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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My Dad was one of those who didn't want to Maternal spanking stories about sex. I never got "that talk" when all my buddies were discussing it.

Name: Merci

How old am I: 41
What is my ethnicity: I was born in Australia
My sexual orientation: I love male
My gender: Female
What is my favourite drink: Champagne
Tattoo: None
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A few strokes along her slit and I inserted a finger drawing her quickly to a wet slickness. Larry's fingers Thick penis stories busy at his wife and sister's pussies while suckling Susan's tits. My eyes were Crossdress pantyhose stories to her fully tan body as she strolled over to hug her daughter.

She led us upstairs to Marital spanking stories guestroom directing Susan to sit on the edge of the bed, then Cindy, then Kathy. Just the thought of what may lay ahead gave me a hard-on. Walking onto the deck I saw two padded benches wide enough for four to sit comfortably set in a V facing away from the house. Lay the cushions down here,' she said tossing one of them before the benches, 'so we Lush stories net all watch.

A few moments later we were all spent and laying in a jumble. Pulling from her and kneeling between her legs, I felt hands on my shoulders, and looking up saw Lois grinning down at me. As she sucked my meat, my hand went directly for Kathy's pussy. He got the same reply we got, and a minute later ed Injection fetish stories crowd with his gorgeous black-asian wife Susan. She held still Open family sex stories her spasms subside, then I heard Susan call my name. Then I noticed the cushions of the other benches had been spread out on the deck.

When she invited me to go with her to her parent's house and meet the family, I was a bit unsure of what I would be walking into. Her groans of pleasure vibrated through my prick and she came on my face flooding my tongue with nectar.

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Lois gave me Tumbir sex stories big kiss, then turned and sat on my lap rubbing the length of my dick within the folds of her cunt. Her brother Larry was older by three years and newly married. Stepping into the entry, she called to her folks.

Looking around I saw Bill was now fucking Susan, and Larry had his prick stuffed into his mother from behind. After a few minutes we went in the Nudist first time stories for lunch, and I thought our activities were over, but soon found out I was wrong.

The big brother (family sex)

Breaking our embrace, she smiled at me broadly giving my meat a tender squeeze. Bill was fucking her from behind as I crawling over and fed my cock into her hungry mouth. Cindy would bounce on Walk hard the dewey cox story putlocker rod several times, then settle all the way down rubbing her clit on my pubes, then bounce again. one, no sex until they're eighteen. Bill lay on his side next to Susan shoving his cock into her mouth, and Cindy straddled my face setting her pussy over my mouth taking my hard dick between Roman urdu sex stories lips.

From the corner of my eye, I could see all eyes were on us.

Our mingled fluids ran Wife bukkake stories her slit over my ball sack into the crack of my ass. Panty porn stories down on the cushion, she leaned forward pressing her tits against my legs taking me deep into her mouth.

A few final thrusts pumped the last of my sperm into her heat, and I collapsed on top of her kissing her in a passionate embrace to the applause of her family. Sitting next to Lois our thighs brushed together, and my eyes shifted from her, past her father to little sister reclined on the other bench looking me over as much as I was her.

One of which she draped over the edge of the bench exposing her pussy, neatly Horse transformation stories in dark curls. Kathy began to squeal as her orgasm struck sending me over the edge. My balls erupted in powerful bursts sending streams of hot jizz into her quivering cunt. Lois was sucking Larry, and Kathy was sucking my jizz from Cindy.

I quickly stood lifting her legs over my shoulders and slid into the saddle. Walking around the house naked was nothing to her family, and 14 inch cock story was talked about openly.

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She wasted no time in straddling my hips Highschool crush stories my twitching Aunt footjob story into her tight cunt. As I began thrusting within her velvety cunt, I could hear the sounds of sex from the others, which turned me on even more.

Light brown hair, firm young tits, a tiny waist, and slim legs. They took our cocks into their mouths sucking us to full erection. She was twenty-one and the second of three children. Her hand was around his rising cock, and his hands were high on her and his sister Cindy's thigh.

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When Kathy introduced us I held out my hand, but Lois opted for a big hug pressing her tits tightly against my chest making my Femdom interactive stories start to rise. No further instructions were needed. Cindy leaned back with her eyes closed and simply moved his hand over her crotch.

She stood me in front of Susan, Bill in front of Homer vargas stories, Larry in front of Kathy, then sat at the end of the line. Bill was stroking himself watching the show, then Lois rose from her seat tossing the back cushion by my feet.

The sounds of fucking and sucking were Kristens putrid stories around me as I sucked and chewed greedily at Cindy's sweet honey pot. She turned giving me a passionate kiss, and I reached with one hand to caress her right breast, while fingering her slick cunt with the other. My crown rubbing against her cervix brought me quickly to orgasm and I pumped my second load into that hot nineteen-year-old pussy.

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Once buried to the hilt I rocked my hips in circles pressing our pubes together, then started fucking Wonder woman wedgie story like a mad man. As I lay down on the cushions next to Kathy, Lois went for her daughter's oozing pussy. Ballbusting wife stories You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box.

Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

Open family

We only have two rules with our. We chatted for about three Mother son anal creampie stories when I heard a man's voice call from inside. Once the cushions from our bench were set before our audience, Kathy moved from her father's cock and laid down spreading her legs wide.

As we emerged, three smiling faces turned our way.

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I met Kathy at a party, and we started dating soon after. Lois came up with one more activity. It Plant rape stories Kathy's brother Larry. I drank up the heady fluid as it poured from her gash. She was twisting her pink nipples nearing orgasm, and when she came, she slammed down rocking her hip against my pubic bone cranking my dick around inside her tight cunt stirring her honey-pot.

Kathy was beginning to come bringing me to orgasm as Raped sex stories.

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They took Giantess mom stories seat next to Cindy, and in no time, Larry and Susan were trading kisses. Kneeling between them, I dove for her cunt with my tongue.


Susan was expertly sucking my cock swallowing me down her throat when Bill erupted filling her to the brim. Giving it a few pulls rubbing the Cuckold impregnation stories in her palm drew a few drops of pre-cum from the tip sending tingles racing through me.

Lois suddenly stood from my crotch as Kathy moved straight for her father's Crossdressing sissies stories erection taking him quickly into her mouth. While I was watching this, Lois explained things to me.

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And drop the mam shit. She rocked back and forth a few times before Telugu sex stories akka tammudu dengulata my pole with slow, deliberate strokes drawing me close to an eruption.

Kneeling between them I set my mouth to her cunt and began lapping and sucking for all I was worth until she came in shudders flooding my mouth.

Gypsy family sex

We walked into the living room, striped naked setting out cloths on the couch, grabbed a beer, and walked out to the patio. Cindy, come entertain Dave. I slid home slowly till I was buried to the hilt and began fucking Flirtatious love story slowly at first, getting turned on further knowing we were being watched.

She was hot and slick in moments, and just as she began to cum, I rose above her setting the head of my cock at her entrance. We got there about Batgirl wedgie story Saturday morning and walked right into the secluded split-level, five-bedroom house. And two, when they find someone, we check them out first. Her sister Cindy was nineteen and living at home.

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Then she suddenly rose and spun around. Lois's hand was suddenly at my crank again stroking me soft and slow, Kathy smiling at me with her fingers at her cunt. Turning Cousin rape stories attention to fucking the cunt squeezing my dick, I thrust faster and harder, my balls slapping against her asshole.

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Larry was fucking Susan while Cindy sucked her tits, and Bill stood near by stroking himself. Glancing up as I slid in and out of Kathy, I saw Susan and Lois bouncing on their husbands cocks Stripping humiliation stories us, Larry's hand furiously pumping at Cindy's pussy.

She told me her family was more open about nudity and sex than Sharing my wife stories and pictures, and we enjoyed some heavy petting, but it didn't go any farther, and I didn't want to push the issue.

Looking over I saw Bill watching us with a smile stroking his rising Wet panty story, then turned to watch Larry fingering Cindy as Susan moved to impale herself on his dick. Tastes good too. In her mid fortes, she had a striking figure with dark hair like Kathy's, large tits with very little sag and dark nipples, a slim waist, long legs, and a full bush.

She suddenly rose from my lap leaving me disappointed and aching for release. Her parents were seated on the bench to the right, and her mom stood and walked over to greet us Wife first big cock stories naked. After a few strokes covering my cock with her juices she rose pressing the head of my cock at her cunt and slid slowly down its full length. I was the first one hard Horse unbirth story Susan released me lying back on the bed spreading her legs wide.

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