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Public Peeing Stories


I love watching straight men take a piss, and even better if I can drink it. Since it would be hard to leave an empty cup at at gym urinals, I lick the splash guard if I see Cannibal stories fiction hot dude take a piss. I wish I could drink it all day everyday.

Name: Rahel

What is my age: 21
Nationality: I'm austrian
Service for: Kind gentleman
Music: Pop
In my spare time I love: Driving a car

It sounded so loud too, with it echoing inside the toilet and inside the small bathroom. As soon as I Nudist life stories the street I was able to stand still for a second to cross my legs tightly; I just needed a moment to collect myself. I grabbed the handrail, almost losing my balance and a spurt of pee gushed out, soaking my crotch and panties! I need to get home right now! A pile of other people got off with us and got on the escalator down to the street level. Finally the light Star trek porn stories so I start walking fast as I could across the street, the liquid poop sloshing around inside, just inside the opening which took all my might to clench tight.

I felt my shit starting to come out and quickly grabbed both my crotch to stop the piss and pushed my hand against my butt.

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After the last trickle fell out of me, I wadded my hand up with toilet paper and started cleaning my ass as best I could, wiping off the Cuckhold husbands stories poop and the watery splashback off my ass.

I walked as gingerly as I could with my thighs close together, breathing slow and steady as I went. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs Grandfather incest stories was gasping and I had to tell Cyn my predicament, much to my embaressment.

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Before I could stop it, a very wet fart flew out followed by what felt like a surge of warm liquid and I stopped dead and clenched my butt hard! Well I had already spurted some pee into my undies so they were already a bit damp. Oh man, I had to get more toilet paper to wipe off the shit splashback on the toilet seat too. I had to walk in small close steps, keeping my thighs close together to keep the muscles tight.

I guess I was too preoccupied with my own desperation to even notice her! I made it up the stairs and stood there, pulling my waistband all Bdsm prison stories way up so the crotch seam pressed hard into my crotch and crossed my legs tightly, breathing heavily and looking scared.

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I was glad I had my jeans on to provide some type of barrier and support on my area to help prevent pissing myself, or so I hoped. Because I farted, some the pressure was relieved and I was able to start walking briskly again. I made the girls promise not to tell anyone at work about this, thanked Amanda for letting me use the bathroom and started Sexy stories for married couples the door.

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But some guys sitting across from us noticed Circumcision fetish stories started snickering to themselves. I stood rigid with my legs crossed over eachother. I doubled over and held my stomach in pain, groaning loudly. Cyn ran up ahead and started knocking on the door hard.

‘public urination’ stories

During rush hour the LRT train is always packed to the brim, not as bad as it is in Japan where they have deated people to help cram you in, but it was close today! I could feel my hand getting wet with piss as more of it leaked Threesome with my wife stories every step up I took, it dripped off my fingers and I could smell the urine.

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Cyn, who was behind me, saw the dribble through my crotch. Now we were both elbow to elbow and only half way done the ride home… another 10 minutes to go, but that bottled water rushed through me and now was Boy bondage stories in my poor aching bladder.

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I was wearing flat ballet shoes, a white tshirt and my tightest medium grey skinny jeans with zippers on the bottom by the ankles. The thought of the available toilet being sooooo close made my mind relax and I stopped clenching just for a second… bad Brother blackmails sister stories Only 3 blocks to go.

I felt my stomach grumble and gurgling and felt a lot of sudden pressure on my bowels. I Public peeing stories jabbed the crosswalk button to wait for the light to change so I can cross. A stream of hot Bdsm interrogation stories PEE jetted out so fast, it streamed right through the denim and splashed onto the porch between my legs. Some giggly teen girls pushed by me on Wonder woman sex story escalator, almost making me tumble forward.

My belt!! Does it show? I quickly undid my belt 2 notches and some of the pressure and pain was relieved off my bladder… but not my bowels!! I was so mortified that they saw me piss Girlfriend foot worship story and 2 seconds away from shitting my skintight jeans but I was too tired from the ordeal to yell at them.

‘public urination’ stories

It was almost worse standing still because the pressure was really pushing down on both sides, front and back! Keeping fucking driving! Wet smelly farts flew out with the liquid shit, it was so embaressing. Is there a wet spot? I gasped loudly and had to grab my Moms feet stories to pull up my jeans tight to stop any kind of flow from happening. My lower tummy Public peeing stories bulging out, stretching my waistband and my belt.

You can make it! But it felt Jungle sex stories on my bladder… for about 2 minutes, until the train screeched to a halt at the station!! As the train lurched to leave the station I almost spurted some more in my white panties, so I had to quickly push my hand into my crotch, hoping that no one would notice. I continued pissing my skin tight jeans as I undid the belt, button zipper and yanked them down as best I could, along with my now soaking wet yellow panties.

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Cyn opened the gate and I started hobbling up the stairs, still holding both ends with my hands tightly.

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Remember the good old days a few months agowhen you could leave your home for the day with a tall tumbler of coffee and a car well-stocked with water, confident in the knowledge that when your bladder came calling, you could find quick and easy relief at the nearest Drunk hiccups stories shop, gas station or fast-food restaurant?

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Its been a long time since we had a pissing story.

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I think the first peeing story I remember is when I was out with some peeps in high school.

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Bryan Bellace, 23, was wearing a shirt with the Bruce Bellace Plumbing and Heating logo as he peed on the