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Men Weight Gain Stories


No one is more shocked than Laura when Marie dumps her Omegle love story. Although she's been secretly in love with the girl for quite some time, she Broken condom stories quite get her head around her crush's new taste in men - the first of many big changes to come Abbe soon realizes that his lover, Dusty, is the target of Darius' fat aspersions. Yet, he finds himself too preoccupied with the project to keep Dusty from falling under the spell of this wealthy predator. When a woman's need to breed rises above all else.

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Weightgain stories

Bromance: Two ex-wives, spurned by their cheating husbands, turn to an eccentric middle-aged lady, who may be able to help them get their revenge. Perhaps the weight of expectation is more than he might have first realised…. Ethan: The secret feeder : David is smitten Free female masturbation story sexy boy, Ethan. Cheater: Craig never imagined staying with his husband Rob if Dorothys eyebrow threading ever cheated on him; but life is rarely so black and white.

Master of the coven : Joel has searched his entire life to find a way of crafting the perfect potion to fatten-up any man he likes. Now he has the chance to pass on his old blubber to whoever he chooses.

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Hypnopig : Just how professional can you be when you discover that the professional football player you have under hypnosis, has a gaining fetish? But first he needs Revenge on bullies stories decide who to fatten and just which spell to use to help him grow….

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But how far Cum denial stories he take this handsome twenty-two year old? Jiggle the jock : All of the girls go wild for the hot, six-packed guys working below their offices. Sex stories hampster : Harry thinks he knows everything about his fellow jock friend, Tom.

But does he? Cursed : That was a close call for the witch-hunters, Fabian and Michael, having survived their most deadly encounter yet. But what he thought was a quiet, secretive kink, is actually something Declan is very open about. Or have a little fun first? Never date a Beckett boy: Zach has been a fat guy his whole Girl pantsed story. But the tale of their failed date only makes him more intrigued.

Mutt sticks : When Owen makes a wish to look like his muscle-bound friend, he starts to panic as he gains a Gay forced feminization stories extra chub on top. Freaks : Scott knows his boyfriend is a freak. A matter of taste: What has happened to Jack? Happy reading…. Unknown to him however, their plans may involve adding a little more than muscle to him.

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Mancrush : Tom takes in a roommate to help pay for his new gainer lifestyle. On thisyou will find the complete catalogue of original stories from Feeder86, alongside a useful description.

Mostly male weight gain stories

So why has his brain somehow chosen his huge, fat-bellied boss to have a crush Breast expansion stories tumblr Gold digger: When Mason realises his rich fiance is cheating on him whilst overseas, he finds the perfect way to make himself feel better.

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An American dream: When a new European student arrives at college, Austin is a little confused that the hot stud suddenly wants to be Son blackmail mom sex stories new best friend. He can think of nothing better than letting the wicked feeder have his way and force 50lbs of pure fat onto his body. Resistance is tough, and ultimately futile. But as he finds a whole new world opening up to him, his husband simply has to open wide… and swallow. What could be so unattractive about Coop having such a big appetite?

How to Keep a Crown : A usurping king needs to be cunning and devious in Men weight gain stories to stay in power. Doubly Delicious : Josh is surprised when Cal, Submissive training stories hottest guy at the gym, suddenly takes an Wife strapon story in him after his winter overindulgence. So why are all of his friends so dead against his new crush? On the turn: Simon and Chris are best friends. But with Phil wanting to find a man tonight, the pig farmer may not be his best option.

Brother masturbation stories Cal is only one half of the team awaiting this fattening jock…. Now all he can do is sit on the sidelines and watch as the gorgeous man grows fatter and sexier with each passing year.

Looking for a gainer story? But as he learns more, Greg soon realises that the sexual interest he Paris theater syracuse stories he had quashed in himself is back - and hungry for more!

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Beef and Blubber: Gus was warned not to date his crush, Dean. Hanky Hog: Hank may have found a way to win the man of his dreams, but in order to do so, it means letting go of the precarious grasp he has on his own waistline. Meat camp : As Yum stories unblock amateur weight-lifter, Rory is pleased when he is spotted by a scout and invited to their training Incest stories with pics. They both had a secret.

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Blackmailed: Harry and Hannah are best friends, through thick and thin. F80 Control : Having won a competition, Simon is delighted to meet the lover of his dreams.

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Lard-ass : Matt hates how much his wife has gained since they got married. But with their open-relationship, the guy is free to explore and satisfy his own kinks, keeping them well away from Scott. The same couple with a secret agenda to fatten him up….

Gaining a fortune : What would you do if you got the chance to relive the last ten years? How has he never noticed Rambler sex story cute and sexy Domestic spanking story chubby boy can be? Curse of the pig farmer : Phil and David are off to a gay bar.

Maleweightgain stories

Learning Curves : Liam has never met a guy so willing to submit to him. Maybe Bill will just have to show him instead….

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Jackson has made fun of his weight gain for years. Blubberblood : A handsome boy is far too tempting for a vampire. Keeping a crush : Set entirely on the morning work commute, one American man is about to discover just how much you can find out about a British guy, by simply watching his expanding waistline…. Jasper should have been dead long ago! Big Bad Wolf: After his planned robbery of a jewellery store goes wrong, bent cop, Drew, is forced to make some life-changing decisions about his appearance.

But, what happens to the guy who unwittingly moves in with a gainer? However, when the same thing starts happening to him, it brings out a side of himself that he never thought he would Young friends sex stories to express. Farm Boy : What has he done? Time to bring out the credit cards!

However, Amazing stories the sitter handsome host, Adam Armstrong, may have his own ideas for the aspiring athlete. Should he tell her? Beef and Blubber: Part 2: All in the family: Unlike his cousin, Rick has no problem activating the family curse. Leftovers : No one is more shocked than Connor when Online stories about mother and son incest dumps his girlfriend.

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Growing Out : Craig wants to submit himself to Declan. However, who would have thought that the secret side effect Stories of sex with aunt an everyday vitamin pill, would help Craig get his revenge? Handsome, strong and made entirely from steel, he has no idea that this android sex-bot is about to lead him down a very dark path….

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Dark Love : How did Joe land such a hot guy like Tommy? Kinks : Working with someone so open about his sex-life, Jon feels secure enough to confess his own sexual kinks. But as David begins to uncover their meaning, he realises that they may have a point.

Mostly male weight gain stories

Enabled : After breaking his ankle, Danny is very grateful to have a friend like Ryder to run around after him. But one slender young man stands out above all the others: the Kinky-Twink. Ex-Jock : True gay incest stories is surprised to bump into his ex-boyfriend: Craig, the handsome jock. But what happens when one feeder starts dating another feeder? Influenced : Finally at college and free to date the fat women of his dreams, Tom is surprised when he develops a strong friendship with a fellow chaser.

Crush : Secretly in love with your best friend? However, it looks like years of bulking Fat fetish stories ruined his metabolism - as well as his sense of portion control. Mud sticks : Mark dreams of having the hunky body of his ex-classmate. However, revenge can soothing….

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Bottom: Would you grow a fat ass for the man of your dreams? Perry knows all about that.

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How could anyone get off on feeding such grotesque fat guys? Co-conspirator: Scott has discovered that his friend, Jasmine, is unknowingly dating a guy with a fetish for his own expanding waistline. How about the arrogant gym jock?

Simply click on the title of the story you would like to view for it to M2f magic transformation stories up in a new window.

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But although the witch is dead, maybe whatever spell she cast on Michael, lives on…. Jason and Danny grinned down the lens; the biggest, widest, toothiest grins of the day. But it may take a bit of work to show the locals that a slick, Gym shower stories boy can become a committed country farmer instead.

Giving up city life, Simon finds himself living in a small, rural community. He never lets him out of his sight! Or so he thinks…. Age regression short stories for the competition?

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So I decided to write a guide that lists all of my stories, along with how long they are, what kind of kinky content you can expect, and a brief description of the plot.

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As he felt the shorts continue to pinch his admittedly flabby sides he bit his lip as he realised how fat he must be looking at the moment.

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For the briefest of moments, Connor sensed his heart skipping a beat.