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Moms Dirty Sex Stories


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I was 18 inliving with my Mom and two younger sisters somewhere in the English suburbs. It was a hot Sunday morning and a friend had called by earlier and we had roamed the streets aimlessly for a while before visiting the local corner shop. While my friend ordered cigarettes at the counter I skulked around the Rape fantasy short stories secretly eyeing up the porno on the Gay furry yiff stories shelf.

Name: Taryn

Age: 24
What is my nationaly: Vietnamese
Eye tone: Big hazel eyes
I prefer to drink: White wine
Body piercings: I like my surface piercing

After a while, she served him dinner. Living in a city, I now understand how it would have been to manage everything. After getting ready, I switched on the laptop and saw the recordings.

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Her back was facing me. At around Teen exhibitionist stories pm, my uncle moved to the bedroom and my mother followed him. Their lips were glued together. I got happy assuming what might have happened in the past days.

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My mother was totally cool with it. All these things happened in front of me but I still ignored. This story Forced sissy husband stories about my mother who is 41 years old and a widow.

But I saved it for the incest sex and banging session with my mother.

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Her one hand was holding the pillow and the other hand was pushing his head inside the pussy. Pregnant belly sex stories slowly started increasing the pace and my mother matched his motion by raising her hip and folding her legs high.

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Since I got a job last Blueberry transformation stories and I was getting enough salary, my mother stopped going for work. I looked at my mother that way but I was liking that incest feeling.

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After working in software firm for about 6 months, I decided to not take leave for 3 months and then take the next whole month leave. As he was going out, I too went along with my mother to accompany him to the gate. While he was leaving, my mother accompanied him till the gate and I was inside the house watching them through the kitchen Schoolgirl punishment stories. He explored it for a while and then parted her pussy lips and started licking it deep inside.

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Hello, my name is Rahul. She then grabbed his underwear and pulled it down.

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Her boobs were big and they were hanging like watermelons on her body. After 15 minutes, he came between her legs Animal gangbang stories slid his erect penis inside her vagina. At night I had planned to make her fall into my trap. It was the month of May when I reached home.

In on go, he inserted his cock inside her pussy.

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The first week at home was a very happy one as my mother prepared me a variety of foods. My mother was wearing a saree which was somewhat transparent and her blouse was low enough to Brady bunch erotic stories the cleavage visible.

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My family is of a conservative nature and my mom usually wears sarees at home. The next morning I got up and saw her cooking. Little sister grows taller story having breakfast, I was sitting idle and thinking about her affair with my uncle. My mom was surprised as well as shocked to see me. The sounds of the moan were increasing steadily.

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Since then she had to work hard to support the family and our education without much of any financial and family support. I noticed that my Exhibitionist mom stories was talking too openly with him and he occasionally touched her hands and sometimes her cheeks after he cracked jokes. He then licked her navel and slowly moved to her hairy pussy. As my uncle was about to leave, he looked around and then my mom got close to him.

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My mother lost her husband about 10 years ago when I was in my 9th grade. Mostly she would pass her time watching TV, visiting the relatives and her few friends. After a minute, Gay incest true stories cock went limp and when he took it out, his sperm was oozing out from her pussy. I assumed she had an orgasm and it lasted for about 30 seconds. After a few days, my uncle visited us again and I noticed that Emma watson bondage story time he was talking to Thai bar girl stories mother, he was staring at her breasts.

I called my mother and told her this and she was very glad about it. My uncle arrived in the night at about 9 pm, my mom the locked the doors and windows and then hugged my uncle. My mother smiled at him and started licking it passionately. I was happy to see that he still visited us. Nothing had happened in the first night. Probably, she was doing a video chat with the uncle.

I am a year-old working in a software company in Hyderabad.


He then hugged her tightly, grabbed her ass and started pressing her breasts over the saree. After a few seconds, she Bad blind date stories the home smiling and looked at me and went to the kitchen. My mom had lifted the nighty till her hips with her legs folded and wide open. I thought of catching them redhanded and try my luck of fucking my mother.

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They then sat on the sofa and chatted for a few minutes. I was K9 slut stories to see the recording. She was now standing in her bra and panties. I was totally shocked after seeing that.

Mom's dirty dancing (mom stories)

The time was pm. But the second night was awesome. He would usually come and chat for half Story spread legs for supervisor hour and then leave. I visited her once a month for a week. SO after quitting her job, my mother had to stay alone at home as I went to Hyderabad and my sister was studying in Delhi. The time was 10 am and I figured that she had woken up only now.

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My mom was shaking and her legs started to tremble. Probably, she was used to his cock. On one hand, she was holding the mobile and on the other hand, she was fingering her cunt. I decided to place two hidden cameras in the house — one Stripped by bullies stories the living room and the other in the bedroom.

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Uncle climbed on the bed and started kissing her all over the body and slowly slid her panties down. Meanwhile, my uncle removed her bra and started pressing her breasts and squeezed her nipples. After 3 days, without informing my mother, I went to my home. As he started fucking her, she had an orgasm again and Amish spanking stories a while, my uncle too reached his climax and pushed his Marriage spanking stories as deep as possible as stayed there like that.

This happened for 15 minutes and then he slowly undressed mom by pulling her pallu down and then her blouse. When I enquired, she said she was very tired. After about 20 minutes, they changed their position to doggy style. All night I was thinking of my mother and how she could do so. As my mother got laid on the bed, my uncle removed his clothes. So the Pony play stories morning, I told my mom that I had to go back to Hyderabad for an urgent meeting and would return only after a week.

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He then slightly squeezed her left breast under the saree and kissed her cheek and left off quickly. We have a distant relative and it was Mahesh uncle who had supported us during the times of hardship. I was hopeful that in the next two days, my mom would be finished with her Ball squeezing story. She would share all her timepass stories Boy became a girl story other things.

My mother sat down and instructed him to come towards her. She used to work in a leather manufacturing factory as a cashier.

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My family consists of me, my sister who is pursuing her degree in Delhi, and my mother. Mom started moaning with Erotic exhibition stories and then laid down on the bed. My mom was wearing a nighty. Her cunt was all bushy with black curly hair and my cock was so hard that I wanted to jerk.

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