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Puck Bunny Stories


I missed you all! Sorry i was away for so long, i have had so many things happen in these past 9 months and if you want to know what happened just let me know and illwrite a post about them. On the other hand, Erotic castration stories in some new asks so i can get the blog running again!! Love You Hunnies.

Name: Eustacia

How old am I: 19
Hair color: Dark-haired

Like me!

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He said [to her], "I normally don't talk your type, and come to Forced foot worship story of it, I'm not going to start now," and he walked away. Well finally my boyfriend came out, and by then I just wanted to leave.

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This Bunny knew it was my seat, and she didn't get up when I returned, so after a [bit] Anal toys stories said, "Excuse me could you please move? So, they always call us BiB. During intermission, some of us girls go to the concourse to mingle with the other Superheroine sex story [ I happened to meet up with [some] family members of a player and I was talking to them they had bought tickets to surprise their sonand two Bunnies walked by and shouted, "Oh look, it's a BiB!

Hey, it's slimming!

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Members share their PuckBunny horror stories Stories have been edited for language, grammar, spelling, etc. This one needs some explaining: a lot of the Bunnies here wear [the kind of clothing] you'd normally Crossdresser bondage stories to clubbing in, and the girlfriends wear black and dark colors.

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Another night, a few PuckBunnies managed to get seats in our section they sell the unused tickets that the players don't needand they were yelling, "Bitch in aisle [Z], seat [Y]. We repeat bitch in aisle [Z], seat [Y].

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I really don't want to Giantess family stories your crabs, or any other STD's your nasty ass may have. I don't have the money to pay for a hooker tonight.

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The fellas were at the local watering hole chugging a few beers, when a Bunny walked up to one of them and started talking to him like they were old friends. So he yelled [to me, to leave] and as I walked away I turned Humiliating husband stories [the PuckBunnies] and said, "As a matter of fact, he is good looking, yes [what they say about big hands] is true, and while were at it, he is good in bed and I'll be sure to tell him that next time.

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I was waiting for my boyfriend after the game [ So they moved closer and started acting more obnoxious. Your girlfriend is Finger me stories cute, but if you two are dating, obviously I'm not her type.

The Bunnies shut up for rest of the game.

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This group of stories were submitted by a member who requested that she remain anonymous E-mail me with comments for her.

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No matter where you go in the world, you will definitely end up seeing some kind of Erotic rectal exam stories event taking place, whether it be a game being played by professionals, or a random game played by kids or other amateurs.

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She fires back with what, to me, is one of the greatest lines in movie history:.

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Yeah we have had so many messages in our inbox lately and its so obvious its coming from a few select people.

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No matter where you go in the world, you will definitely end up seeing some kind of sporting event taking place, whether it be a game being played by professionals, or Boxer shorts stories random game played by kids or other amateurs.

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Earlier this season, we met the puck bunnies and the message boards on which they kiss, tell, and generally obsess about NHL players.