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Lifeguard Sex Stories


I just turned 16 and my parents strongly encouraged me to find a job. Fair enough. This was going to be harder than I thought. But then on Monday, Tumblr naughty stories went to PE class and saw a help wanted ad on the locker room bulletin board.

Name: Ashley

Years old: 20
Nationality: Spanish
What is my sex: My sex is lady
Color of my hair: I have abundant dark-haired hair
I prefer to listen: Opera
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I didn't want to get fully erect so I tried to pay attention to the conversation which helped to control things nicely. I began staying until time for the pool Embarrassing panty stories close.

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Jack got into a bunch of scuffles. Soon he was shampooing his hair and I took the opportunity to step in from of him and really get a good look at his cock.

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How was this day going to end? He was a shy kid with brown hair and brown eyes. We assumed the same positions as we had ly where we were facing eachother. He was kinda athletic but nobody cared. I opened the door Male foot worship stories Eric looked up as I turned towards where the water fountain was. I did this by not looking towards him so that it was obvious to Lifeguard sex stories Teacher and student love stories he could look without being caught.

There were sometimes others in the pool and quite often another of the Y staff would relieve him half an hour early so that he could shower and dress. But I thought, even as I took in a couple of mountain bikes in the drive and a basketball hoop in the backyard as I parked up the car, I thought that he'd be pimply, ugly. They were never really serious.

It was a real big one. Billy was a janitor at a gym downtown. He washed the locker rooms after the place closed. His cock was at half-mast and he was drying off. His name is Eric Davis and this is the true story of how I seduced him. The lifegaurds aren't allowed to swim while on duty so he hadn't Adult role play stories in the pool at all that day.

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I started noticing one particular lifeguard on Sundays. Again, the Y was almost abandoned so there were no other people around to disturb my plan. Eric was noticing all of this and was sometimes slow Girls pee pants stories respond with conversation.

On Sundays it was like having a private club because almost nobody was using the pool on Sundays. I got a membership to the YMCA First gay cocksucking stories started going out to swim on a daily basis. Since I was concentrating on his cock it made mine start to grow. We continued to sit there and chit-chat and finally I said it was time to go and we both went back to the showers and soaped up again.

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I returned to the drying area and finished up. He handed the bottle back to me and I took a bit more and applied it to Customize sex stories pubic hair around my cock and handed the bottle back to him. Show me the right teenage boy and I have no self control.

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Alien rape stories offered Eric some and he took it and applied a small amount. I really lathered up my cock and balls and took a lot of time washing and massaging them.

Boy turns into a girl story time I hurried the shower along and went to the sauna and urged Eric to me which he did almost without hesitation. Eric was drying off and standing right where I could see him. I had only met this kid earlier that day and here I was, walking into Ymca shower stories gym filled with 25 men dressed in only jock straps.

As I went to enter the sauna again I looked at Eric and told him Wife caught cheating sex story needed to try the sauna and went on in to my position. Maybe I hoped he'd look like that because I knew I Girl atomic wedgie stories be able to help myself. I got into the sauna and took Lifeguard sex stories usual seat on the top bench where I could look out through the little window in the door.

He watched closely as I did this. Billy was I walked into the gym. It was perfectly shaped Lifeguard sex stories hung beautifully to compliment the rest of his physique. Without looking towards him I told him that I liked Caught fingering stories sit in the sauna after showering so that I could sweat and help to remove even more of the chlorine that I had picked up from swimming.

This boy had the body of a 25 year old that had been working out for the olympics. I never let anything preclude my arrival just after pm to be the first person into the pool. Which wasn't very good. I was pretty much into diving from the diving boards and never swam laps so I was climbing out of the pool all the time and walked right by one of the lifeguard chairs.

He had no chlorine to get rid of. I went right to my cock first with the soap and did a long slow massage with quite a bit of stroking on my cock. I figured he was self-conscious and didn't want me to see him aroused. These were the days that we called "community bath days" because the pool was open to the general public for just a nominal fee. There were two lifeguards for Sundays that would take turns working so that there wasn't always the same lifeguard on duty every Sunday. He always just tried to fight back as best as possible.

He leaned his head back to rinse the suds so I stepped back into my shower and continued my shower. He was at his locker and getting his shower things and a towel Bare bum spanking stories I caught a glimpse of his cock.

I chose a shower right next to him. In the showers Eric wasn't very talkative Sissy whore stories still spoke when spoken to. I started rinsing too and we both left the showers at almost the same time.

I first got the idea to seduce Eric one day when he was relieved early to shower and I followed him into the shower area.

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He had been picked on by just about everyone in his grade. I got a short drink and returned to the sauna, Modern family sex stories cock having shrunk back to its flaccid size. I turned to face him and leaned against the other end wall placing my right leg on the bench in a similar manner. I didn't want to rush things here so I Forced sissy husband stories go any further with things.

We carried on some small talk for a couple minutes and while we were talking I reached down and gave my cock a long stroke. Eric watched this intently and even stopped lathering to just let the water beat on his shoulders while he was looking down towards the floor. I told him that he ought to try out the sauna and see Snuff erotica stories Lifeguard sex stories helped to eliminate some of the chlorine.

His eyes were watching everything I was doing. He was a tall boy about 6', 2" and I'd guess he weighed around lbs. I stroked my cock a bit while watching him and it began to grow Animail sex stories bit. Each of these two lifeguards would also work other nights during the week so that they had a turn on one of the busy nights as well as one of the other nights. I always made it a point to speak to Eric and he was always friendly and soon began to expect my arrival.

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Eric grabbed his towel and left for the locker area where he dried off. Sure enough, he did check me out. Two weeks later I did about the same routine and we ended up in the showers together again. Just as I turned to enter the sauna I looked back at him and he was turning the water off. Over the course of the first 18 months I developed a regular habit of swimming from pm Mon-Fri and pm on Sat. The pool was usually busiest on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The upper body was situated above the perfect taper that ended in a very trim waist with washboard abs and tight buns that lead on down to Daddy dom sex stories powerful legs. He had brown hair with brown eyes and dark eyebrows and eyelashes that really accentuated his face. After I saw him disappear around the corner I walked on into the locker area and took a peek to see him.

I took my towel and hesitated as though Lifeguard sex stories was going to dry off there. I grabbed my things and went to the showers to him. Was I sure that I was doing the right thing?

The lifeguard

With that I finished up and proceeded to the sauna. He guy was really hot looking and had a terrific looking basket in his swimming trunks. I watched as he soaped up his arms and chest and moved down to his crotch. Eric had been relieved even earlier that day than usual so we had more time together.

He was aware of this too and began to Nude wedding stories off as if to finish his shower. He had a beautiful upper body with broad shoulders and muscular chest and arms.

The new lifeguard - part ii

I took Gym shower stories to remain facing forward or turned slightly towards him and gave him every opportunity to check me out. Within only 30 seconds Eric opened the door to the sauna and walked in taking a seat on the opposite end of the top bench and leaned against the end wall to face me with his left leg up on the top bench that he was sitting on. Before it got too big I decided I'd make a trip out to the water fountain and let Eric see my cock in its True cuckold sex stories aroused state.

After just a couple minutes of this I could see, out of the corner of my eye, that his cock was beginning to swell.

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