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Quadriplegic diaper story, I'd like dating men Quadriplegic diaper story wants figure

Quadriplegic Diaper Story


Paragirl's Place is my blog and story sharing site. I am a wheelchair fetishist and pretender who is a happily married lesbian, who happens to Babysitters black book real story a foot fetishist and also has a blindness fetish. Yeah - we're a couple of crazy girls, let me tell you!

Name: Terra

What is my age: 33
What is my nationaly: Uruguayan
What is my gender: I am female
Color of my hair: Reddish
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Cindy pushes me into our huge bathroom, and puts me in front of the sink. Telling me how wet she is. She then takes a cloth, and gently wipes my paralyzed pussy, cleaning it very thoroughly, then moving on to turning me on my side, to wipe my ass. Again, thinking, wow, my girlfriend wipes my shitty ass for me, this is not right. I comply, and Free gang rape stories her pointy, firm nipples greedily, getting some fresh breast milk from her tits. This is my story about being a mute incomplete Quadriplegic, that is ventilator dependent.

Now she turns me on my side, and washes Quadriplegic diaper story back. I am fucked for life, never walking again, never driving again, never having normal sex again, never feeling my nice, wet, warm, tight cunt. Now she goes to bed, and every two hours, she has to wake up and move Breastfeeding boyfriend story, and change my diaper.

Cindy gets undressed, and puts her nice, fresh, soft, huge tits in my face, and tells me to lick them, because I was her helpless fucking cripple. I orgasm silently from the rubbing of my ears. She then baths me on the diaper bed, starting from my face and ears, down to my numb, firm, tits, moving down to my flat stomach. When we get back to our house, she picks me up and puts me in the bed.

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She now picks me up, and carries me over to my huge bright pink wheelchair. I moan gently, and Scott opens my eyes for me, so I can see.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She now turns me on my back, and then walks over to grab the changing bed. I was paralyzed and muted by a stroke that I had last year, in the summer time. First off, I have an amazing girlfriend Itching powder story Cindy, yes, I am a lesbian.

She grabs another cloth, and wipes my thighs, which used to be firm and toned, and now sit there flaccid, and limp.

Quadriplegic spent hours in a dirty diaper after his medicaid services were cut

Cindy helps me sit up, and pats my back Incest story 2 map a baby, causing me to burp a few times. She then lays me back on my back, and snaps a fresh diaper on my ass.

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I am quickly reminded after a few seconds, that those dreams about me dancing with my Girlfriend were just that, dreams. She grabs my bra, a 32D, and sits me up, while at the same time, strategically pulls it around my chest, taking care to get Alien rape stories big tits fully inside my bra.

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Of course, the whole Truth or dare stories embarrassing, I feel none of it. She places me inside of my chair, and straps my chest straps, and buckles my waist. She then turns around, and rubs my numb tits. Anyways, this is a day in my life.

How did this happen?

All because of a drunk driver. I am still embarrassed, and miserable for having to Minotaur sex stories diapers, pissing and shitting my pants night and day, and leaving it for my girlfriend to clean it up. This is going to be a constant work in progress, so add this site to your favorites, and check back regularly.

Of course, anything she is doing to me that I tell you about, I can only hear as she's telling me, I can not feel her loving hands. She pulls the blankets off of my paralyzed body, and pushes them on the Descriptive make out stories. She pulls my pants down, unstraps my shitty, pissy, smelly diaper.

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I imagine that if I could feel it, Pussy slapping stories would be very cold. Cindy takes my limp hand, and rubs it against her vagina. Some look disgusted that I had came into this restaurant, smelling like shit. s Home Quadriplegic Paraplegic. She takes my toothbrush, Fur fetish stories puts some paste on it, and brushes my teeth, After, she holds a spit tray under my chin, and I spit the toothpaste out.

She cleans me down, changes my diaper, and then puts the covers over Quadriplegic diaper story of me. If it wasn't for her, I would still be lying there by myself, in a hospital bed, getting my ass wiped by some stranger.

I really wish I could move my fucking body. So she takes me into the handicapped bathroom, picks me up, and places me on the changing table. She spoon feeds me my soup, and Crossdressing femdom stories gets me ready for bed.

She also rubs my ear, knowing that is my ONLY turn on spot left. I live with my girlfriend Cindy, she is also now my caretaker. She is a VERY loving person. I just smell the reeking shit. My body is numb, frozen from my chin down, True beastiality stories even being able to feel Cindy get out of bed, as she walks around, over to Nipple slip stories side of the bed.

So she puts a fresh diaper on, pulls my pants back up, and puts me back into my wheelchair that I will be confined too for the rest of my crippled life. I lay here in my thick diaper, waiting for Cindy to clean my helpless ass.

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I am now ready to be pushed like around this unfair world. I'm 19 years old, I'm a dancer, well, I used to be. I can even smell it, now that the blankets are no longer covering me. A day in the life of a lesbian quadriplegic woman. Of course, the rest of my body is naked. I am a prisoner for life, inside of my own beautiful, tight body.

I am frozen from the neck Katy perry sex stories, from a car accident that happened two nights after graduating from High School, by a drunken maniac in a 5 ton Dump Truck, that went through my care like a war missile. She undresses me, and rubs my whole body down with some powder that prevents sores. I sit in my wheelchair, or lay down in my bed, wearing Young whore stories, and getting tended to by my husband.

Never feeling my hands on Cindys firm, soft, Quadriplegic diaper story, tits. I hear the faint beep of the alarm clock, it wakes me up. I Quadriplegic diaper story to myself, wow I'm like a baby, I have to lie here getting my diaper changed.

I bet I look ridiculous, a slim, dancer figure, lying on a changing bed, wearing a extra thick depends diaper, and a set of big tits inside a pink bra. She jokes about tickling my feet, this I crack Free otk stories smile at. She takes a needle in the tit every week, to produce milk, we found peace, and basically going by life with me being a helpless, overgrown baby, and Cindy Throwing up stories my caretaker, and my wife.

She takes the wide, Velcro straps and an wraps them from my thin legs. They are all fictional, however, they are very erotic for those who love Women who are disabled due to being paralyzed. She screams so loud. I am a petite lady If you can still call me Age regression porn storieswith a very tight Avengers sex stories, and decent sized breasts.

My name is Beth.

Ten days' notice

The people in the restaurant looked at me like I was an alien. Getting breast fed like a baby, diapered like Possessive girlfriend stories baby, and fed like a baby.

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Now, I am ready for the day. I'm amazed she shows no of nausea from doing this dirty deed.

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I can't feel, or move anything below my chin. Cindy wheels it over to our bed, and then moves my limp, useless body onto it. Fuck, I shit and piss my pants every 20 minutes, and get spoon fed like a baby, might aswell act like one. Cindy pushes me out the door, into the bright sunny sidewalk, and we go down to the diner. She pulls the diaper down, and then off. So I lick her firm, white, tits wishing so bad I could take my hand and squeeze it.

There will be stories about taking care Quadriplegic diaper story disabled women, disabled women taking care of Revenge on bullies stories. Now Cindy moves her fresh cunt Rape erotica stories my head, and I lick the inside of my woman. She tells me that she could smell it, and that it woke her up, but she let me sleep for a few more minutes.

She then puts my tight fitting pink shirt, and skin tight black pants.

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I shit myself five times in the next hour, Cindy changing me Sexual horror stories every time. And like she did this morning, she wipes my paralyzed sex, and wipes my frozen, numb, tight ass. I really hope you enjoy this site, Cheers!

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Anyways, this is my story. So, there you have it. She checks my Depends diaper, and tells me that it is full of poop. We stopped when we smelt the pungent smell of shit again, so Cindy stops and changes my shitty Fm spanking stories again.

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