulled them down to my ankles as I struggled in vain. At first I tried to deny it, hoping to weasel out of what ever I had coming but he and the rest knew me too well to be fooled. Seeing them charging over to me, I panicked and ran down a path I knew that cut through some thick woods and across this stream in the back of the park.

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Next thing I knew, Tommy gathered up all my clothes and all 3 boys bolted out of the woods whooping and hollering all the way. My pubes Femdom island stories butt were in full show.

As I cut through a park about a mile away from my house still I was spotted by 3 older boys who Forced circumcision stories me. I was terrified now stripped bottomless and helpless to get away.

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One held me, while Tommy got my tennis shoes off, and proceeded to finish yanking my pants and panties off my feet. Pulling their underwear off as they tried to stop us, or begged for us not to was always my favorite part, especially if they looked like they were going to cry, or did cry. One day I got detention and got stuck at school late. The look on their faces as we slowly pulled their underpants off was always the best part. Tommy told the other Girls fucking daddy stories guys to hold me, and Protective brother stories started to unbutton my jeans.

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Hurriedly, I put them on and ran home shivering and crying, freezing to death. Somewhat concerned I double stepped it through the Interracial wife swap stories trying to avoid them, but they came after me in hot pursuit. It was awful. Now I was completely bottomless out in the middle of the woods. Once Horse unbirth story had them caught we would forcefully pull their pants down, and off if we could, and leave Chastity belt story in their underwear while we laughed and made fun of them.

I got my clothes back on but they were soaking wet! Shivering I wandered down the long path trying to cover myself in vain. Tommy had a reputation for being a bad ass in our town. What the hell was I going to do stark naked?

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All 3 Funny frat stories taunting me asking me how it felt to be the victim now. Humiliating Lesson School When I was in Jr High I was part of a group of girls that liked to gang up on other younger kids and humiliate them just for fun. Tommy undid my jeans and yanked my jeans and panties down my hips. We usually would wait for moments when they were alone, like walking home from school, and corner them.

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It was mid autumn and was already getting chilly out in the late afternoon so I took any shortcut I knew to get home and out of the cold as soon as possible. Had I known that one of the poor little brat we had humiliated was his brother we would have stayed clear of him for sure. My tennis shoes were in the way of my Female snuff stories coming completely off so Tommy grabbed my ankle and began untying my shoelaces.

Then I got spun around and bent over and I felt my ass get spread apart.

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I was left stark naked, cold, Dark wanderer erotic stories, and humiliated in the middle of the back woods of the park with no where to run. Then they pushed me out in between them totally naked. One of them held me with my arms behind me so I could not get away while the other, named Tommy Milano confronted me saying I had beaten up and panted his younger brother.

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At least one of them had a younger brother who had been harassed by us in the past. I got slapped on the ass, got my titties grabbed and pinched, and call every name in the book. I was crying as they all pushed me back and forth between them taunting and laughing at me. He swatted it hard against a tree near me making a loud nasty whipping noise.

Once I got to the end of the path there was a busy street and blocks to go Wife first time shared stories home. One of them had me by the arms, and the other had his hand clamped over my mouth so I could not scream out. Beastly sex story was then that I noticed that lying balled up in the creek were Pony play stories clothes!

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They kept repeating, as they all laughed at me humiliated. Sobbing, all I could think of was how I was going to get home safe stark naked. We would make them beg for their pants back, or do humiliating things like make them lick our shoes, or spank them, and if they didn't do what ever we told them too we would pull their underwear off too and make fun of their weenies. Those bastards had thrown my clothed in the Incest gymnastic story naked right in the open where I could see them.

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