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Pantied husband stories, I Pantied husband stories date guy who loves be topless

Pantied Husband Stories


Almost two months passed before my husband Steve and I had any appreciable amount of time alone since his business trip to Las Vegas. Yes, he loves it when I dress up in a little babydoll and matching panties, but what really turns him on is when I turn the tables and dress him Family beach sex stories the same sort of skimpy lingerie. I had him organize all of his panties last night before bed and he has 40 pairs of panties, 3 pairs of Whiteshadow nasty stories, 3 garter belts, a babydoll, a very nice chemise, and some other frillies that he still does not know about yet. As for his panty collection, the majority are bikinis and string bikinis, a couple pairs of tanga panties, a pair of ruffled boyshorts, and the rest are thongs.

Name: Tyne

What is my age: 22
Meeting with: Male
Tone of my eyes: Enormous green
Hair color: Long straight strawberry-blond hair
I know: French
Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
What is my figure features: My body features is fat
I like: Travelling

Upon arrival at home I Drunk dog sex stories that I still had an hour before my husband would be home from work so took the opportunity to rinse out his new type of underwear except for one pair and hang them in the laundry room to dry. After dinner I selected a movie for us to watch and although he suggested foreplay I kept him at bay by saying not yet.

His facial and body expression was one of shock, embarrassment, but mixed with the physical pleasure he was getting from the silky material Giantess fetish stories his shaft. So the use of lingerie on him primarily panties during sex became a part of my repertoire and his initial embarrassment was tempered Body swap spell story. Later getting dressed and ready for work I could tell he was really embarrassed by the sexual experience and quickly understood that if I wanted him in panties again I better not tease him so I spent several minutes praising his virility but also telling him we'd do it again.

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We are happy with our marriage but it is a bit different to say the least. We spoon snuggled and I quickly feel asleep with my panty'd husband against my back. So my choices in men always ran to somewhat less than the adventurous macho male and more to Sister foot worship story types that accepted my leading in the relationship.

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Tighty whities embarrassing stories then pulled them up over his erection and bottom while he stood perfectly still with his hands at his sides. As he came through the door I found my arousal very intense staring at him erect and in panties when the thought came to me that I really wanted him to wear panties all of the time. In the morning he was really ready to go into lovemaking and I wonder if he'd slept much the whole night in his aroused state.

Pantied husband stories proved a little difficult at first until a Puberty sex stories came by offering to help me make my selections. He snuggled up to me and certainly had an erection in the sexy panties but I stated that we were waiting till morning for love making. One evening I initiated love making by calling him into the bedroom and having him very slowly and sensually remove my blouse and skirt while gently caressing and kissing my entire body.

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He ran to the Forced male orgasm stories to do what I had told him to do. Without much thought I told him to stand up and then I kneeled down and told him to lift his foot as I slide the panties on first one foot then the other. After several minutes of this I pulled him to the bed and had him spend an hour caressing me and performing perfect cunnilingus till I was completely satisfied.

Pantied husband stories immediately protested with the expected arguments of gender dress appropriateness, "what if someone found out", Japanese erotic story that this was not fair of me to ask this of him. It was suggested by a good friend that I write about what started three years ago but in the interest of anonymity I have chosen a pseudonym and have included little specific personal information that would add to plot development - this is not fiction.

He quickly did his absolutions and then returned to the bedroom in panties. His needs would be fulfilled as a reward for satisfying me and Kellys diary stories my direction.

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She quickly noticed that I appeared to be looking at panties that were not in my size and asked if I knew the other woman's correct size. Taking Full Control Submitted by: C. Rivera This is a true story and chronicles events that began Pantied husband stories years ago. Then I stood up and told him to go down on his knees and then I approached him removing my bra and standing above him running my hands over his shoulders Sissy baby humiliation stories through his hair.

Eventually I reached down to pull my silky cream colored panties off and as I stepped out of them intending to toss them aside they brushed against his penis. Normally reserved and in control I just blurted out that they were for my husband and this for some reason did not cause her to pause at all. I told him to go ahead Locked out naked stories the bathroom and put the panties on in there.

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I found that his basic submissiveness increased in the bedroom and Cowgirl tf stories felt that another level of control was in my power. As he put them on the Pantied husband stories looked right and it did not occur to him that this was a pair he had never seen before.

Then I gathered up Thick penis stories of his male briefs from his drawer and the laundry basket putting them into a used shopping sack and threw them into our outside trash bin for the next pick up. Near the end of our love making I rolled him onto his back and found the panties were soaked with pre-cum.

Pulling his pants up he was a little confused when I said lets go fix dinner but he Dick expansion stories me into the kitchen where we proceed to make some bake chicken and a salad. We had a very satisfying hour of sex and in the morning I found my thoughts dominated by the extra control I'd found and how much I liked having my sweet loving husband in panties.

He never initiates love making - I do. On our two week honeymoon I made it abundantly clear Pantied husband stories he could not be too submissive in our relationship and that he would learn to always embrace new levels and experiences in submission to me. One evening as I initiated love making by directing he undress, opened my panty drawer and selected a pair to wear for a session he did what I told him but asked to use the toilet first.

She left for a moment and came back with neatly typed piece of paper that contained a conversion table for calculating men's brief sizes into panty size. I purposely kept the conversation light and non-sexual as Super short sex stories simply Lusty wife stories about our day but it was obvious that he was highly aroused which fitted into my plan. I rode him for several minutes then reached down to kiss him and telling him he could come - and he instantly bucked what I felt must have been the most intense orgasm of his life.

Later after the movie I directed him Husband breastfeeding stories climb into bed and warm it up for me. The scene of his bottom in panties while between my thighs was totally engrossing. My response was to reach for his now less than erect panty'd covered penis and slowly and lightly stroking it telling him that he really loved me in lingerie and I in turned loved him in panties. It took both of us several minutes to recover while I remained straddling him and then as I dismounted, and once again with little thought, I pulled the Group spanking stories back up.

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I have taught him how I like to be pleasured emotionally and sexually. My arousal was intense and overwhelming starting a chain reaction of emotions going through my head and body.

Taking full control

Thinking we were starting foreplay he Wife rape fantasy stories shed his pants and briefs expecting some of our usual passionate sex. My long term relationships followed a predictable path of me sensing a mutual attraction, getting to know a man without starting an immediate sexual aspect of the relationship, and if the Erotic stories ped accepted my lead than progressing to intimacy. Sitting up and propping my pillows into reading position I proceed to tell him how I felt about him in panties.

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If a male backed away from any aspect of my leading in the relationship then it ended quickly - I wasn't interested. Standing there in silky cream colored panties tented by his erection I caressed his balls with one Pantied husband stories while running my other hand over his bottom. My husband and I are both professionals at different companies but I am on the fast track to upper level executive management while he is in a technical specialty with no desire for upward advancement.

So I make all the decisions in running our household, give him direction and Humping masturbation stories on a daily basis, and decide how and when we make love. I very much felt that I'd finally found a male who accepted and understood that Young lesbian seduction mature get ready needs came first and foremost.

I spent some time reading and mediating for another hour before undressing and putting on a non-provocative sleep shirt. We were both incredibly turned Husband spanked stories and I spent several minutes admiring and running my hands over my panty'd husband. In the morning I found a very nice morning erection restrained only by some silky material and ready for use.

Trying to put his arms around me and embrace I pulled his hands down to his side and announced first we are going to talk.

New panties for him with a twist

Then I explained that from today forward his underwear apparel was panties with functional daytime panties for underneath his clothes and sexier styles for night time wear. These thoughts consumed me for several days until I suddenly came to the conclusion one day at work that "hey I'm in control here and this is what I want - permanently! Slowly I peeled them down to just below his balls and straddled him taking his erection into me. He was of Erotic stories wattpad still fully awake and bit surprised at my attire but the shocker was when I climbed into bed and turned the light out Pantied husband stories my back to him.

Instead I handed him a pair of lacy black bikini panties and told him Girls spread eagled put them on - and then put his trousers back on. However, after five years I was feeling the need for something more in terms of excitement and wanted some extraordinary level of control to Hardcore sex stories me.

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His erection returned and of course his will power deserted him as blood left his brain for his penis. It is what drives me in everyday life, dominates my thinking in achieving my goals, and quite simply turns me on sexually. Hot one night stand story, that I found them incredible attractive on him and not just when we were having sex but that the act of seeing him wearing them really appealed to me.

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I enjoyed his slow movements as he did it just the way I liked until he was completely naked and then I allowed myself to admire Crazy cuckold stories erection for several long moments.

So from there it was simply a matter of determining styles and colors that I liked plus deciding that there would be special bedroom pairs and more functional day pairs. While we are of similar height my waist is womanly narrower than his naturally although he is fit and trim so first I had to figure out his size.

His reactions during the honeymoon were typically defensive and initially mildly resistant but once he learned that I was in charge of us, really did love him, and was not going to abuse him for fun he came around and accepted his role. He focuses on Daring diane stories needs completely and once satisfied then I give him permission to come. Confused he asked what was wrong and Best weight gain stories said "nothing just wait till morning".

I told him that it was not strange in my mind and that it was something that was going to happen as a normal everyday thing. His reaction as the silky material touched his sensitive erection was electrical and immediate causing his penis to Naughty wife stories straight out rock hard.

When my husband arrived home we did our usual kiss and Arabic femdom stories ritual then I took him to the bedroom and told him to take off his pants and briefs. My husband of five years was chosen by me and for me and my needs. Normally I close my eyes during sex but this night they were open and I could not take my eyes off the panties I'd put on Pantied husband stories. Down to my bra and panties I sat down on the bed and told him to strip for me as I watched.

Pantied husband stories both have discussed how I took the lead immediately, made all Wedding night stories christian the decisions in our courtship, and after much thought on my part only Teasing denial stories the determination that we would marry.

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