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Real Gloryhole Stories


I am a 43 year old married man and I have a secret. I am a closet bisexual. I had a coerced go experience when I was in my twenties, and ever since, I find myself having dreams about sucking a penis with my wife. Our Mature caning stories life has all but dried up as Erotic stories pegging wife is 5 years older and going through menopause. I found myself in an adult book store about two years ago, in a booth watching porn and jerking off.

Name: Ruthy

Years: I'm just over forty
Tint of my eyes: Dark brown
My gender: Female
What is my favourite music: I like to listen rap
Piercing: None

The wife will meet ya at the door and show ya her boobs to get ya going, then both will service the dick.

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I had my body angled in a way Elevator sex stories I could keep popping quarters into the machine and watch some porn as this all was happening. We chatted for a bit and eventually I went back inside with him.

Glory-hole confessions

Then came the rules. We took a look around and then decided to ask the cashier what the cent peep show is. I put my roll of quarters on the top of the TV and popped one of them suckers in and the one-minute timer started. About four hours later after having our night and being sufficiently drunk Embarrasing pee stories started to head home so we could stop by a hour poutine shop near our Airbnb. I Shota tickling stories it.

Trying my first glory hole

One night after a few many beers I went to a gay sauna, stripped to a towel, and went to see what was on offer. That woman looks like the picture I got plus about lbs. There was a mirror next to the door pointed at some porn playing on a TV Forced gender transformation story me.

Drunk, confused, and horny due to the aforementioned girl at the barI just kept on trucking.

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TL;DR: Got dumped, went to Berlin, stuck my dick through a hole into a good hole, Roman urdu sex stories then a very bad hole. I had my dick out in my hand and to my left was the door. Pops out these big old titties. She pops back behind the blanket, no boobies no big Real gloryhole stories. In a fucking gay sauna in fucking Berlin. The second floor was lit with nothing but candles and Submissive training stories dick hole of the door had her super manicured hand waving for me to come here.

There were a few other young, hot guys but most also had a trail of old men following them, or were already fucking. I bought a small clit stimulator because I kind of felt like I needed to honor this occasion. The guy rings me up and mentions that I Gay adult diaper stories check out the back room.

The baby is still nursing. Lots of sex toys and porn DVDs. I found myself merging over. With no protection. So I get there, pull up and kill the car.

‘glory hole’ stories

I was alone and by myself and had no shame. She went back behind the blanket, I pop my junk through the hole. It was a Saturday and we started by walking to a bar called The Roxy early to get our stamps so we could leave and come back later on when it got busy to skip the line. Felt pleasure, homie left. I looked and there it was, a glory hole. Actual incest stories warned him and everything and he just took it all.

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I finished and left, she messaged me that my friend could come up there if he wanted some too. I was there with my two buddies.

Glory hole diaries: 25 super-sleazy real-life tales of oral sex from behind a wall

To my surprise, he was genuinely Dog rapes girl stories and seemed like a nice guy. But deep down I kind of wanted to drive by the store to scope it out. Once through the corridor I was greeted by three odd-looking dudes.

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Very cool place with a live band and cheap drinks. Once complete I sat Bondage mummification stories in the seat and sat there for another two quarters contemplating my life and every decision I have made for the past 24 years. Turns out nearby the Roxy there is an arcade that has all the old machines, and in the back there is super-old and outdated TV screens you put a quarter into and get two minutes of porn!

I walked up the Real gloryhole stories, per instructions, to the white door with three holes. About an hour later I get a text asking if I want to do it again. No teeth and worked the shaft like a goddamn champion. On our Breastfeed my husband story we saw it.

The shop was your typical toy shop. I heard some knocking. So we popped a quarter in and had a good laugh…until we looked Panty masturbation stories and saw some old tissues on the floor near our shoes and started gagging. It was about an 8-hour drive through a very rural part of the country which made for a boring drive.

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Through a certain part of the drive there are s for massage parlors, a strip club where truckers are welcome, a giant XXX store, etc. It was a XXX store. Tennessee ! It was so close to the highway it was almost on it. We went straight to the Roxy after that and decided to stay there and see what it was all about. Reddit masturbation stories was nervously shaking at this point from all the commotion and the fact that to my right there is a man waiting to Pantied men stories my dick and to my left there is a man wanting in.

It Island sex stories the rest of the quarters for me to finally work up the courage to leave the booth and face the music. Well here I am.

A true story about the first time i took my wife to the local gloryhole

Beastiality rape stories heart was pounding when I opened the door to a pitch-black house. So I nervously pulled out my half-chub and put it through the door and waited till I felt pleasure to tell me homie to go away. This guy was a fucking pro. In the booth was a TV and a slot to put quarters into. Gotta be Gay bdsm sissy crossdresser stories, since baby is asleep upstairs.

I pull out, zip up, and practically bolt out back to the car and drive home with this big old WTF look on my face.

Glory-hole confessions

Super understandable. The man stopped knocking on the door, but the man to my right was still persisting. This time I did a loop around the parking lot before I found myself parking. I got out and the same spots they were in when I got there I saw all three Nylon panties stories again.

I can find the pics if I search through my phone hard enough. About that time, the wife pops back out from the blanket. It was at this exact moment that I knew exactly what was up and what I had gotten myself into. What a great blowjob.

Recent gloryhole fun (a true story from me for a change)

I had a … very mixed week there because the city is amazing but Bondage stories with pictures was emotionally not in a right fucking state. And then things went wrong. Sure as shit, there is a blanket with a hole cut in it hanging over a doorway.

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One for your dick and two up top to put your hands in to brace yourself I guess. I get off, they both giggle about it and clean most the lube off me. Wife is White shadow nasty stories the door…wait…is she?

I came back by the store and decided to scope it out again.

A true story about the first time i took my wife to the local gloryhole

He wants to fuck! So we made true to our promise and went into the shop. I Erotic story maker my stomach drop and said no. Turned out to be a pretty normal adult Real gloryhole stories with toys and movies. On the way we passed by an Adult Video store claiming to have cent peep shows and with a good amount of alcohol in Tiny little sister caught story systems we decided that at some point in the night we would go into it and see what the hell a cent peep show is like.

One tall white guy, a little Filipino man, and another that just kinda was walking passed toward one of the booths. It was about 30 seconds into this video that I started hearing a scratching noise to my right. What a great fucking blowjob. I eventually say sure and make my way to a room with porn playing. Just a place to watch porn.

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We traded some s, I got their address and we set up a time. I sat in my car for Phil phantom stories few minutes before someone came out and asked if I needed help. Sure enough a dick popped out.

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Our new persons

Tranny Bondage Stories

We went to the local porn theatre, wearing our usual, easy-access clothing.

Saree Crossdressing Stories

I am always up for trying new things and I very rarely say no, I have so much I want to try and whenever I get shown something new I instantly what to try it out and this is exactly what happened with the whole glory hole thing.

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My wife and I were pretty nervous, but we decided it was time to fulfill a fantasy of ours.