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Pig transformation stories, Swede lady seeking guy Pig transformation stories naughties

Pig Transformation Stories


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Name: Coralie

Years old: I'm 20 years old
My Zodiac sign: Cancer
My body type: My body type is quite thin

Published: Jun 7th, Tags: gender change 0 man to dildo 0 embarrassment 0 Poppers sex stories transformation 0 mental changes 0 pig 0 humiliation 0 unwilling change 0 magical transformation 0 dog transformation 0 mtf 0 gender transformation 0 man to mouse 0 doberman 0 woman to dog 0.

The changing mirror

A woman obsessed with Circe discovers just what she is looking for. Herded by boaredman. There will be multiple chapters to come :. Hide Works-in-Progress. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Published: Mar 27th, Tags: witch 1 man to squirrel 1 permanent 0 sow 0 first person 0 Panties masturbation stories transformation 0 unwilling change 0 man to moose 0 gender transformation 0 mtf 0 pig 0 magical transformation 0.

Several contractors, at the end of a job, are met by demons in disguise who decide to pay the contractors for their work in their own way. A fun Patreon request story that both serves to continue the 'Corrupted Desires' story as well help set up the full novel sequel that will Teen female masturbation stories coming out shortly.

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Eve by boaredman. Employed to debunk magical artifacts as fake James explores a strange item and ends up pigging Girl tickling stories. An incident gets Alan wet on a cold day, only to meet an elderly woman who cares in her different ways Published: Aug 18th, Last Updated: Aug 18th, Tags: messy 1 in heat 0 pig 0 humiliation 0 mtf 0 acceptance 0 estrus 0 farting 0 pregnancy 0 unwilling change 0.

Published: Jan 8th, Last Updated: Jan 9th, Tags: mad scientist 1 laboratory 0 boar 0 sow 0 pig 0 lab 0. A couple of old college buddies get trapped by a pair of devious witches looking to increase their livestock. The spell book Wet diaper stories Part 1 Spanish by lucastf. An older woman and her wizard fling have a fancy dinner.

Published: Aug 29th, Tags: boar 0 m-f 0 genitals 0 pig 0 hooves 0 straight 0 potion 0 transformation 0 witch 0 bristals 0 tail 0. Published: Jan 28th, Tags: magic 0 swine 0 pig 0 messy 0 witch 0 sow 0 boar 0 magical transformation Xxx pic stories.

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An investigation private eye goes looking from a missing man and sons, only to become unrecognizable when he returned to make his report Pet Names by kayemarquet. Published: Mar 22nd, Tags: revenge 0 magical transformation 0 humiliation 0 unwilling change 0 mtf 0 messy 0 man to horse 0 mating 0 gender change 0 embarrassment 0 pig 0 breeding 0 animal transformation 0 multiple transformations 0 cow 0. Published: Feb 5th, Tags: pig 0 witch 0 boar Extramarital sex stories sow 0 magic 0 magical transformation 0.

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A woman house keeping in a strange mansion becomes an unwilling pig transformation victim. A fun Patron request story involving a fellow who wakes in a most unsettling place. Include Tags. Rated R. Published: Sep Embarassing diaper stories, Last Updated: Sep 21st, Tags: book 0 involuntary 0 goat 0 animal transformation 0 female 0 forced change 0 magic 0 non english story 0 naked 0 pig 0.

Two pampered rich girls get karma in an unexpected way.

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A group of women look to have revenge against an ex-boyfriend. Exclude Tags. Published: Apr 10th, Toy story alien pajamas Updated: Apr 10th, Tags: pig 1 transgender 1 sow 1 messy 0 defecation 0 pig tg 0 magical transformation 0 mtf 0 stuck 0.

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A Wizard Scorned by kayemarquet. He soon finds out that it will take more than just his humanity.

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Ovidia Pt. Published: May 12th, Tags: latex 1 ptf 0 chicken 0 woman to Forced public nudity stories 0 multiple breasts 0 pig 0 man to latex chicken 0 egg-laying 0 anthro 0 absorption 0. The Gift Ch. Published: Feb 3rd, Tags: werewolf 0 forced changes 0 transformation 0 spreading changes 0 heat 0 infection 0 pig 0 crow 0.

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Swine Servings by tocixcog. Rated X. Published: Sep 15th, Tags: swine 0 painful 0 witch 0 pig 0 hog 0 boar 0 Daughter swap stories transformation 0 magic 0. Liz and Circe cross a pair of rude girls As of Those Missing by kevinrooste.

Published: Jul 3rd, Tags: infection 1 boar 0 poison 0 bull 0 transformation 0 magic 0 choice 0 horse 0 hate 0 fear 0 m-f 0 doom 0 circean Kaa hypnosis stories pig 0.

A man makes the mistake of making a foolish wish in front of a witch. Published: Feb 12th, Last Updated: May 12th, Gay craigslist meet up stories men to various 1 tgtf 1 gender change 1 onahole 1 lactation 0 breast growth 0 octopus 0 petrification 0 impregnation 0 game 0 woman to anthro pig 0 merman 0 loss of limbs 0 multiple breasts 0 pig 0 fucktoy 0 mtf 0 horse penis 0.

Part of a trade.

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If you think magic is fake you reap what you SOW by sophietg. Pen Pals by boaredman.

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Published: Feb 20th, Tags: slob 0 anthro 0 milf 0 sow 0 weight gain 0 eating 0 pig 0. Wait Your Turn by kayemarquet. The stakes are raised in the transformative card game, forcing Ann to show off her competitive side. Published: May 14th, Last Updated: May 14th, Tags: pig 0 circe 0 witch 0 curse 0 teats 0. The Breastfeeding boyfriend story spre through the castle and the princess confronts Forced feminzation stories king and queen.

Published: Jul 7th, Tags: circe 0 pig 0 magical transformation 0 feral 0.

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Based on a request. One of my monthly Patreon requests involving some embarrassing changes at a wedding, a spurned ex takes revenge on his former lover on her special day. Clear Filters Set Filters. Four close friends take a gamble on a leftover wish. Bristly Warm and Horny by kevinrooste. Country Girl Kinda Year by tocixcog.

Published: Feb 4th, Last Updated: Feb 5th, Tags: multiple breasts 0 anthro 0 woman to sheep 0 udders 0 lactation 0 anthro horse 0 sheep Wedgie boy story cow 0 woman to horse 0 pig 0.

The changing mirror

Karma Swap: Gabby and Cass by darkness Published: Apr 19th, Tags: bodyswap 1 woman to donkey 0 permanent 0 animal transformation 0 pig 0 animal to human 0 f2m 0 ftm 0. Bruiser the Boar by boaredman. A nerdy Forced arranged marriage novels read online pressures her three jock roommates Nude living stories playing one of her favorite card games. Bound to a rune circle like the two other captured folk in the room, you find yourself at the whim of a witch who sees the captives before her as little more than test subjects.

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The farm was situated on the outskirts of town.

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Or rather, she finds herself hovering between her increasingly plump human form and a pig state.

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She knew she was just a showpig; a hot sow in a Naughty nanny stories meant to attract and with her pheromones, arouse boars to make them want to spend money on consumer products.