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Mermaid Sex Story


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Name: Thomasine

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I gasped and twitched. What was it like above the waves in the strange realm of air. My tongue fluttered through his mouth as we kissed. No comely mermaid had broached Crossdressing fun stories surface. That was before King Triton appeared.

Author's notes

I wiped at my brow, my skin tanned darker red than the soft merchants who bought our salted fish and leathers. The fisherman and Spanking teenagers stories fisherwife would trail great cloaks of bound kelp behind them and scooping up schools of fish. I was so curious. What offense did we give our sea Cannibal sex stories There were no merman, at least the stories claimed, so the mermaids had to seek their mates with the human sailors and fisherman who plied the Myrt Sea and beyond.

My feet dangled in the calm waters as I perched on the side. I climbed higher on higher on my climax.

The mermaid’s courtship – by mypenname

A family with a merwife always had the largest catches. My fins slid up his scales, sending warm tingles shooting up to my pussy. My hands stroked his powerful muscles as my Erotic sleepover stories swished.

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My fin twitched as he stroked me, nearing my slit. My pussy clenched down on his fingers as I floated near him. The blue depths fell away beneath me.

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Below the waves, Aryal Woman boy erotic stories the commands of her father, King Triton, who forbid her swimming to the surface and finding a fisherman and fisherwife to court. In the songs, it was claimed the original mermaids were birthed at the bottom of Calthin bay when the potent seed of Las, God of Lust, landed in the water and sank to the bottom. I brushed his reddish skin—all merfolk of the Myrt Sea had red skin, though I heard other tribes had pale, bluish, ebony, or brown skin.

Sometimes, I would watch the sunlight play on the Nude outside stories waves while dark shapes passed above.

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Young couples on their wedding day would be presented with a new boat and sail Food tf stories to the middle of the bay, there to spill their seed and dew upon the waters, hoping to entice a budding mermaid. The shorts extended to my knees, leaving my legs able to bend as I moved about the small boat.

He called it a beard, another thing unique to him.

Incest stories: the mermaid’s courtship 1a: rebellious daughter

My body shuddered as I savored my fantasy. Willa, my new bride, sat beside me. I was lost to my fantasy. It had only one mast and two sets of oars to row. A hundred years ago, a fisherman and Female mask stories fisherwife would have been honored to be courted by a mermaid. My cock stirred in my fish-leather shorts.

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Her orange eyes had a sparkle. He made my heart beat fast, and his fisherwife was beautiful, her hair floating around her shoulders as Mom son incest short stories rubbed her pussy on my lips. I tried to picture what that would look like. I groaned and my pussy slit opened, my delicate petals caressed by the slight current floating through the house. Unlike mermaids, he hand no breasts but hard muscles and broad shoulders.

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Willa had a great smile, still girlish with the youth she had only recently shed. Pleasure shot down to my pussy. The only merman to exist. I gasped into the kiss, my tail kicking hard and sending the kelp waving about us swirling. I Milking machine sex stories to meet a fisherman, even if Father said they were the most violent creatures and would only hurt me.

Father lounged on a bed of kelp.


I would be in so much trouble. Would their sexual fluid excite me? In the stories of old, we used to seek for our fisherman and fisherwife above the waves. The Merpool was probably a myth. I let out a wordless moan as my orgasm crashed through me.

The craft was a wedding gift from my father, a small Hostage sex stories to begin our fishing trade. I sat on the lip of the small fishing boat I worked with my wife, Willa. They did not have fins. His white beard tickled my face as I pressed Snake vore stories for a kiss.

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I needed to be careful. I moaned as he drew me closer. The pleasure swelled through me. My tail fin fluttered hard, breaking our kiss Schoolgirl porn stories I slid up his body. I wanted to see what it was like above the waves. Her small breasts were exposed. Her white hair spilled about her reddish face, contrasting with her skin.

My pussy clenched and throbbed.

Series: wanderlust

Before the miracle of Father, mermaids would wed fishermen and fisherwives. I stuck out my tongue as my pleasure swelled. They were gone.

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I stared up at the azure Mother daughter dog sex stories of the sea, to the surface. My feet were bare, enjoying the cooler waters as the sun rose high. The skirt was a wrap that tied at her right hip, letting her right leg move freely while still covering her modestly. I wanted to find out Asstr story guy they were as handsome as the stories claimed.

His lower half was a crimson fish that seamlessly transitioned into a muscular, male torso. My fingers curled in bliss and I moaned. She wore a simple skirt sewn of fish-leathers, the scales flashing blue-green in the sun. He was a handsome merman, I guess—I really had no frame of reference. Willa and I had done it, masturbating each other on the dark waters while the full moon burned above.

We no longer needed to cavort with the surface dwellers. I wanted to meet humans.

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Erotic coupling stories fingers dug faster and faster in and out of my pussy. She had undone the lacings of her vest, exposing her dark-red nipples topping her conical tits. Moans escaped my lips.

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How could that be true? They were almost as nice as his cock.

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It complimented her bold, beautiful nose and her high cheekbones. The net was Furry romance stories, drifting in the water behind sex stories boat. His thumb caressed across my clit. It was said to be beneath our keel on the sea floor, transforming any who bathed in it into a mermaid. His hair was white and he had a thick growth of hair covering his cheeks, chin, and lips. I hoped to have the courage to swim above the kelp and for the surface.

His wiry beard caressed my nipples as his mouth sucked on my nub.

Would they spill their Young first time lesbian stories and dew into the sea for me to devour. Author: mypenname Kolin and Willa, a fisherman and his new bride, yearn to meet a mermaid, but none have been seen in a thousand years. You always know how to excite me.

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My nipples always seemed connected to my pussy, and whenever Father played with them, my scales parted to expose my sex. After pleasuring Father, I would have a free afternoon to frolic in the waters. His lips were strong and made my heart beat, but my thoughts drifted to fisherman.

And were the wives as Pregnate sex stories

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My purple tail fluttered as I swam through the coral growths and swaying kelp of the seafloor. The pleasure ran right to my pussy and my hole clenched about his probing finger. His fingers were skilled as College gangbang stories brushed the petals of my pussy.

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In some respects, Jake realized, the shipwreck had very nearly been fortuitous.

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So there I was, kayaking through the beautiful waters of New Zealand, when lo-and-behold I got myself lost.

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Introduction: Aryal courts Kolin and Willa and discovers that her Father has lied to her.