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I Fucked My Daughter Story


She always liked to play games. She was my daughter, how could I? Being a dad is a pretty tough job, the stresses and strains of bringing up kids can be overwhelming and my teenager daughter had always been a handful. Going through high school it was clear to me that Rachael was an Tumblr bdsm stories clever kid and she would need a lot of money spent on her in the form of private tutors for all of her subjects.

Name: Mona

How old am I: 23
Ethnicity: Japanese
Sexual identity: Hetero
Iris tone: I’ve got dark gray eyes
Gender: Girl
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Aries
My figure features: My figure type is quite fat
Favourite music: Electronic
Body tattoos: None

When she tried to push my head away from her breasts, I rolled on top of her. I reached up and grabbed one of her tits Schoolgirl paddling stories my hand and squeezed. But that was all.

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It felt so good inside my daughter's cunt, I couldn't blame Tom for wanting it anymore. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Consensual incest stories slowly moved my hand and pulled the blanket down a bit. I wrapped my arms behind her, cradling her ass cheeks and ground into her. I started pulling my hips back and pushing into her.

I looked down between our legs and the force of my movement pressed the head in by just an inch. The tip of my cock head was inside of my daughter's pussy. Her blonde hair flayed against the pillows, tits poking out from under the lace, shaking her head warningly.

Our son, Mitchell, was 22 Gay foot slave stories about to start a graduate program. Not to say she wasn't willing, she appeared to be enjoying herself.

But what the hell was she wearing that for?

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I stopped, frozen with my cock head pressed against my daughter's opening. My naked cock was now poking out of the flap of my boxers. My imagination drifted to her lace getup as she lay with her legs Tamil crossdressing stories with Tom between.

A rage brewed inside me as I got up and pulled open the ading door to the kids' suite.

My daughter and me (true story)

The sight Tumbir sex stories almost enough to make me come right then. I continued to hump on her in a grinding, circular motion until I needed a bit more stimulation. The hotel promised that another room would be available the next night. She did as she was told.

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We sprung the trip on them in April, asking them to each bring a friend as we traveled across the country, staying in hotels and relaxing for two weeks. Angry as she was, she could not argue. I inched closer to her and pressed my boxer clad cock into her hip and ground in a circular motion. I froze again. We felt pangs of regret each time we heard our friends discussing their camping trips and ventures to Disneyland, and vowed to try and save more money to do nice things with our family. Mature women spanking stories looked down to see her Male impregnation stories pubic mound fully exposed, and her hard nipples poking out over the tops of the lace.

I pulled the blankets over me and tried to get back to sleep, when I started hearing the rhythmic thumps of a bed knocking against a wall. We had a delicious dinner that evening, and I drank a lot of wine and tuckered out early. I looked back into her eyes and slowly pressed into her until half of my cock was inside her.

The five of us piled into our SUV and started travelling west.

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When I pulled my hips back and pressed them forward, I felt my cock head connect with a snug, wet hole. Had I overreacted?

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Incubus x male reader beautiful nipples poked out again for me to see. I moved my hand from her hip and slid it across her abdomen. I left my cock head resting against her hole for what felt like three minutes, just staring into her eyes. I was pretty sure that I was hearing soft moans and grunts.

I fucked my daughter at bath-time (inc,oral,dad,xxx)

I watched her bite her lower lip, looking at me apprehensively as I leaned in and took it into my mouth, still slowly bucking away at her. I opened my Erotic sil stories and looked Crossdresser bondage stories her, lying peacefully, sleeping. It was still wet from her session with Tom.

As I traced my finger down her slit, she moved and her eyes snapped open. As I thought about Tom pushing himself into my daughter, I started to get an erection. I stared into her shocked and disgusted eyes for two minutes before I began to Olivia holt sex stories. My daughter began to grunt softly as I slowly slid my dick in and out of her.

I slid up and down her slit, making sure that the head of my cock made contact with her clitoris. From the doorway, I had a clear view of him slamming in and out of her as his tongue grazed her nipples.

My daughter and me (true story)

I pressed my pelvis into her hard and felt my cock head break free of the confines of my boxers. There, was my son Mitchell, buried in the covers with headphones in his Ball squeezing story, snoring as his sister, my daughter, lay spread eagle on the bed in a white lace teddy and garter belt getting fucked by his friend.

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A few hours later I woke up, shivering. Still nothing. We were here for four days and decided to battle through an uncomfortable evening. When I poked my head in the ading suite that was shared by my children and Tom, they were all lying around and watching tv. As I pulled her into our room, I Miss vicky fiction stories her turn back and give an apologetic look to Tom.

I closed the door and locked it and led her to my wife and my bed. I tried to push it all out of my mind, but her nipples and shaved mound kept swimming before my closed eyes. I got in bed after my daughter and pulled the blankets over both of us so that she would have to disrupt them to get out of bed.

I rubbed my cock head on her Circumcision fiction stories some more, back and forth and heard her breathing become more rapid.

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I heard her exhale strongly then felt her bring her hands to my chest as she tried to push me away. I waited to see how she'd react: nothing.

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I rubbed for a second before tracing to her pubic mound and down the slit of her entrance. Disgusted and embarrassed Naughty wife story myself though I was, I didn't want her to take her time changing and sneak back into Tom if I happened to fall asleep. At this point, I was aching. She's an adult, yes. Before long, I Girls humiliation stories rock hard.

I reached between us and grazed her clit Tighty whities embarrassing stories my fingers again and saw her mouth contort into the same silent scream I saw her grant Tom. She sighed angrily, but stopped protesting. Soon, her slit became relubricated with her juices as I stimulated her clitoris. My wife and I married at a young age and had little money while our children were growing up. I ground into her and moved in a figure eight motion. I slowly pulled out, before sliding home again.

My wife, Sandra, was still Gay beastiality porn stories lightly, completely oblivious to the scene. I felt a twitch in my groin. The first evening, the hotel we had reserved failed to meet our reservation obligations: we had reserved three rooms one for my wife and I, one for Gabrielle, and one for Mitchell and Tom. As my wife and I had a King bed and Public boner stories and Tom had two queens, it was decided that Gabrielle would stay in bed with Mitchell much to their protest.

I said goodnight and went to bed.


I pushed more and more, very slowly, until my cock was buried inside of her to the hilt and my balls were resting on her skin. I won't bore you with the details of our stops — we all know why you're reading this story. She was arching her back and opening her mouth in a silent scream as her blonde hair flailed about from the force of their ing.

I forced her legs open with my knees and flattened myself so that my boxer clad cock base was pushed up against Fiction wedgie stories slit. He raised his hands Nudist mother stories a surrendered position as my daughter, embarrassed and furious, tried to cover her body from Jessica alba sex story father. Our daughter, Gabrielle, was 19 and about to start her second year of college.

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I watched my hot breath bring goosebumps across her chest as I breathed into her neck. She was lying on her back, breathing heavily, probably due to the frustration of being interrupted in the middle of Sex stories daughter fucked.

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While we lived in a modest, suburban area, we could not afford luxuries such as vacations and extravagancies. This is harder than it seems: both of our children had essentially grown up by the time we were able Furry muscle growth story afford a luxury vacation for the four of us.

I turned toward her on my side so that the slightest movement would wake me up. I moved my hand across her body, under the blanket and grabbed onto her right hip with Dragon story awoken dragon hand as I pushed into the left hip with my cock. Finally, I got my bearings and grabbed Tom by the nape of his neck log in pulled him off of my daughter. I froze and listened closely. I stood there, shocked, appalled, disgusted and angry watching this assault on my daughter.

I flicked my tongue over one of her nipples as I lightly tickled her clitoris and ground my dick into her side. I lay there quietly, replaying the scene over and over. The more I tried to concentrate on something else, the more I focused on the way my daughter's tits looked in the white lace.

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I ground my dick into her hip again. I won't take my boxers off - I just want to rub it Shrinking boyfriend stories you for a minute. I traced her slit and rolled her clit between my two fingers before I felt her hand pushing me away.

I can cut to the chase:.

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Home I fucked my daughter at bath-time inc,oral,dad,xxx.