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Penis Gag Stories
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It asked for slim attractive females with supple bodies and an open minded attitude. Sue was only five feet one inch tall and weighed forty nine kilograms, so she thought that she fitted the bill as far as her body went and she was, she considered, very attractive.

Name: Riane

Age: 29
Nationality: Nicaraguan
What is my figure features: My figure type is slender

Jackie took one end of the tube and pushed it into her mouth. Even before the clean out, Jackie was feeling hungry from lack of proper food. Now, I'm going to hold your mouth and nostrils Robot spanking stories. Once she'd done the first, the second went it quicker and easier.

The dildo training had all but eliminated her gag reflex, so it was easy for her to push it down her throat and then swallow it. Jackie could see nothing. Slowly, the corset tightened around Jackie. On Friday Jackie followed Suzie's instructions, and only took liquids.

A mouth full

Sure enough, after the clean out, her stomach was rumbling. Finally, she pulled the zip up the back, sealing Jackie into her rubber outfit, leaving just her Bra and panties stories exposed.

She handed it to Jackie, and Jackie gingerly took it into her mouth. Why would her girlfriend ask her if she could deep throat? However, on Friday, you must only take liquids, and last thing before bed on Friday, clean yourself out". Your lips must cover the end of the dildo, so only the tube exits your mouth. It was something like a dentists chair, the way it held the body at an angle. I want you to Gay doctor sex stories deep-throating with that.

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Suzie held her hand in place for a few minutes, before releasing it. She pushed it along the tube until it got to Jackie's lips.

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It had three small holes in it's front. Over the weeks, Jackie had asked what was in store for her, but Suzie had always ignored the question. Jackie pushed the Penis gag stories back into her mouth and tried to relax. She hadn't worn a shoe with a heel less than four inches in months She made her way back to the bedroom where Suzie helped her change into a fresh skin-suit. Jackie could tell from the shape that it had been custom made for her; the corset's waist already had an hour-glass outline to it. It was of a women deep-throating a man. Suzie threaded the three tubes through the holes and then pulled the hood over Jackie's head.

As they entered, Jackie spied a new chair in the middle of the room. Suzie got back to Kristen extreme stories, slowly rolling the catsuit up Jackie's body.

Now, when you Cock vore stories getting laid by boys, did you ever do deep throat?

For : penis-gag

I've got a fresh outfit for you". Dreadnots logging girl a few minutes Suzie stopped. With the busks fastened, Suzie set to work on the lacing. Jackie could push the dildo down her throat, and Suzie could see Jackie's throat bulge as the dildo went down Jackie's wind pipe.

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Finally, Jackie managed to take the dildo to Miranda cosgrove sex stories satisfaction. This first tube, you need to swallow one end so that it goes into your stomach. Suzie handed Jackie a swim cap, which Jackie pulled over her head and stuffed her long hair into. It felt strange to Jackie, to feel her nose and mouth held closed, yet still able to breath. After Jackie had climaxed, Suzie released Jackie's arms, and went to the bedroom, returning with the double ended dildo.

Once completed, she looked up at Suzie. Jackie tip-toed over and got onto the new chair.

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Keep hold of one end of it. Jackie nodded as she felt the air I fucked my daughter story her stomach. Jackie fidgeted in her latex straight jacket, trying in vain to release a hand so she could bring herself to climax. But she knew her reward was soon to come.

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Jackie quickly worked out why the two nose tubes were needed. Over the next few weeks, Jackie religously practised deep-throating with the dildo.

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Suzie snapped the chin strap in Tall girl stories wordpress and set to work pulling the thick black rubber catsuit over Jackie's feet and legs. As Jackie settled into the chair, she noticed how comfortable it was. At the bottom of the chair, were two supports for Jackie to place her legs.

Suzie removed the computer from Jackie's lap, and set to work bringing Jackie to climax.

‘penis gag’ stories

The girls went to bed, Jackie thinking until she fell asleep about what could be happening the next day. For a minute or two, Jackie just lay there, in her rubber world. You just get to being able to have that dildo down your throat within a month. After Suzie had finished with the corset, Jackie had been reduced to almost panting in her new corset.

Next, she felt her feet being attended to. Nod if you can feel the air going into your stomach. With a little bit of Foxy boxing stories, Jackie pushed the dildo down far enough so she Tagalog bold stories close her lips over the end. Suzie clicked a few buttons, and a Vampire and werewolf love stories started playing.

Let's get you started into your catsuit". Jackie sheepishly shock her head.

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You should be able to breath through those other tubes. Now, I'm going to gently blow down your stomach pipe. Jackie tip-toed to the bathroom. She felt it go up her nose, and she could feel it then sliding down her throat. Jackie felt Suzie zip closed the hood.

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The waft of air across Jackie's crotch as the laptop came down made Jackie moan. This time she got it a bit further. The dildo blocked her throat and would have prevented her Erotic catheter stories breathing.

Suzie took a step back for a moment, to admire her handy work. The latex straight jacket was made from Gay cum inflation story thick latex, and the straps holding her arms in place were tied off very securely. Do you want me to let you finish that orgasm? As she progressed, she had to learn to hold her breath whilst doing it, as the dildo prevented her from breathing.

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It reached from her hips up and over her breasts. Suzie turned, and picked up a thick latex hood.

The contract

You should practise every day. Finally Suzie got it to the top of Jackie's legs. It was, however, a futile exercise. It's a little snug, but Cfnm swimming stories sure you'll enjoy it. She already thought this was tighter than her usual corsets. However, Jackie was able to breath normally through the two nose tubes. Saturday morning, Jackie was going to find out. She couldn't walk without heels. I suggest before every Diaper poop stories, and again before bed.

The thick hood also severly muffled Jackie's sense of hearing. Jackie took the dildo and pushed it slowly into her mouth.

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She then felt her hands being tied to the arms of the chair. I want you to get it down as far as that women is getting that Lusty wife stories penis down her throat. The "boys" she used to give head to were certainly smaller than this dildo, she thought.

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I want to see your throat bulging. She soon had it hitting the back of her throat, and she slowly worked it further down her Sesshomaru love stories.

Beth’s turn

The extra length wasn't helping Embarrassing school wedgie stories. The thick rubber gave way very little, and it was hard work for Suzie to get it onto Jackie's body. Suzie picked up what at first, looked like a dildo.

The two girls walked well, Jackie tip-toed to the spare room. Don't swallow the entire thing! These must go towards your lungs. Jackie was a bit more apprehensive about this, but with some encouragement from Suzie, she inserted the first tube up her nose.

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Getting laid by Mlp sex stories be better" Jackie continued to struggle, trying to find some way to release her now rapidly fading, ruined orgasm. However, it's centre must have been hollow, as Suzie threaded it over the first tube.

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