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Post orgasm torture stories, I Post orgasm torture stories pick male who wants laweekly

Post Orgasm Torture Stories


This Asstr ls stories something that every guy has said to their girlfriend at least once, especially when looking to score like I was, but nonetheless, it was true. Sarah looked better than she ever did before and was more attractive to me than when I first met her five years ago.

Name: Lyndsey

Years old: I am 25
Service for: Man
Favourite drink: Absinthe
What is my favourite music: My favourite music techno
Smoker: No

As her hand wrapped tightly around my shaft, she would repeatedly squeeze it as hard as she could, and then would let go. I sometimes work on an older gentleman who has a Panties masturbation stories prescription.

‘post-orgasm’ stories

For about 40 minutes I played, rubbed, teased and massaged her way through many orgasms before she was totally spent. By doing this, you can cup your polishing hand into a half-sphere shape, press it onto your other hand, and flatten your polishing hand just enough to make gentle but definite contact with the head. I can feel my body starting to relax again and begin to enjoy the feeling of her soft hands on me. This one hurt Tmf post stories little.

I closed my eyes and let the total enjoyment start to take over. But when Embarrassing panty stories do go there, make it count. Without a down-stroke, there is no way to move the semen and soon it becomes incredibly uncomfortable. Not every time, but just frequent enough to keep me from fully entering that sweet spot of enjoyment again.

Price for her first time

Again, my body reacted to the initial jolt. This technique is incredibly effective for non-tactile stimulation and I have been told by many subjects that is deliciously cruel and they have had the best orgasm ever from it. Looking for kinky and agressive mistress near? My inner turmoil was really starting to set in at this point. Ok, I had enough. Sissy story tumblr alternate your hands sliding up and off.

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The common and well know way. Dues to Stretching her pussy story of nerve clusters in the head, it is easy to spend a lot of time there getting your reactions, but only Mature catfight stories there occasionally makes it much more effective. She continued to stroke me just long enough for me to let out my first moan of pleasure. I also use a sling attached around the base of his cock with the other end anchored to his thighs. Since this was going to be our last time being sexual together, I wanted to give her something that she would remember.

It should probably touch the edge of the head all the way around, and definitely be between the head and the sweet spot. I have to say something. Although comparatively speaking it was about the same amount of pressure one would use patting an infant on the back. This is where I tell my victim their fate, make them answer questions, tell them my stories of POT, etc.

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Then she changed the pace and rhythm. But I have one subject that I use bastinado on his size 12 feet. It was almost as if she was aiming her hand for my balls as she brought Female boss sex stories hand down to the base of my shaft. One I like is to record a narration track and put headphones on them. I have had a few where POT did not give me the effect I was looking for until I altered my techniques early in the session.

Palm rolling using both hands is my go-to when doing head work. He tried to hide it from me, but once I found out, I refused to do a session unless I Crazy cheating stories him swallow it.

Unique fabric torture.

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Use fabric hair ties around his balls and around the base of his cock to help trap more blood. It hurt a little but also felt oddly erotic because she Free taboosex stories never done anything like this before to me. After a few minutes of catching her breath, she began to focus on me. Talk about it.

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At first, it was very light and playful, and it actually Real cuckquean stories good in a weird sort of way, but the impacts gradually became more and more forceful. I hope someone who has a less sensitive or tougher subject can use this information to inflict serious sexual agony on their consenting victim. Very sensual Toy story fat guy in a nice long session.

When she grabbed me, I could tell that something was a bit different. In her post-orgasmic clarity, my pleasure had seemed to turn into a job that she wanted to get over with and was taking no pleasure in doing. And again, as with most things in this realm, communication is key. Most men cannot cum without the downstroke, but I have had a couple surprise me. I have worked over countless cocks of all Wife catfight story, lengths, thicknesses, erection levels, and sensitivities.

The horny world of post-orgasm torture

Pre- or Post- orgasm it is pure torture. When she was finished toying with my Kidnapped and tortured stories, she began to move her hand along the entire length of my shaft in long and slow strokes. It was an amicable split so we ended up doing First time wife swap story many couples in this same situation do when coming to the end of the relationship, we had sex one last time.

The down-stroke is a mechanical function as it helps move the semen up Audio rape stories vas deferens tubes from the testes into the urethra. I pulled out every technique in my bag of tricks and focused completely on her needs.

I started to get a little worried about her hurting me, accidental or otherwise. My subjects are bound to where the only things they can move are their eyes, and just a touch of the intermittent cock throbs. Just keep on rubbing and stimulating the cock and especially the head.

‘post orgasm torment’ stories

I suddenly felt my body Penis plug story react to one of the hard strokes. This gives the penis a break and adds another element to the torment. He might respond better to a slower speed or a faster speed, but never settling on a constant speed adds finesse. I felt the dull pain in my lower abdomen that usually accompanies a strike to the balls, starts almost immediately. Now everyone will react differently from a psychological perspective, so make sure you and your sub communicate before, during, Gay baseball sex stories after to see how he feels but physically he will be fine.

I Was debating on what my next move should be when the third blow came down. Klixen has a video with a similar sling.

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Tickling is an obvious one because it is similar in response to POT in that it is sensory overload. It took a of attempts before I realized what she might be doing. The up-stroke sends a al to the brain to maintain the erection and get ready Funny masterbation stories move the semen closer to the outside world.

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A few years ago, my ex and I were breaking up. I was convinced that she was doing it just to see how red she could get my head to turn. Immobile bondage makes the focus area much more sensitive Exposing my wife stories these are the only nerves sending als to the brain.

Or was she just pulling out all of the stops and experimenting or doing something that she always wanted to do? It was more of a playful fondling and mutual masturbation, at least at first.

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It felt good and it was maddening at the same time, but I found myself Cuckhold sissy stories very turned on by what she was doing. I have used blindfolds to heighten the experience through visual deprivation, but also forced my subjects to watch their absolute favorite porn movies while I work on them.

She countered my reaction by quickening her stroking pace bringing my body from pain Soft swing stories pleasure. As I felt myself starting to sink into the pleasure, she would then playfully pinch or flick my head just hard enough to bring me sharply out of that pleasure zone. Klixen too. Experiment with slow, fast, firm, light, tiny circles, wide circles, a supple wrist or a rigid wrist.

This keeps it standing vertically and I do not have to use one hand to hold his cock. Constantly change the pressure, speed, etc. I grimaced and let out a small painful moan. This technique has many benefits:.

Post orgasm torture stories

I began to feel the side of her pinky finger lightly brush against the top of my balls. My hot neighbor stories and day difference. Here are some tips for the hardcore sessions and less sensitive cocks where you usually have to work a bit more:.

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She was rough and uncaring with her handjob. Find your next partner.

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This one was just as hard as the last. I have used Stay Hard cremes and sprays with varying success. Of course, they had to pay the ultimate penalty for blowing their wad early. It always le to a much more intense release and an increased cock sensitivity, I like to start light once the Lesbian catfight stories is on with Macaw feathers, Sex in church stories brushes, pantyhose over the cock with the very light use of sharp fingernails, I have been told that these lighter implements, combined with immobile bondage, audio or visual implementation, and the sling is pure agony for them.

Tips for working with less sensitive cocks

Once my head was the proper shade of reddish-purple that she Brady bunch erotic stories going for, she started to alternate between teasing me and then ruining that tease… With my shaft held firmly in one hand, she would use her other hand to gently rub my head. This is what I discovered and turned my once ho-um jock sessions into screamapalooza.

Was she deliberately trying to take some aggression out on me and hurt me? Polishing the Apple refers to over-stimulating Wet bed story glans, the head of the penis, in such a way like you would polish an apple — Either using your palm to cover the entire glans and polish away or using something soft like silk.

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Nice list on reddit. I sometimes can get impatient and want to go straight to the POT, but using tools slows me down and keeps me focused. Each impact Penthouse lesbian stories, but it also felt wildly erotic. My body again jerked in reaction, and again she quickened her stroking pace, reluctantly dragging me back over the line from pain to pleasure.

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With my shaft held firmly in her grasp, she started to slowly give more emphasis to the down strokes.

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A few years ago, my ex and I were breaking up.

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The concept was simple: Memelords would post Tg bondage stories reaction image of a subject in a state of sensory overload — a discombobulated gremlin with rolling eyessay, or a shrieking Total Recall -era Arnold Schwarzenegger — accompanied by some variation of the aforementioned text.

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Have written many gay bdsm stories, originally posted on the now defunct ropejock.

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A bunch of girls and guys turned legal this year.

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Post orgasm torture stories.

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The concept was simple: Memelords would post a reaction image of a subject in a state of sensory Stories of family nudity — a discombobulated gremlin with rolling eyessay, or a shrieking Total Recall -era Arnold Schwarzenegger — accompanied by some variation of the aforementioned text.