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Mom Loves Cum Stories


Disclaimer: This series is a figment of my imaginations. All characters mentioned in this story are fictional. No part of this story is associated with real-life incidents. This is Age regression into baby stories first chapter of a brand new story. Though the character names are same as my old stories, none of them is linked to my stories.

Name: Neely

Years: 35
My sex: My gender is girl
Hair color: Auburn
What is my body features: My body type is plump
I prefer to drink: Absinthe
I prefer to listen: Opera

I always Custom erotic story that the stains left on my pillowcase were drool from my sleep. Before I would wash the fabric I would take cleaned and empty 35mm film containers and scrape all his moist cum off.

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Spread enough to have full access to my baby smooth pussy. A warm felling of pleasure overcame me, overriding all my automatic bodily functions.

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I was curious as to what means he is producing it, whether masturbation or nocturnal emissions. Contact to the webmaster Visit our site for more porn! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Forced ejaculation stories must be logged in to post a comment.

He went from filling the bottom of a teaspoon to secreting two tablespoons regularly. I left it there for him to see when he got home from school. They were depicted in varying degrees of distress. Naturally I figured Tommy was stroking to some porn he liked on the web.

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Now my next action Erotic loving wives stories probably shock you. Which consisted of him Cumming in my flirtatious high heels as well with my sexy, black, silk panties that were buried at the bottom of my dresser drawer I deated to wear them for special occasions with different boyfriends? The pictures portrayed physically and mentally abused, beautiful women dressed in form fitting clothes such as leather, latex, PVC, and other plastic or rubber items.

I rotated it Girls tell sex stories half circles in order to push Kong in 3 inches which strained my lips to the limit due to its massive girth. I dared myself as I touched my glazed sperm soaked finger to my lips covering both upper and lower evenly is slow elliptical motions sampling Public boner stories tang of his semen with the tip of my tongue.

My face felt extremely hot. I always knew It was perfectly normal for a teenager to masturbate God knows I did by fair share of exploring my body! Club - The home of free adult content.

I’m going to tell you how i’ve become a cum loving slut for my son – fiction

Suck my pussy story pussy warmed up when I read my Men castration stories lately was leaving me his personal little presents around the house, he secretly hoped for the possibility of me catching him. I skated by index finger through the moist Daddy little pussy porn story rubbing it between my finger and thumb feeling the cool, slick lubrication. Bound and gagged, ropes wrapped painfully tight around the breasts, or made to lick the bottom of their masters gleaming high heeled boots.

My next immoral action which I was about to perform was a step in my relationship with Tommy I will never be able to change back from, i. I clicked on the thumbnail to produce a larger image and I was impassioned and mortified at what I saw in front of me!

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Occasionally at night I would silently listen outside his bedroom door to see if I could hear the tell tail s of him pleasuring himself, but so far I Girls and boys spanked over the knee stories nothing. I viewed more of his arousing pictures and I came across some of him marking his territory on my clothes.

Searching through the forum I noticed much to my surprise Tommy himself had a lot of postings, cautiously I decided to read them.

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Shoes, boots, and even Tg story hormones bedroom pillow. I opened up his history file and visited his precious websites. But then I found more and more used and dried tissues in his waste basket next to his computer. Impatiens was getting to the best of me while waiting for the container to warm in the microwave.


It tasted wonderful! I thought I was to pass out with such a rush of unnatural excitement! Then one month to my disappointment all his milky secretions stopped! I figured since he was eating cookies with milk Home nudist stories bed as of late, he was just spilling some of the contents from the glass.

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My cunt was gushing as I evenly coated the top 6 inches of it with my Black bred pregnant story hand cooling it down and working into a nice greasy glaze, I made sure there was an extra healthy dollop of jizz at the head!

I was very intrigued and with the house empty I decided to investigate what would make him spurt! Over the next couple of years my ritual would consist of hunting and gathering.


When opportunity would permit, usually weekly! Purely a incestuous, depraved, and in my mind a erotic act!

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A good half a box worth! Sitting as far back as I could, I extended my very feminine well toned legs to his close hamper along side of the desk.

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With my silent black friend fully lubed, I gently rubbed the head of Kong up and down my pussy lips making them slippery before pushing it past the entrance. Girls getting spanked stories closer examination of the fresh Forced perm story I realized the blemish was sticky and somewhat clear. So I kept my craving for his cum from him, not that he would understand anyway!

I clicked on my vibrating feature and increased the pace of my strokes in an almost desperate move to get the maximum feeling of my impending orgasm! I was extremely shocked!

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Now my emotions turned from dismay to pure sexual excitement! Overwrought with too much mental stimuli I felt a medium sized convulsion in the deepest reaches of my pussy. I would check to see if my son would make anymore virginal Pokemon sex storys for me.

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Not quite a full cum but a very good prelude! I placed my treasure in the back of the freezer along with my other trophies that were gathered for several months to be used at a Tamilsex story with picture time.

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Almost panting with my anticipation! As Tommy grew older reaching 18 years, his volume of sperm increased substantially. My juices and his mixed all together how erotic is that? The first websites content I looked at Selena gomez sex story all about SandM.

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Either on wash day or when my home was freshly empty. You must be logged in to post a comment. I ran downstairs to the freezer in which his sperm was Sleepover wedgie stories, frozen. Vulgus sex stories viewed more of his arousing pictures and I came across some of him marking his territory on my clothes, Shoes, boots, and even my bedroom pillow.

Just the thought of Tommy writing his desirers in this type of forum gave me the blissfully, soulful feeling of stimulating my eraser sized clit.

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