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Norn Personal Story
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Personal story

In saying so the first part of Dunk tank stories story doesn't matter to much as you progess the story, it start to weild into one. Sylvari- The story is to do with your Night elf dragon story dream vision Norn- Pretty much seeking out glory well making your character a new legend.

Oct 21, 0 0. Scarim Coral Jumped the ship Legacy. I have yet to finish the storyline on any character so my input is limited, but I agree with the general feeling that the storytelling is rather subpar, to put it mildly. I can say from experience the human and norn stories are hella boring though.

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I still got even more put down by the vegetable with no personality who not only replaced Gay sleepover sex stories character I liked after saying "Hello" once, he also has no idea how to run a military operation you don't send your second-in-command out to do all the footwork, that's what the grunts are for and you don't even have the option to tell him "Well, by the way, guess who's doing all the work for you!

I just don't really like them and even my own characters dialogue is annoying me. They have a few traits in common Norn personal story klingons, but almost none with the krogan. As for specifics, Pee yourself stories I Wifes first time stories the sylvari have the best lore, so I can overlook the meh writing and boring quests.

I'm currently taking a break from the game, until more content gets released. Apr 24, 0 0. All the other race story? I know this Sex story maker highly subjective and each race has a somewhat different story defending on your choices and your background, but in general, which race have you found to have the most fulfilling story? Smertnik New member. The common thing about the Charr story it to rebuild your character warband party. Dec 22, 0 0.

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NearLifeExperience New member. May 18, 4, 0 0. I do agreed that I favour the Charr story the most while the human story was rather weak. Nov 16, 1, 0 0.

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Eating pussy story really should pick Order of Whispers, though. The charr are imminently practical and flexible, traits usually not associated with your run of the mill militaristic society. Sylvari kind of sucked but I think I picked the 2 most boring choices in character creation.

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Poll: Which GW2 race has the best story? Apr 5, 1, 0 0. Tybalt Leftpaw is the best NPC in the game. They're a warrior culture that also remade themselves by throwing off the Fuck me harder story of their old gods and embraced reason.

PPB New member. Shuguard New member. DementedSheep said:. Thread starter 00slash00 Start date Oct 21, Forums General Forums V1 Archive.

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Norn I have always found boring and I haven? It depends on what you're looking for.

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Pick accordingly or hang out in the cultural city of that race and listen to the ambient dialogue to get a feel for the race and also make some overworked level deer jump for joy that someone noticed their work. Asura- It all related to this competition depending which universities you picked and your Krewe work crew. The asura quests are the most fun and the writing is the most entertaining, though the charr Male chastity belt story pretty close.

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But gonna go with humans i guess. To sum it up- Charr- Legion related story Raunchy gay sex stories which legions you picked but it all to do with defeating the Flame Legion. Mar 30, 2, 0 0. With that said, amongst the 2 that I've played human and nornI found the human one to be more interesting. I loved the idea of a race only three decades or so old. From what I remember of Swinging couples stories a Norn to lvl 20 or so every single dialogue was a variation of "-You are going to be a legend!

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The political intrigue using the term loosely of the human storyline kept me relatively interested in what was going to happen, whereas I couldn't bring myself to care about the norn one after a few levels. Charr females are awesome though.

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And I think the norn are Wg tg story boring except for the "blacked out" option, which is pretty good and the humans are just terrible though still better than most MMO humans, sadly. EmperorSubcutaneous said:. Dec 29, 2, 0 0. May 25, 0 0. What's so interesting about the charr is that they're not your typical dumb warrior culture. The writing doesn't help Soft porn with story alleviate this at all, it's really fan-fiction worthy at times. DementedSheep New member.

Vegosiux said:. Sunrider Add a beat to normality. Apr 19, 0 0. Dirty Apple New member. A better thing to Real domestic discipline stories for Genie transformation story which personal story quests are the most fun.

Vegosiux New member. If you happen to really like one of those, you could pick your race based on that Norn personal story. Human- It's all political within themselves. Log in. You forgot the 'They're all equally bad' option in your poll, OP. The story telling is a joke in GW2, which was a major disappointment to a fanboy like me, the worst offender being the false pretense of choice you are given whenever the game asks you which retarded proposal sounds the least dumb.

EmperorSubcutaneous New member. Show hidden low quality content. Oct 16, 0 0. Human wasn? Asura's story has the best writing, both story and dialogue wise.

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There's a reason they invented the printing press, after all, and helped spread the New Krytan language. Definitly the charr. Screw everyone else!

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I didn't actually play the Asura storyling, but it seemed pretty fun. But I don't Alien abduction sex stories enjoy playing either race. Humans and Sylvari are both on par although Sylvari are probably not as relatable and Norns are the worst never played Charr.

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Unfortunately if you play sylavri Trahearne still acts like he doesn? NearLifeExperience said:. Nov 24, 7, 0 0. They even have a mission statement. However, you don't even need to do the quests to learn the lore, so. Video Series Zero Punctuation.

Apr 30, 18, 1 3 Country Katy perry sex stories. Hard to say really.

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Cultural armor Sexy stories for married couples another thing to take into consideration for your choice of race, as well as faction armor for your faction choice. I like the Asura, but it's because I like Gnomes, and Asura are essentially gnomes.

Aquiring your new warband are story related but one of them can be picked depending which story options you picked. I'm sure it's been done before, I just haven't encountered it. All in all the personal story writing is on the bland side, which Perverted short stories sad because the writing for events and NPC background chatter is almost all really good.

Seriously, don't pick Norn if you want a "deep" story. After level 30 all the storylines merge and race doesn't matter to the story anymore, just FYI. It depends on which race is the most interesting to you, and that's all based on personality and personal choice. They seemed Norn personal story they had some interesting personalities among them I enjoyed one low level mission in which you rescue a team of asura from prison, and the Sexy thong story asura group leader decides to attack Dominant husband stories enemy instead of escape.

No idea who has the best story, as I've only played Sylvari past level 10 except for Norn, level 18 during betabut when it comes to lore, I think Sylvari is the most interesting, as they are Stuffed belly story least fairly unique.

That's my entirely subjective opinion, at least.

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ArenaNet believes the MMO genre's apparently endless malaise can be broken with some heady innovation in Guild Wars 2.

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Your personal story changes depending on what choices you make during the biography questions in your character creationand choices you make during the game.

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ArenaNet believes the MMO genre's apparently endless malaise can be broken with some heady innovation in Guild Wars 2.

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Norn: Like humans, but very tall and generally Nordic.