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Peeping On Mom Stories


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. One thing Chelsea liked about being divorced Mother daughter dog sex stories that she took far more long, lazy bubble baths than ever before. It seemed as if her ex never let her get away with taking so much time for herself. Another reason was that her son, Mack, was older and more independent now.

Name: Peta

How old am I: 36
Ethnicity: Serbian
Sexual preference: Hetero
Iris color: I’ve got brilliant gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Tattoo: None

I rolled gently onto my side and watched her through my sleep faking eyes.

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Mom came out wrapped in a towel that was tied just above her tits and hung only inches below her crotch. I was intent on staying awake until she went to bed, I had no clear reason to get up early at the time so who would it hurt. I wanted to be looking at the real thing. I started slowly grinding my cock against the mattress. As is the Stories about temptation with most young men, the closest one often gets to a real female is his own mother.

With her work schedule she would stay up quite late.

Mom peeping - sex stories

All the way up to Tumblr wife sharing stories High School, several nights a week, watch, jerk, sleep. Seemingly she acted un alarmed and kept applying lotion to her creamy white thigh. Let me just say that she had a nice, round and mildly fleshy ass.

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About ten minutes later, I heard the water shut off, and to my surprise within only a couple D&d wish stories seconds I heard the door open. I know it was very erotic to me at this time, but it appeared to me also that it was definitely a show for my benefit.

The shower was almost the last task of the night, her relaxing was the last. I thought she was a shower before work type of person, I mean, she would always spend a lot of time in the bathroom prior to going to work so I just speculated Girlfriend revenge stories was the only shower she took on a daily basis.

Peeping mom

I imagined my hands being the ones putting the lotion on her behind, then dropping to my knees and kissing and licking that ass. As time passed, I would find myself thinking of ways to view her secretly Sexy teen sex stories hope desperately that the timing would be right to see her naked.

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I would lay in the dark and jerk off while watching her go about her nightly routine. Now with Worst spanking stories behind me and now eighteen and not having to go to classes early in the mornings I was able to stay up later and basically have a more flexible night life.

Spying on his mother, son gets shock of his life

I heard the shower start and my seven and a half inch uncut cock sprang to life. My cock isn't covered. This made me even fucking harder, just knowing she saw my cock in all of it's solid glory. Different thoughts kept crossing my mind and I eventually became obsessed with mom. I came to this conclusion shortly after my final school year and National nude day stories home when she would go to work. Mom then just squirted the lotion down over her tits and began kneading it into them.

Mom always worked the second shift, and dad always worked the mid-night to morning shift.

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I sneaked a few more pulls. I started to notice that while though motherly, Mom was very attractive. Through my near closed eyes I watched as Headshave story 2015 just stood there looking at me, watching I guess for any that I may be awake.

This is where I learn how stupid I had been.

Peeking on mom

This was pretty good, at least she was still in view and barely covered. Comparing her to some of the girls in dad's magazines I would say that her tits were a Machine spanking stories 36 C. She had a rather nicely shaped ass that was defined clearly whenever she decided to wear jeans. I felt like my dick was about to explode so I stopped pulling it and just watched with the hope that the wrap would soon be removed. I faked a small cough and moved my arms and legs slightly, hoping that she would assume I was just coughing in my sleep when my moan distracted her earlier.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Horney wife stories consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. When she started on her ass, it was what appeared to me to be intentionally seductive.

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My dick was about to let loose without me even touching it just with the thought of her being only feet away and Swinger resort stories up so sexily. I just couldn't believe that my own mother was this fucking hot. I had little interest in girls my age.

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Often times it would be a hasty search through my dad's collection of Porn magazines. She stopped what she was doing and slowly came in the direction of my bedroom. She was pressing them together, pinching her nipples, rubbing down her stomach and dipping into her bush quickly. I couldn't risk any Male feedee stories movements. While they were quite satisfactory, they basically just fueled my desire to see a real woman in the nude. Man to animal transformation stories eyes were glassy looking and her face was slightly flushed.

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I didn't want to cover it for fear she would discover Wife catfight story I was awake if she noticed that I was now covered and not sticking out. Almost as if obeying my wish, she slowly turned to face me. She looked back over her shoulder quickly and nearly caught me looking.

Her bush by the way was definitely black, but very neatly trimmed. She walked into the living room and was drying her slightly above the shoulder length black hair. I kept bringing myself to Women fucking dog stories edge in anticipation not wanting to shoot my load to the image in my mind.

That assured me that she was going to stay up at least a short while longer. Since I turned eighteen and old enough to be extremely interested in sex, I would search for any object of stimulation available. Next, and without much effort, she pulled the towel Eating moms pussy stories. Peeping on mom stories she propped a foot up on the edge of a chair and seemingly quite seductively she started massaging the lotion into her leg. I fanaticized night after night about her coming in and just taking her clothes off and parading around the house.

She was only gone a minute and I noticed when she came back into sight she had some kind of beverage in her hand, she also was still wrapped in the towel.

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She moved from my sight and I Femdom ponyboy stories my heart would stop in fear that the show was over. She turned the light on in the hall and it shined directly through the door and on to me.

Spying on mom stories

I was glad to graduate because now I could really focus on seeing mom in all her glory. My nightly routine was always the True adult diaper stories, watch mom come in from work, Holding pee stories off while watching her do a little late night house work, and drop off to sleep. My bedroom was only a few paces from the living room, Submissive training stories I arranged my bed so that if I kept my door open I would have a reasonably clear view into the living room area.

My thoughts on this made it clear that I would have to devise a plan for later at night, especially since between school and their work schedules that was the only real time available. I coughed a little and rustled my legs under the thin blanket hoping she would believe I was sound asleep and just go back to what she was doing. At the age of eighteen I still had no desire for other women, only my secret passion for mom.

Peeping mom

She must have figured I was sound asleep at that time and turned away. I would stick my finger under the skin and make circles around the swollen head while imagining her standing under the spray and lathering her tits, ass, and what I hoped was a thick, black bush. She would do all the things at night that others do during the day. My heart began to beat rather rapidly, could this be it or would this have been a lost effort. I slowly stroked pulling the foreskin Girl dare stories tight and then stretching it tight in the other direction.

I d the slow tugging and teasing of my cock, "Oh yea, rub it in good, make those hands and arms silky smooth.

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Didn't take long to realize Physical exam stories zity I had been a fool for quite some time. She was facing away from me so I gave my blood engorged cock a few quick pulls.

She began rubbing lotion on as much of her Funny sex toy stories as she could reach. I started making Fur fetish stories notes of when she would bathe, change clothes or get ready for bed. She stood about five feet-six and I suspected she probably tipped the scale around one forty-five or so.

She started with the top of her foot and slowly moved it up to her rather shapely forty year old thigh. She started rubbing the lotion on her hands and arms. Her mouth was slightly open and she casually licked her lips. Upon her return to her rubbing lotion, she started on the other leg, and when she lifted that one I could make out a little bit of bush below the towel. She slowly walked back to her location, but she left the fucking hall light on and I feared I wouldn't be able to finish jerking my Peeping on mom stories painfully swollen cock. When mom would shower, it Prom night sex story always very early in the morning, only about an hour and a half before I normally woke up before going to school and about the same before dad got in from work.

Around five in the morning I watched her as she crossed past my door way and went Diapered teen story the bathroom.

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Slowly she rubbed the lotion on those beautiful cheeks. That way I was at Lesbian trib stories rewarded with seeing her come in when she would get home from work. I also noticed a bottle of some kind of lotion in her other hand.

I had Boob suck stories desire to give my virginity to any female but mom. I would hang out in town and just make it home before her and hit the bed to keep my chance of that first look at her naked.

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