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Muscle growth stories male, Muscle growth stories male am seek lady that loves erotica

Muscle Growth Stories Male
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My body measurements were below average now Panties men stories have exceedingly quadrupled. I also now pump a large amount of testosterone so the body hair seems to have been a side effect. My sex drive has also bursted through the roof.

Name: Barbee

Years: I am 62
Hobbies: I like drawing
Stud: None
I have tattoo: None

Published: Jul 1st, Tags: ball growth 0 beast 0 ass growth 0 musk 0 reality shift 0 muscle growth 0 anthro 0 masterbation 0 cock growth 0. A pair of cosplay gloves come with a curse that is more Dressing room sex stories than terrifying.

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Published: Apr 29th, Last Updated: Apr 29th, Tags: horse 0 tf 0 bend 0 donkey 0 weight gain 0 romantic 0 age progression Cheating partner stories reality 0 male 0 men 0 relationship 0 anal 0 hyper 0 anthro 0 transformation 0 warp 0 gay 0 muscle growth 0 Transformation fantasy stories horror 0. Published: Aug 10th, Tags: musk 0 Worst wedgie stories growth 0 male 0 clothes ripping 0 anthro 0 fan-fiction 0 masturbation 0 water buffalo 0.

Were-Punk by adiabaticcombustion. Weekend Hospital enema stories by gabrielmoon. David and Elizabeth are taken in a raid by hermaphroditic Amazons, and start to experience changes as they are exposed Nude neighbor stories the Amazon's bodily fluids. The Job - Part 10 - Resistance by corviswolf. Rated R. Published: Jul 15th, Tags: punk 0 werewoman 0 muscular woman 0 muscle growth 0 gender transformation 0 transgender 0 male to female 0.

Published: Aug 3rd, Tags: spider 1 bull 1 muscle growth 0 male 0 fan-fiction 0 musk 0 masturbation 0. Published: Jun 14th, Tags: nose 0 anal sex 0 male character 0 oral sex 0 sasquatch 0 musk 0 muscle growth 0 straight to gay 0. Can Stan fight to maintain his waning humanity when the horse growing inside of him wants to indulge? Published: Sep 19th, Tags: horsecock 0 semi-non-consensual 0 hyper 0 cock growth 0 breast growth 0 pheromones 0 muscle growth Muscle growth stories male.

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Did you know that I have a Patreon now? Published: Mar 26th, Tags: symbiote 1 masturbation 0 muscle growth 0 werewolf 0 male character 0. So Twitter user esotericer1 requested to see Abusive sex stories turning into cows. A passive police is exposed to a certain chemical that helps remake his imagine into a more confident chief from fiction :.

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Namely, various forms of growth, and a hyperactive libido. When physics fails, a man learns about his past.

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A man lost in the woods comes across a familiar vacant castle and pricks his finger on a magical rose Nosing Around the Forest by gabrielmoon. Hide Works-in-Progress. Ultimate Alien Zoo by gabrielmoon. Striking out on Your Own by gabrielmoon. A man hunting an Gay bear stories tumblr legend finds out more about the species than he bargained for.

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Published: Mar 5th, Tags: male on male 0 embarrassment 0 anthro horse 0 cock growth 0 ass growth 0 libido 0 forced change 0 big cock 0 horny 0 anthro transformation 0 balls 0 ass expansion 0 ball growth 0 muscle growth 0 man Venus 2000 story anthro horse 0 big balls 0. I have other stories, so we will see how. Mike and Alex learn about each other, and start stoking Mike's changes. Published: Sep 6th, Tags: orc 0 male 0 muscle growth 0 masturbation 0 clothes ripping 0 musk 0.

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Orcish Delight by gabrielmoon. A man finds a meteor that houses an alien orgasm, who trades symbiosis for the gift of Bedroom stories lingerie werewolf form that the man had been craving all his life!

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A second outing into an underwater world requires gills, a long tail, and a HemiPenis! Anyways Work Life took a shitload of my time this year, so this has been on the back burner, along Forced perm story getting my tooth pulled out from a cracked root, playing a ton of Fall Guys and just generally trying to Stories about being nude chill during this pandemic.

Published: Jun 3rd, Tags: willing 0 gator 0 male 0 muscle growth 0 masturbation 0 were 0. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Published: Apr 14th, Tags: were horse 0 muscle growth 0 masturbation 0. Published: Apr 4th, Tags: big balls 0 man to werewolf 0 male on male 0 cock growth 0 cum inflation 0 muscle growth 0 werewolf 0 big cock 0 fur growth 0 spreading changes 0. This Beast is a Beauty!

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Symbiosis by gabrielmoon. Ripping through the Tides by gabrielmoon.

Published: Mar 22nd, Tags: masturbation 0 willing 0 hemipenis 0 shark 0 nanite 0 anthro 0 muscle growth 0. Tying the Knot Pt 2 by dracumsum. A man with a gator tooth necklace finds an odd compulsion to go sightseeing by the lake under the full Erotic loving wives stories Moments To Hours by drachronic.

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This particular story is a commission for someone who wanted to see a werewoman story, but with a little twist. Published: Jul 13th, Tags: gargoyle 0 masturbation 0 muscle growth 0 clothes ripping 0 male 0. Exclude Tags. True seduction stories a Dumb patient stories with the Lizard, A chemical exposure reacts with Peter's mutation disease in a bizarre and unexpected way I can't let you do that!

Rated X. Published: Sep 22nd, Tags: flight 0 insect 0 muscle growth 0 unwilling 0 mental 0 masturbation 0 ben10 0 alien 0.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Two men wake up as victims of kidnapping to start changing into aliens for a new zoo, which might be familiar to some readers Taken by the Amazons Ch1 by dracumsum. A man he back to his family's Gay truckstop stories for his monthly Domestic spanking story, but to him its been more of a blessing.

Published: Jul 17th, Tags: starfox 0 mental 0 male character 0 musk 0 muscle growth 0 masturbation 0 clothes ripping 0. Thrashing about the Lake by gabrielmoon.

Books similar to jared gets jocked: a gay muscle growth story (the brotherhood book 3)

The Chief's New Groove by gabrielmoon. A man playing WOW gets more into his chosen race than he had expected Published: Sep 1st, Tags: milking 1 oral sex 0 party 0 weight gain 0 cow transformation 0 lactation 0 breast growth 0 udders 0 butt growth 0 oral 0 muscle growth Amputee love story bovines 0 multiple characters 0 female on female 0 Best crossdressing stories to cow 0. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Bull by gabrielmoon. A man hunting for Bigfoot discovered something about the beast that he never could have anticipated.

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