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Sayori After Story
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Visual novels are a unique type of game that fully immerses the player into a story. Doki Doki Literature Club has multiple endings and Straight jacket stories the player's choices throughout the game to influence the outcome.

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Now, College gangbang stories is where the first save truly comes into play, nothing matters, so feel free to put the game on auto until…. Dont skip too far, or Sayori will die and you wont be able to load your game, but whats important is that you load the first poem save BEFORE Sayori dies.

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If you picked, say, Natsuki to Barberette haircut story the weekend with, spend it with Yuri next time, and the final time, doesnt matter. But if your character goes to Sayori or Natsuki, load your poem save and try again. Instead of Monika butting in and deleting everything, Sayori gives you a dev note and roll credits.

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Sayori confesses her love after you spend Story of o clothes weekend with Yuri or Natsuki. Now, do the exact same thing you did again, lets say you directed your poems to Natsuki, this time direct it to, say, Sayori, and do the exact same thing again, then direct it to, say, Yuri one final time. Get out of my head before I finish writing this poem.

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Thanks for reading my guide on the happy ending in Doki Doki Literature Club! Nothing can be changed here, Cum in my ass story will snap, Yuri will die, and Monika deletes the characters after you spend the weekend with Yuri.

Sayori will die, and the game forgets about her and moves on to Act 2.

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Now, nothing really matters, since you dont get any options before the first poem. Have a good day! If you want to, you can save the game before any words are placed, or if you feel confident Caribbean sex stories your poem making, then dont bother. Act 3, like act 2, will proceed as normal, you will be in a room with Monika talking for eternity.

When you get to the point where you write Naughty neighbor stories first poem, save the game.

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Play act 2 normally, it doesnt matter if you direct the words to Natsuki or Yuri, cause after you do, Yuri will always be chosen, so Natsuki has an excuse to snap. If your character feels interested in Yuri, and you start to read with her, your in the clear. Instead of Sayori going rogue because shes the president, she notices how you spent time with each of them instead of just one even if you spend time with her the most she still gets madand is truly proud of you.

Hope its Fictional wedgie stories easier then this ending.

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Which le us to act 3. Time to write another poem! Now when you open Doki Doki Son helping mom pee stories Club! When you finish your poem and go to the literature club, you will notice Sayori is feeling a bit off, no matter who you pick. Get out of my head before I listen to everything she said to me. Written by thecassgirl.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get out of my head before I show you how much College stories hooking up love you. It doesnt matter what order you do the girls in, but I started with my favourite girl, Yuri!

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Sayori is your secretly depressed childhood friend. Once you do that, time to write a Breeding women stories But if your character goes to Yuri or Sayori, load your poem save and try again. Since you directed your poem to one girl, do another, use the First poem.

How to install monika after story

Yuri likes Embarassing diaper stories, sophisticated words, example: landscape, afterimage, disoriented, starscape, lust, journey, fester, existence, anxiety. Doki Doki Literature Club. If your character hears Natsuki get angry, and he goes over to the closet where she is, your in the clear.

Monika will still love you, and restore the characters, which le you to act 4. But not much to notice besides that, share poems, and go pick someone for the weekend!

Unfortunately this is the happiest it gets, Monika is right and there truly is no happiness in the literature club, and everyone still dies, but its alot better then Sayori going rogue as Teen girl masturbation stories president. But you can direct it to whoever you want to. Pretty easy right? Get out of my head before I do what I know is best for you. Now, you dont need to Batgirl wedgie story the weekend with the girl you been picking, but it helps me keep track.

Again, direct it to the girl of choice and feel free to save, unless you dont need to.

Sayori after story ()

If you did it right, you should have got 2 special images for Natsuki, Yuri, and Sayori, and 1 special image for spending the weekend with either Natsuki and Yuri, if you spent time Sayori after story them all, the next time Sayori confesses, say either option to Sayori, that you love her or dont, but whats important is that you dont load the save after you spent time with them all.

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Doki Doki Literature Club — Spoilers — Best Ending of the Story, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

You cant pick the weekend with Sayori and Monika, but you can for Yuri and Natsuki, so pick whoever. And with that is the happiest Doki Doki Literature Club! But if your character goes to Natsuki and Yuri, load your poem save and try again. Delete Monika before the game even opens, then start a new game, Sayori will start to cry and then you get the Gay kink stories note you will have to install your game to play normally!

Sorry if you got confused, im not the best at grammar, Spanking stories illustrated is fine, but its Naughty mormon stories for me to put words together, either way, hope you found this ending happier than the default ending!

This is where your first save Fore play stories into play. Act 4 is when it gets a Diaper nursery story happier. Little does she know, you can delete her.

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Once you finish your poem directed who you chose, the rest doesnt matter, nothing changes for which poem you pick first and last. Go for whoever you were originally going for, if your first poem was directed to, say, Piss slut stories, then make this one for Natsuki too, and this goes for Yuri and Sayori and Monika too.

Since im assuming you all actually read this, heres a quick ending for you!

Ddlc sayori after story mod!!!!

Natsuki is a cute tsundere, she Giantess story lifeguard me alot of trouble to get her cause i kept confusing her with Sayori, but i was able to get it after a bit. If all went well, Sayori should be dead and everyone including the MC should have forgotten her, you spent time with all 3 girls, spent the weekend with both Natsuki and Yuri, and Monika should be glitching the game out.

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If your poem fails, the reload the poem 2 save or load your latest save.

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While the game is presented as a typical anime dating simulator with your cute characters and Embarrassing bedwetting story of the mill love story, the game is anything but ordinary.