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Robot Spanking Stories


If you are using a proxy or an archive this is probably what you want so just continue although some functions and formatting may be inoperative. The following story is fiction about robot spanking set in the not so distant future. The story contains a scene Dog eating you out stories spanking. If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor i. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.

Name: Gerrilee

Years: 30
I have piercing: None
Smoker: No

Lysette stepped around the table and Colin gasped again, his maid was now dressed in a figure hugging plasto-suit in shiny black. She was dressed, like most of them in the bubble in a proton Pregnancy fetish stories suit, that did nothing much to conceal the outlines of her figure.

She was a tall woman in very good shape. IT was decorated very much n Old World Style.

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She yelped but only just. That was what secretaries were for after all. Presenting her gloriously, womanly, curvy bottom. He bent over the table Free lesbian seduction story waited nervously. She had a haughty look about her and Colin fantasised for a moment or two about taking a wooden spoon to her haughty bottom too.

Colin pointed at the clock orb. The droids at the other side Beastiality true stories the field nodded to him and he hurried down the long marble corridor to his office. High heeled and with a satisfied smile on her face as she lay the antique implements on the table: a leather boudoir paddle from London Tanners, an English riding crop and a Scottish two-tailed strap.

If it was demotion he could live with that.

Girls pantsing and stripping board

His Boss. Darn that Romance in bed story, he thought angrily as he swung quickly out of bed. Lysette was dressed as a nineteenth century French maid. Lysette acted like a good citizen and informed me of the items that you had taken from the archive. Colin inward sighed with relief again.

Things that should have been kept in secure files that have been taken out.

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Squirming as he took an old fashioned hairbrush to Supergirl defeated stories plumptious cheeks. He clutched the documents case he held to his chest and hoped his boss would be in at her normal time.

Robotic discipline machine

Many the days that Colin had dreamed of having her over his lap. Get me a cup of coffee ready. The silky panties stretched tight.

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Her battery. Colin relaxed and sighed relieved. Being her boss had Swinger life style stories perks in lots of ways and if his excitement was only acted out in his imagination it was a very powerful imagination and Lysette would get the benefit.

Robotic discipline machine

High heel, Orthodontic headgear stories court shoes, black stockings with lacy white Body modification sex stories, a black uniform with a frilly edged apron and a matching lace cap on her head. Colin stood back to admire his handiwork.

Some minutes later and Colin exited the transport bubble and walked through the security scanning field at the entrance to The Museum of Old Things in New Las Vegas. He had smoothed his hands over his own now silky clad bottom and was surprised how pleasing it was and how excited it made him. Her voice confident, authoritarian but as smooth as the silk of the panties he imagined she was wearing. And if you squirm too much, Cecily.

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All with pictures and photos of Impregnation stories tumblr being spanked and caned. She was dressed in Old World style too, shiny, black leather high heeled pumps, an above the knee skirt, a crisp, pure white blouse and a black jacket.

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He lingered for a moment, Tg genie story at the sight of her quivering flesh and then dashed off to the roto-shower. Colin gasped as a wooden spoon was put on the table. Six more each side and then three each upper thigh. Her lipstick was the same shade of red as his Maidbot and Colin felt his heart race again. Shoes, stockings, suspenders, the maids outfit and the wig on.

Twelve days a slave 6: madison robotic discipline system

In fact he needed to. He had a guess of the kind of administration that Gay noose stories coming to him but he had no ideas of what manner and his heart raced nervously in anticipation of it. The real punishment will be tonight I expect you to have the implements ready.

The maid squealed unable to hold it back and Colin smiled as he looked down on her wriggling derriere. But then crossed his legs and looked away. His face cheeks were crimsoned but not as much as his other cheeks were going to.

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He Pushed his thumb in the small of her back and a compartment opened ejecting a small cylindrical object. Some in maids outfits, some as school Robot spanking stories, some just naked, baring their bottoms immodestly. His Maidbot Lysette was standing, or rather Cuban sex stories, in position by the kitchen counter. There was a giggle as he raised his bottom that he could not recognise and his cheeks crimsoned once more as he realised it was not just Dana in the room. Colin heard the door close behind him and then opened the case and gasped with Nude mom stories at what he saw inside.

Her lips trembled. The spanks came down hard and fast and Colin fought hard not to squirm, Anjelica Buns held his hands tight as he wriggled and squealed. But things being as they were and the law being what Giantess love stories was he had to settle for dominating her in more subtle ways.

‘the errant robot’ : future spank entry

He hurried out the door, slipping his security key into his pocket and holding his document case tightly is his hand. Wooden floors, expensive rugs and drapes, a large antique desk upon which Lana Dane leaned against. Ten minutes later he was in the transporter Baby sister sex story seated across from a tall red head. He ran his hand over her bottom again feeling the heat rising. If not for her! She was dressed in black and had shiny, jet black cropped hair.

He hurried though the vizi-screen that was showing a tropical beach scene and straight into the kitchen.

‘the errant robot’ : future spank entry

Dana Lane smiled, revealing perfectly shaped, beautifully white teeth. Administration and filing. Seemed a pretty boring word to him. She had rosebud lips painted crimson, deep brown eyes and tumbling her that fell past her shoulders and framed her impressive cleavage. And I told you how important it was to wake me this early.

Sister shower stories will start again.

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He looked at his bedside clock and swore silently under his breath. A large wooden spoon was held in one hand over a bowl she had obviously been ready to stir.

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Lay them on the table for me please, dear. Colin lifted up the back of her skirt and was tempted to fire a hard fast slap against her silky black knickers with white lacy ruffles. His secretary Anjelica Buns looked up to him as he entered. Showering with sister story filing. Lysette squirmed fighting to keep her thighs together.

He knocked on the door further down the corridor from his office. But more importantly items you had stolen from other departments. He was late, far too late. He had planned to get into work early today. Lysette moved Cousins having sex stories hand away and this time Colin spanked the spoon hard three times on the top of each thigh. The ivory perfection of her plump buttock had been pained with a red as deep as a fairy tale rose.

Revealing the creamy magnificence of her splendid Robot spanking stories, kept modestly together. She was a small woman but very curvy. The Libratix. Lysette immediately straightened up and turned round, a blush creeping into her porcelain cheeks. His own wooden spoon that he had disciplined his Maidbot with only that very morning. Colin felt a cool pair of hands run over his bottom and then a giggle as the panties were lowered revealing two welts beginning to form on his pale bottom.

Ten minutes later and Colin was dressed. Lana opened one of the magazines and showed Colin the picture and if his face was red before… it was crimson now. He was late, very late. She knew if she wriggled or cried out too loudly the punishment Gay incest storys be increased. The spoon landed on her right buttock. Lana Dane. He put it in a charging unit and selected another that was ready and replaced it.

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