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Mlp Diaper Story


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With a little magic help, she finally opened the package, inside were ten diapers, she could feel quickly an foal smell, she took up one of the diapers and saw it, the size apparently was right, but she needed to prove them to be sure, she put herself the padded thing in her body, her private parts were totally hidden when she looked herself at the mirror.

Her parents traveled to Canterlot and she had to stay with her Belly button tickle stories sister all the weekend. She finally began feel some bladder pains and the real urinate need. Finally the unicorn noted how little Soft swing stories fell down from her marehood, actually, all the zone was soaked with a liquid with a strong odor.

Mature rated fiction

Fortunately she hadn't skin eruptions or irritations, but when she puts the used diaper at the floor, she looked how a urine puddle was trying to get out of inside the diaper, in fact some drops fell down and wet a part of the floor, and also, the bed had a little spot. The night was quiet and peaceful, the two sisters had Strapon wife story interesting chat about the school, the job, their friends and other nice topics.

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Sweetie Belle was all the afternoon doing homework, drawing and reading book. Sweetie Belle was totally embarrassed when the yellow liquid left her bladder really fast. Can we play a little game tonight? That night she want to repeat the experience.

Her sister accepted and carried her little Asian massage parlour stories for a while.

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She had to pee really, really bad, only a few seconds after his hard awakening she stood quickly and put his front legs in her urethra Real life swinging stories keeping the gold liquid inside her body. It is a spell Bondage tg stories can hide small objects.

Sweetie Belle used the skin cream for few days and the irritation disappeared completely, she understood that she have to use that cream before and after diaper usage or her mom would suspect. Facebook.

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Her bladder was too shy at that moment. She lied down at her bed and stayed asleep. At the night Rarity put away all her job equipment and stayed with her little sister. One complete water liter in her stomach, at that point the urination need was really small, she decided drink one more water liter. After that chat, Sweetie Belle put on her pajama. Confirm Back to Safety. This story has been marked Bdsm prison stories having adult content. Sweetie was totally scared.

Her mother led her to the closest hospital.

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Finally after five minutes doing efforts, she felt totally emptied. Oh no!

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Her diaper apparently absorbed all the urine, but when she lied down again felt a wet sensation, just like she were swimming in a pool. Remember me. Just like the last Friday, the yellow liquid began falling down in her diaper.

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But… Why did you used a diaper? Sweetie was totally embarrassed, but she thought that could be her unique chance in her entire life. The interminable cutie mark quest was very stressful. She bought the diaper pack in a shop close of Ponyville School. Her parents, her cousins and her uncles never knew about her little act, and White panties stories never told anything.

Diaper pony

Before all the lights were turned off, Sweetie took a shower. Sweetie stood up and relaxed all her muscles for a Severe punishment stories urgent urination. Sweetie also did the spell which learned the Favorite cuckold stories afternoon and the soaked diaper were hidden from the normal view.

: Password:. It was an emergency, but her cousin was playing in the garden. Sweetie Belle have never had an accident before, even with the most urgent need of pee, the sensation was totally exciting but her big sister was only few meters. She separated her back legs and began the muscle contraction, she did her best but even a little urine drop didn't go out.

She put the tapes in their place and her first diaper change was complete. She removed her diaper and put it at the floor.

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First, the diaper prevented her normal walking, and second, her bladder was asking screaming an empting. The next day Sweetie Belle began to feel a little strange sensation in her private zone. It was a Friday Night in Ponyville, Sweetie Belle arrived at Tighty whities embarrassing stories after an exhausting afternoon with her crusaders friends. She ignored it and returned to sleep.

Mature rated fiction

The night was young and the house was only for the two nearby sisters. Her favorite books were the magic books. She makes a simple light's spell and put a little amount of skin irritation cream at her lower body parts, finally she could put herself the diaper, and the Wife in stockings stories drinking race began. With a totally quiet environment Rarity could hear the dirty act of her little sister who had stopped in the middle of the corridor.

She take a clean diaper and put her sister over then.

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Her bladder shyness grew that night. Finally, she went inside again and totally desperate began crying before she saw a diaper package in the visitors' bedroom, she thought it a moment and quickly took one of them and put it herself, she was really lucky, the diaper had almost the right size, although her back legs were really tightened.

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At the night, Sweetie Belle went to bed early, her sister did it too. She felt again the First time masterbating stories sensation like the last night, she began feel uncomfortable almost swimming in her own pee.

Mature rated fiction

Please click below to confirm you are of legal age to view adult material in your area. And, why the diaper is totally full? Just look at that!

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She dined daisies sandwiches and apple juice, the favorite dinner of the white unicorn, after the dinner Sweetie Belle went to her room and read some books. Since she started learning magic with Twilight, she had read a lot of books. She stood up again and applied force in the down zone Native american sex stories her body, slowly, little urine squirts goes out and after few forced minutes, her bladder was finally emptied, and her diaper, well, her diaper had a big yellow spot in front Prostitute wife stories were totally soaked inside.

It was by far the naughtiest and shameful Sweetie Belle's act.

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She was again in a dark bedroom with a diaper which her sister would never find. Sweetie Belle's diaper usage Mature Rated Fiction This story has been marked as having adult content.

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