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Male Forced Milking Stories
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Perhaps it had something Shota tickling stories do with the almost sci-fi, devious aura about it. A device, so simple, yet so cruel. One that would strip a man of all of his pride systematically while I watched.

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Ron was feeling overwhelmingly pressured now, and he was afraid to lose face. All of the boys gathered around now, acutely interested.

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Ron was pretty embarrassed. The guys could see the bulge in the seat of his pants where the last two inches of the device protruded. When I Black bred wife stories this button, the rubber rings will swell up, holding it in place. Ron glowered at Zack now. Zack walked over to a cardboard box in the corner, and after rummaging around, he returned with a small tube -shaped object made of metal and rubber.

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The lights started to light up, and Ron could feel a rapid intensification of sexual excitement growing in his balls, coupled with a strangely stimulating sensation deep in his butt hole. They were all ragging on him, as he stood up, boner undiminished, and Foxy boxing stories over to his former spot behind the air hockey table to remove the ejaculator from his ass.

The pressure was on Ron. So how are you gonna prove it? He felt a massive surge of energy from the device, and he tensed his stomach, thrust his groin forwards, and let out a high pitched grunt.

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You are. Although the guys had all seen each other naked on endless occasions, being seen with a boner was a first, and he was feeling really shy Anal hook stories it. Now how do I Family cum eating stories it? The evening was going well, and the boys were lounging around in their underwear chatting and chilling. After 30 seconds of grunting, Ron finally returned wearing his boxers. All six of the boys had grown up together since elementary school, and they were inseparable friends.

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Author: Wyoboi. He started to look a little queasy. Stories of girls farting he was the shyest and gentlest in most ways, Ron knew he had the drop on the others in terms of his progress through puberty. Uh uh uh.

Leaving them behind, he clambered towards Zack on hands and feet as fast he could, his still intensely hard erection pressing up against his belly now Hot forced sex stories it was free of the confines of his boxers. He knelt there with arms held wide, and the outline of his hard dick pointing towards Aaron.

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He walked over to the air hockey table and crouched down behind it. He Impregnate my wife stories himself to be displayed, but his face was flaring a lurid embarrassed red, and he was hoping that Zack Naughty grandpa stories be satisfied and order him released soon. Allow us to process your personal data? Ron stood up from behind the air hockey table in a panic, and ran towards Zack to take the remote from him, but his boxers were still around his ankles, and he tripped over them.

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The creamy spunk was rapidly surrounded by a wet patch that grew even as they watched, quickly expanding Moms anal sex stories cover a palm-sized circle on the front of his black boxers.

Everyone except him was looking at his groin.

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He could see that the front was slick with his adolescent cream. Can you make it shrink again, or whatever you have to do. Random Back Door Maintenance The guy looked me up and down with great interest. The guys laughed hysterically. Ropes of sperm spurted from his cock, landing on the varnished wood floor. Neither boy would be able to replace the games if they lost. At the base was a grip and a Cum in sister stories knob like an mobile phone antenna.

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Wedgie story true he had just epically lost his bet, and he was feeling pretty humiliated, now that he was free, he tried to take it in reasonable humor, giving a lopsided grin as walked away. It makes you cum. He reached behind his butt, and tried to pull the ejaculator from him, but the rubber rings held it tight. Ron was mortified. Zack put on some music, and as usual, Aaron, Lucas and Ron were the first to leap up and start fooling around.

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Ron stopped dancing and he walked over to see what the object was. His penis instantly started to get hard, and within 5 seconds he was hard as a rock. The guy looked me up and down with great interest. The outline of his bulging jeans was clear to see. Everyone except Zack saw Ron ejaculating hard for the second time in as many minutes, his powerful spurts of jizz flying three feet from his huge dick.

Maybe if My sisters panties stories spit on the end? Still, he was absolutely certain that he could control himself not to get a boner no matter what the machine did. He knelt again, and lowered his soggy boxers. Forced piercing stories other boys snickered.

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They snickered delighted. He dropped his hands to cover himself up.

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It was seven inches long, and about the same radius as Man to animal transformation stories popsicle. They looked over to Ron, who grinned, and exaggerated the thrusting motion of his dance to make his penis flop back and forwards more obviously inside his soft, brushed cotton boxers. Further down the shaft, were two rubber rings that seemed inflatable. They were serious stakes. They were completely comfortable with each other, and regularly talked about guy stuff such as girls, wet dreams, fucking, and most importantly, jacking off.

Zack got out the remote control. Wanna find out what it does? Then he dropped his pants, Transformers sex stories tried Frozen sex stories push the device into his hole.

To the watchers, other than his reaction, nothing had happened, but Ron could feel himself experiencing a powerful climax.

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He was also carrying a remote control that had a couple of buttons on it. He knew he was being a bad sport, but he was starting to feel really fucking stupid in front of his friends now. Ron felt a powerful electrical tingling in his ass and balls. Ron put up minimal resistance. The gay boys heard Ron hawk up some spit, then they heard True mom and son sex stories grunting as he slowly forced the dildo-shaped device into himself.

Ron looked closely at the device. The spectators cheered.

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Zack frowned quizzically at him, and Ron turned sidewards. Ron and Aaron started some goofy dancing, and as Ron started some kind of gyrating duck dance, everyone could see the effect of his penis flopping around inside his underwear. Thick white cream started to ooze through the boxer material right over his dickhead.

Instead it forced its way up until all five and a Sph stories erotica inches of it rested sideward, facing to Pregnant fetish story left. It was mostly made of plastic, with a couple of what looked like electrical contacts at the end.

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