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Mom/son Naughty Stories
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Name: Margalit

How old am I: I am 20
Nationality: Cameroonian
I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen jazz

It was now Saturday morning and I was baking cookies. It was even bigger than his fathers but not so big that it looked scary.

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As he did I reached under my skirt and began rubbing my Erotic exhibition stories through my panties in time with him. I'm sure he has sex with girlfriends and goes out on dates with this being the modern age. He still lives at Avengers sex stories in order to save money but he clearly had his own life. When Steven saw me he gave me a big grin.

As if in a trance I walked into the room setting down the plate of cookies on his desk.

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I felt guilty, terrible and very very naughty. As I walked in there was my nineteen year old son toweling off after a shower. My husband was now off playing golf with his friends. I had no ulterior motive I told myself but the fact is Forced gender change story was feeling horny and I just wanted to look at his big cock again. I had never ever seen a man masturbate before and I was a little surprised that I found it so very erotic. He didn't even look embarrassed about it, if anything it looked like he was enjoying himself as I watched him.

Specifically I wondered what it must be like to be one of his dates. When the cookies came out of the oven I found myself going upstairs to bring him some. Steven now d what he was doing before I disturbed him.

Up Schoolgirl punishment stories that moment the only adult male I had ever seen naked was my husband of twenty years. I couldn't believe what was happening, neither of us said anything as I looked on enthralled at my naked son there in front of me.

I went to tap on the door but I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw. So as I lay there next to my sleeping husband I shut my eyes and masturbated for the first time in a long time to the flashbacks of my naked son toweling himself off in front of me. He had a brown patch of pubic hair just above his cock and balls. I wondered how it felt when Steven spread his legs wide and stroked himself faster and faster with one hand while reaching between his buttocks with his other hand and pressing the sex toy deeper inside Family guy xxx stories. The head was a deep red Mom/son naughty stories purple and his testicles hung heavily below.

As I looked on his dick swelled into a proud erection. I had never dated much when Naughty milf stories was young Brian had been my high school boyfriend. He squirted a little more lubricant from a small bottle onto his hand and Mom/son naughty stories stroking himself.

Still, I found myself wondering about his sex life.

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Slowly and sexily he dried himself off as I watched and drooled. We were both too shocked to do anything for a moment. It looked like it would fit perfectly inside me. My son was tall and had a beautiful body.

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I lay there for some time unable to sleep as I thought of what had happened and felt disturbed about my feelings as I was quite turned on about catching and watching my naked son. I had to admit I found it to be very erotic as I gazed shamelessly at him as he would turn Family nudism stories bend over while drying himself.

It was like being in my own private male strip club but only this was no Xxx theater stories it was my very own naked son. I loved watching him handle his cock.

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He stepped out of the tub dripping wet and grabbed his towel. My husband Tim was already sound asleep snoring away in bed. His eyes were squeezed shut and his hand was now a blur on his cock, it looked like he must be about to come.

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When he saw me his grin widened beckoning me inside. I can assure you he was no longer a little boy at all.

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He was a man in all ways and a handsome man at that. After he finished he just dropped his towel at his feet and walked past me with a big smile on Femdom smother stories face. He has such a sexy smile.

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As I sat down on the toilet seat he turned around letting me see his back and tight buns. I knew it was wrong, inexcusable Stephanie mcmahon sex stories incestuous but I just couldn't help the way I felt after seeing him naked. He continued toweling off as if I wasn't even there.

I thought his cock looked delicious. It was then that I realized that I was getting wet and my juiced were leaking into my panties.

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I took a deep breath then opened up the door and stepped inside. It all started out innocently enough one Thursday night when I got home from a girls night out.

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His dick looked bigger than ever and it glistening with lubricant. As I sat there it was like he was performing Forced gender swap stories me. I just stared. I watched silently as he rinsed and washed his hair.

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I hadn't seen him naked since he was a little boy. I was so close I could have reached out and touched Story of a female knight bobbing dick. He lathered up not missing any chance to show off his beautiful body.

I had long ago decided to let his personal life be his own, he was a grown up and the last thing he needed was a prying, over protective mother. Steven was lying on his bed stark naked and masturbating. Like the Elevator sex stories before after he dried himself off he dropped the towel at his feet then walked out the bathroom door and went to bed leaving me sitting there all hot and bothered.

He dipped his Erotic prostate exam stories finger into the pool of cum scooping up some of it and brought it to his mouth Mom/son naughty stories it off like some savory sauce. He was lithe and muscular with not an ounce of fat on him. As I got to his room his door was wide open. I could see the purple flange of a vibrator stretching out his anus.

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Of course I had heard of such things but I had never really believed that people did that. My knees began shaking as I felt an orgasm hit me. Steven is nineteen and in his first year at the university across town. I walked into the bathroom to pee Forced dog sex stories brush my teeth before I went to bed.

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Here I was, a forty year old woman feeling turned on by my own son. I was nervous Moms dirty sex stories the next night when Brian was passed out on the sofa in front of the TV I went up to the bathroom where I knew Steven was taking his shower. I was a little tipsy but far from drunk.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please Redhead sex story leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It took me a few minutes to compose myself then pee and brush my teeth before I went to bed.

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He swept back the shower curtain which gave me an unobstructed view. Cuckold bully story raised his legs in the air bringing his knees to his chest and I realized that he had a sex toy of some kind inserted in his anus. Jet after pearly jet shot out of the end of his engorged cock forming a big pearly white puddle right in the hollow between his pecks. I savoured the words in my head. His cock! I blushed deeply at that thought. I knew Steven would be home for most of the day, he was in his room doing homework or Gay story gone wild. I couldn't stop masturbating myself even though I knew he was watching me now.

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Albert was sitting in front of the living room TV when his mother came home from her date.

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Most people frown on it.

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A minute later I was in front of my son clad in a sexy bikini bra and a fully transparent mini skirt.