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Pokemon Transformation Stories


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Pokemontf stories

A veteran Pokemon trainer tries to help a famous researcher out of an experiment gone wrong and Brady bunch porn stories becomes part of the experiment! Published: Dec 1st, Tags: weight gain 0 willing 0 mind change 0 pokemon 0 fast transformation 0 dumber 0 fat 0 mind alteration 0 snorlax 0.

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DNA splicing goes wonderfully right Nylon feet stories a Gardevoir deals with some unexpected feelings. Exclude Tags. A woman becomes the second to discover the risks - and eventual joys - of tampering with her DNA. Genetic 'Mon-ification by oneandonlytinkercat. Rated PG.

Published: Dec 18th, Tags: robot 0 pokemon 0 eevee 0 feral 0.

Pokemon transformation

But was her desperation worth grabbing cursed coloring from a witch? Published: Sep 7th, Last Updated: Sep 8th, Tags: eevee 1 anthro transformation 1 pokemon 1 mental changes 1 egg laying 0 jolteon 0 impregnation 0 male on female 0 impregnated 0 male to female 0 anthropomorphic 0 flareon 0 Erotic rectal exam stories 0.

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Rated X. Published: May 27th, Tags: pokemon 1 self-suck 1 male character Harem slave stories humiliation 0 unwilling 0. Include Tags. A trainer gets an offer from a scientist, but ends up with the wrong .

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Who knows what trouble a half-human half-Pokemon can get into? Clear Filters Set Filters.

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Published: Sep 26th, Tags: mtf 1 tgtf 1 orgy 0 Adults diapers stories 0 pokemon 0 dragon 0 salazzle 0 genetic manipulation 0 mental changes 0 pheromones 0. A Jolt of Reality by gabrielmoon.

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You get transformed into a robotic creature after a bite. Two men get two wishes after they're taken to a strange new world and the are, as usual, mixed.

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Metal Coat Battle Buff by alexaisabird. WIP Pokemon People by phenomen Rated R. Tags: ftm 0 transformation 0 mtf 0 mindchange 0 pregnancy 0 animal 0 human 0 pokemon 0. Genetic 'Mon-ification 2: My Partner by oneandonlytinkercat. A Trainer is kidnapped to be the newest Pokemon Erotic groping stories Team Rocket's operations Master Balls by kayemarquet.

Carolyn needs to find the perfect color to match her Snorlax cookie!

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Ean made a Joke and regrets it, Sam had plans for him but soon both have a different outcoming :3 Enjoy :. Published: Apr 25th, Tags: pokemon 0 genetic manipulation 0 mating 0 anthro dog 0 breeding 0. Genetic 'Mon-ification 3: Psycho Shift Extreme weight gain stories oneandonlytinkercat. Hide Works-in-Progress.

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Published: Apr 1st, Tags: genetic manipulation 0 pokemon transformation 0 impregnation 0 Erotic haircut stories human 0 pokemon 0. Generic Lucario Tf Tg by ultron Published: Dec 30th, Tags: mtf 1 intercourse 0 sex 0 bestiality 0 pokemon 0 masturbation 0 lucario 0 egg laying 0. Dreams Come True by shadowlugia Published: Jan 1st, Tags: copyrighted 0 pokemon 0 lugia 0.

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Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Published: Jul 8th, Tags: pokemon transformation 0 unwilling 0 pokemon 0 feral 0 mating 0 ivysaur 0 breeding 0. Published: Oct 17th, Tags: unwilling change 0 pokemon 0 man to mightyena I peed my pants stories ctf 0 wish 0 willing change 0 mental changes 0 breeding 0 pokemon transformation 0 magical transformation 0.

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It was written by Cevaztyen from August up until Septemberstill incomplete with 35 chapters, the last one ending in an odd cliffhanger.

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By: Ryu the Weredragon Ash gets a second chance