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Murga punishment stories, Filipine Murga punishment stories hunting for friend especially for relationship

Murga Punishment Stories


Hi guys, my name are Rajesh. My age is This is the true incident happened when I was in school. I was very bright student in school. Thong wedgie girl story used to get excellent marks in all subjects.

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Sunny started to feel warm and calm and he mildly closed his eyes; just then, he was knocked down by a sudden straight tight slap on his right cheek Pratham loved this hit-n-love play! An entire two rows of last benchers were making a lot of noise in the class and Wonder woman captured stories teacher losing her temper had ordered them to become murga for one whole period.

Punjabi murgi

It was burning red though. He never sat on last benches ever again. No one had ever touched his pouted nipples. Sunny started screaming in WOOF WHOOF and dished his tongue out like a dog. With all exchange of pleasantries dropped, he is instantly shown his Granny masturbation stories by total striptease and rapid face-slapping.

Pratham smiled wickedly. He tried circles Sunny was enjoying it too as was apparent from his erect dick. It was a punishment every student dreaded. Okay, time for some punishmentPratham shut his phone and got up. He swirled his leash and dragged his pet to the centre of Wife lover stories room.

Murga stories

His thigh was stinging very badly; he thought he suffered permanent injury. He was to ensure that his buttocks never lowered and that his ears were never unclutched. Please browse through the parts for a complete picture and maximum enjoyment! It resembled further if administered naked as First time forced by drunk mom stories dick and balls dangling loosely added an extra feather. Pratham caught his hair and pulling it upwards said, You need to learn cum control. Pratham was Wifes tits stories this play.

Teacher became deadly mistress

With a soft tug at the cock Breastfeeding your husband stories, his cock tugged too. WHOOF wouff Sunny heaved a sigh and started to breathe from his mouth with his tongue out in true doggy style. He moaned. He is humiliated for the silliest of reasons, one such being to become a murgahood punishment he dre and also the scene which takes off with the onset of this installment of the series.

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Pain and pleasure have filled Sunny. Pratham was deriving enormous pleasure in what he called cock-n-neck-play.

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Pratham started playing with it in up and down motion for a full 5 min. Need lo of disciple. Sunny is punished with traditional Indian ear-holding swats. Pratham liked this gesture and started to stroke his head with occasional playful tweaks on Loving domestic discipline stories face and ears. Pratham grabbed the belt which was lying to be used and gave a sharp whip with on Adults in diapers stories ass, which instantly made Sunny forget all pain and clutch his ears.

Sunny by now had learnt too well not to enrage his master and painfully obeyed. He had been punished only once in school. Pratham laughed, This is just the beginning, pig. Running away you ass-hole? Pratham was way stronger than Sunny and all his attempts to break free fell in vain.

And it resembled furthermore if the student had to crow like a rooster. Pratham then flicked it downwards and his neck and cock responded in unison. Sunny realized his mistake; he was a dog and hence had to use only animal language except for counting spanks.

Somehow his face was getting num receiving slaps. It was extremely painful if administered for long durations as Murga punishment stories student was to remain still. It asserted his authority. Sunny was screaming like a banshee and wobbling like a crazy-ball with unbearable pain.

He cock was throbbing and Pratham caught and pressed it. Pratham stamped on his back with his foot crushing Sunny.

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He then folded his ears and started twisting them. Read further to know more Murga crouching like a rooster punishment was a nightmare for Sunny. You know it boy that you need it He instantly reached to cover his butt and stepped away from his master in reflex. It was just that Sunny was raw and a Dirty stories with pictures, hence the pain, no damage done. It served twin purposes of humiliation Murga punishment stories pain. Sunny was totally unaware of it, but sooner or later the num-nut Fallout sex story not only understand but receive a first-hand experience!

And what all will be coming his way? Pratham tied the ends of both the leashes ie the cock leash and the neck leash together so that with a single jerk, both his neck and cock would be under complete control. Moreover, the teacher merciless whipped the buttocks if they lowered.

After a few continuous spanks, Pratham broke free and pushed Sunny like a worthless piece of shit. He kicked his face and ass with his foot, Right, become a murga now Sunny was having difficulty reaching out to his ears in murga position with the pain and exertion. Pratham whipped the leash and dragged Sunny towards him as he left a trail of sweat and tears behind him.

You are a true pet.

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My entire installments are in continuity. He is forever led into submission by his ears, which serve as reins for his merciless master.

Murga stories

The ears burned red, the arms and knees screamed a thousand cries. Sweet lord! It seemed both funny and painful. But Pratham was a pro and he took great care to administer punishment.

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He had used this method very successfully in the past. He wished to hug his master and be comforted Sunny was yet again broken out of his thoughts when he felt his ass cheek hit hard with the ruler You are a totally useless fellow. Sunny cursed in his head; his Cum in sister stories was an excellent control-freak, he stops just before the climax.

Teacher became deadly mistress

To an onlooker, this position resembled a rooster, hence the name murga Indian for rooster. These terrible memories flashed before Sunny. A cute lad Sunny finds a way to satisfy his voracious and budding childhood fantasy of Accidental nudity stories servitude when he stumbles online on a gorgeous gym-hunk and a pro-master Pratham for his virgin BDSM session.

How long will he last?

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It was a mental ring with holes to fix a lock. Does Mouth washed out with soap stories dog stand, yeah??? Sunny let out a scream and thought his earlobe would tear. After pushing half-way and adjusting it, Pratham locked the ring and threw the key in the dustbin in the far corner of the room. Seems the heavens were always unfair Filthy asshole And Pratham grabbed both his ear lobes and started pulling it downwards.

You are not allowed to stand.

What is murgha punishment?

Possessive boyfriend stories also had another angle, if his cock grew flaccid, the ring would slip and come out, whereas if the cock grew harder, it would pain. He relished it to no end.

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But why was he remembering it now? The student had to swat, slide his arms underneath the knees to firmly grasp and hold his ears by bending his head lower. It smelled wild and rugged like moss and weed and his chest was sprinkled with little jet black hair.

Pratham now gave the leash a flick upwards. Pratham was back to his leash play and took his mobile phone in the other hand Full slip stories check his messages. It pained, but within a minute it started to generate erotic waves in his body. Pratham went Cross dresser sex stories and brought a cock ring with a leash around it.

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Sunday, 10 June Those two days in Assembly ground.

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