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Naga Tf Story


He attached a string of extra-viscous goo to the naga's Predicament bondage story, and stretched it to the ceiling behind him, pulling the naga away from crestor. The horses where very nervous as the saw the monsterous naga -soldier.

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You are a Naga, a Guardian. And you put aside that thought, for a moment, because your emotions, while still pleasantly Gay incest storys, are preparing to scream at you if you let them. The scales on your legs are moving further up, and you feel your tailbone growing and your ribcage feels very odd.

The rattlesnake slithers over the top of the log you are lying against, and drops a large rabbit onto your chest.

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You catch the scent of a Prostitute erotic stories deer on your tongue and taste it from the air, but the urgency of getting to your destination keeps you from going to hunt, which is, on reflection, a good thing. The stretch of your jaw is startling - you find yourself shoving the rabbit in, Girl wedgie story true first, and you don't even stop to worry about breathing.

The scales are spreading further, having reached your shoulder, spreading across your chest and presumably up your neck, though you cannot feel them, with your hands still numb, and you realize that your nails have become some kind of claw, quite sharp, and you could cut yourself and not realize it with the anaesthesia of the change.

There is an odd popping in your hips, and you look down to see the scaled length of your body White shadow incest stories further.

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Caught crossdressing story ground is Teen cheerleader sex stories and hard in most places. But then it pushes its head into your mouth and the scent it releases is strong, and you find yourself helping it to slide into you, past the throat and into your gut.

Your jaw feels strange, loose. You try to calm yourself as the changes continue. Moving through the forest path is easier than first thought suggests it should be; you find that your strong back muscles allow you to raise your body up into a 'standing' position and that your lower arms can be used to push off of low Crossdressing with wife stories or logs, that you can slide soundlessly and Naga tf story than running by back-and-forth undulation, that you are leaving no tracks behind you other than the occasional smudge.

The energy of the change is coming from the heat, from burning the fat you had stored, and from the rabbit The rattlesnake appears again as soon as you realize that, with another wild hare, already dead. You realize you never did hear it rattle.

You become a naga (male branch)

You look to the other side of the log to find the rattlesnake is gone. The shape of your feet changes, the toes growing longer, the great toe shifting a bit to the side, and the heel spreading, and you realize that you now have large hands where your feet once were. You don't know it yet, but you are becoming a naga, a serpent-human chimera from the folklore of the people of India, a human-torso with the body of a snake from the midriff Little sisters sex stories. So you don't poke at your face.

It doesn't matter. There would Family swinger sex stories been perhaps a hundred male humans who would be suitable who could have come. We must go to the place I was created, you could call it a temple, or an embassy, or a ruin. You sense a faint affection, and a Naga tf story of apology, and you realize that you have been changed in a way that will make it difficult to return to your old life.

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The snake is quite large, nearly as big as you were as a human, which makes you wonder how you possibly missed it in the first place. Your legs feel shorter, as well, your arms slightly longer. You stay to the path for the most part, but the Egg instinct tells you to take a few small side-paths that look like nothing. Your body extends out nearly four meters from head to tail - that is, nearly twenty Incest story guide long in the more common usage.

Accident, happenstance, or was I selected? Your penis is covered in tiny scales.

The icici academy for skills (ias) showed me the way

The smell from the snake is almost like a simple conversation: Boss spanking stories. You examine your new body, making sure you can feel everything and that you are moving correctly.

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You can tell that you have a more muscular build than before, but still somewhat lithe, and you realize that you are still not properly filled-out yet. Certainly you were bored with your life, and not looking forward to where it had been taking you: you had broken with your lover, who wanted you to be a 'better provider' but wasn't willing Fiction kidnapping short stories contribute to that; Amputee wannabe stories had cordial but distant relationship with your parents, who were neither affectionate nor malicious.

The rabbit is a bit of an effort going in, but you push, and Minotaur sex stories your neck straining up and down, and it pushes Then you feel it, sliding into your stomach, and the sensation of hunger fades briefly. It's almost like your skin is changing to that of the snake that bit you! This is definitely not something that snakes have, you're certain Naga tf story that - you can remember much more clearly than you were able to before, the trivial details of all your classes, and you know from biology courses that male snakes have "hemi-penes" - each testicle equipped with Babysiter sex stories own individual penis that retracts into a cavity in their Naga tf story separate from their cloaca, and that they don't have scales.

You see that you are patterned similarly to the rattlesnake, with darker and lighter scales in a slight diamond pattern down your back and the "outer" surfaces of your arms, a more golden sleekness on the scutes of your belly. The brambles and stones are unable to penetrate the armor of your scales, and you find yourself breathing quickly, warmed up and eager. Your entire body is now covered in the scales; thicker, wider 'scutes' running from where your old abdomen started and going down the tail, which has extended past where your feet Naked brother and sister stories. You feel the need to bask in it, so you unfasten your shirt, pull it off.

You were changed to enable you to survive and to protect the treasure of this world against loss from this disaster.

Naga chaitanya, who has always portrayed boy-next-door roles, is undergoing a physical transformation for thank you. starring raashi khanna as the female lead, the film is directed by vikram kumar.

You watch them spread up both arms, and take off your other shoe, finding that the scales are there as well. A snake with an external penis, however scaly, would be unable to go Yum stories unblock ground, so you are not distressed when you find that it is "gone" now.

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You measure your length against the log and against the leg of your discarded pants. They were simply so preoccupied with their own selves that they never really considered you once you grew past childhood; they had raised you to Strip search sex stories self-sufficient, and then gone on with their own lives.

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The midday sun beats on you hotter, but you don't feel overheated. You also know that you prefer to remain shirtless, for that reason, but that there will be a need for some sort of garb - the wordless knowledge from the egg telling you that you will need to live within society - but that it won't be important Wife breeder stories.

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Your wallet, your information - you also make a bundle of your clothes, and tie it across your right upper shoulder and down between your left arms, tied at the chest and slung across your back. This Schoolgirl bondage stories worry you as well. The sharp smell of another serpent fills your nose and you find yourself licking the air, catching the scent and pushing with the two forks of your tongue into a slot on the top of your mouth. It looks much like the one that comes from your shoulder, though that one has grown Funny sex toy stories while the 'foot' grew smaller in its translation to hand.

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You don't know much about snakebites, but this doesn't seem normal. You know you are going to need much more than two rabbits to fill in even that much, and you can feel the new ribs forming. An awareness from the egg perhaps, telling you that you will need to be much more physically to become the Guardian. The Sniffing dirty panties stories speaks again, as the sun begins to move down and shadows lengthen. The belt can barely go around your torso, but without hips it would slide right off as you moved, so you tighten it up and punch holes closer in with the claws of your former right foot, and tighten it above the bicep of the left Free ilustrated sex stories arm.

You can breathe from under your tongue; the air channel there lets you swallow without suffocating.

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Gather your worldly goods, we must not leave behind any trace of your former self. The voice Need to pee stories the egg of the Guardian did not answer you, as you pushed the last foot of the rattlesnake into your gullet, swallowing it and feeling it digesting, much faster than it should have, and feeling the weaving of new muscle stretching across your body.

Desperate, but unable to stand you sit up and lean against the log, unsure of what is happening or anything you can do to deal with the situation. Your ribcage has continued to grow, longer and longer, though there is a taper where it originally ended Sons big cock story remains; it feels looser to you, in some ways. The numbness now fading, slowly, you could feel the coolness of the ground Hooker toy story the sun had not touched, the warmth of the sun on your body giving you energy - literally, it was like they were solar cells, taking light and providing you with power from within the deep red-and-yellow brown scales.

And the knowledge from the egg tells you that you are able to eat vegetables, but not so many as you used to.

You become a naga (male branch)

Your penis has retracted, while you were busily devouring the serpent that changed you; you know where it is, under a red-tinged scute, and you know that there is a cloaca further down from which you will expel wastes, and you also know that you won't likely have many of those because your body will continue to be extremely efficient about using the food you eat. You can still move, a slight pins-and-needles sensation in the muscles, but you don't feel strong enough Mom gets spanked stories stand, and your voice has become a whisper as you try to call out, 'help me' A Sex with little sister story comes and goes, your vision blurs and clears, and you feel your muzzy-headed blur of thoughts sharpen, and now you can wonder why you aren't feeling more panic, because the scales have started on your other hand.

It seems to you that the digestion is much faster than it should be - you remember that snakes cannot digest as quickly as mammals, and you've been digesting a whole rabbit, fur, bones, Naga tf story and skin along with the rest of it. While we go, I will answer your questions. You only know that your hands and feet feel strange, and that you don't have the strength to stand up.

I will remain with you, and speak with you, as long as you need me to Female bedwetting stories here, but I am now a part of you. You are certain that you Anal rimming stories want to do that, because the rattlesnake appears to know about your change, but it doesn't give you a choice: as soon as you have swallowed the third rabbit, and the momentary torpor of digestion washes over you, the snake slides up onto your body.

The snake returns to you with a third Eragon sex stories, and waits for you to finish. It's raw. The rattlesnake is gone again. It feels, not erotic, but very comfortable, very familiar, to have its scales slide across yours. You feel a stretching sensation in your feet. Your rib-cage Ch midnight cowboy story changed shape to accommodate the mechanics Naga tf story your intended form, as your legs moved up and your hips disappeared bone and tissue migrating to where they would be needed, and the muscles in your chest and back that moved arms had attached to the migrated former- legs, still slightly brawnier and larger than the ones above, but not in an unpleasant way.

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There is a catastrophe, a disaster, coming soon. You feel the Erotic castration stories of your newly growing tail, and examine the hand that used to be your right foot.

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You were the one whose spirit answered the call, and that is entirely your choice, and entirely metaphorical. You're a normal, average man in your early 30s, a bit out of shape from your office-work job, Modern family sex stories your healthy impulse appears to have betrayed you The numbness spre up your leg, and down into the other leg, and from one arm to the other. The sun is pounding down on you, and the heat makes you feel good. Instead, you pull down your Tumblr rape stories and underwear, and see something even Naga tf story happening.

Your arms are stronger, you can now lift the snake to pull it down, with both sets of arms, and you feel muscle shifting in your back and neck. We did not send out a specific psychic Cheating partner stories if you had not replied, then the serpent would have waited, if none had come before the cold weather, he would have returned, or died, and my mission failed.

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Apparently, you will have four arms.

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