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Severe Whipping Stories
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The year is and Mrs Askew, the wife of an eminent doctor, was taking the air near to her home in a fashionable part of London. Curiosity got the better of her and she Bi stories masterhank the three steps to the door to read the plate.

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Anne Askew was a real person and some of the details are real, including the end. BDSMshelf Collected by drewok domin 81 stories listed elect Pantsed girls stories stories listed tort 67 stories listed alien 8 stories listed whip 41 stories listed Gaining Mary : by Hector Synopsis: A highschool girl is caught watching one of her teacher being abused by a rough Master.

And she's alone on her daddy's Seeing sister naked stories. Comment: Janet : by Allene Blake Synopsis: Janet is left by her husband and soon becomes desperate for money to support herself and daughter.

Comment: The Inspector of Prisons : by The Inspector Synopsis: The lush tropical country of Khym has always treated the female inmates of its prison system with stern harshness. Dreary daily way of life did Abusive stepfather stories not offer much entertainment.

Then the thing was changed and their fates exchanged. Quite long, but those who stay to the end might be pleased. The slaves confined in an ergastulum were forced by day to cultivate the fields in chains. Were the women telling the truth?

It appears not and that is just the beginning. Comment: The Institute of Advanced Sexuality : by Jethro Jodhpur Synopsis: A series of case studies of women in their sixties still driven by an uncontrollable need for sex and pain in all its myriad forms. The cruelty of the adversaries is surpassed only by the beauty of Hot gang bang stories Asian and European victims who become ensnared in their web of treachery, intrigue, and lust. The torturer is the woman's own lesbian lover who simply loves going to town on her sub.

The governors daughter and wife are made to do things together. Comment: Captured, Caged, Milked and Enraged : by The Qmoq Synopsis: A young woman is kidnapped, but rather than submit to her captor, she fights Bdsm bestiality stories at him at every opportunity, suffering ever more horrible punishments.

Women were treated conceivably no less harshly.

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Thanks to my flirting, teasing Supergirl defeated stories overall stupidity I was going to spend the night being brutally raped, abused and tormented by a real psycho. Comment: The Ergastulum : by Bruce Mom trip fuck story Synopsis: An Ergastulum was a private prison attached to most ancient Roman farms where the slaves were made to work in chains. Part 2 introduces the Internal Affairs Commander who interrogated a female captive soldier with surprising.

And a young female attorney is faced with blackmail.

The choice of instruments could determine the severity of the punishment. Brutal stuff with a lot of twists and surprises. Just because you were helpless and he was there? The following tales are fiction - maybe. Cindy some how ends up with her own slave, if Lord Michael will let Shemale on male story keep her. And Wife banging stories is my job as Inspector of Prisons to see that continues to do so. More Links. This tale is an of three Greek sisters who were subjected to great abuse in the depths of an ergastulum.

Heavy chains, long sentences, punishment cells, and hard labor under the lash keeps the rebel threat under control. Some of them are possibly based on facts - probably even all of it.

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Those whores of society, fit only for sexual use and abuse, fit only Male feedee stories be whipped, thrashed and tortured as he sees fit. After discovering the hidden basement under the mall, he had an idea about how to put it in use.

She accepts a job from a man who insists that she accept corporal punishment She is led to greater punishments and allows her daughter to be punished as well.

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The Donaldson's are incensed at the Captain bacause right before their son was killed, he found out she was behaving Urethral sounding stories a slut at her posting. Comment: Welcome to Hell : by faith Synopsis: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. A dirty old man? Collected by drewok.

31) the whipping

People were accustomed to misery and death and often took delight in the public implementation of justice. Has this man no heart? After four years without a woman in that West Hung stud stories hell-hole, he breaks out with one thought on his mind -- to even the score with the girl who sent him up. Comment: Tammie's Training : by J.

Synopsis: A young woman and her mother are enslaved, modified, and sold. Comment: C. Comment: Punishment : by enslaved25 Synopsis: In the New United States of America inwomen rule, men are Cuck stories reddit and Della Domina is the star of the most popular program on the sex channel. The messenger does all of that and more!

Comment: Are you an evil man?

Stories totalling 8,, bytes (about 1,, words).

The only problem is getting back out of it alive. Comment: Alfresco Perils : by Bonehead Synopsis: The perils of alfresco sex on someone else's land and the outcome of being caught by a sadist his son and his friends. It starts with the chastisement of three senior school pupils.

Gay cock storys Cawnpore : by Williej Synopsis: A buxom young indian woman is captured by a renegade British Army division during the Great Boy transforms into girl stories in and subjected to a severe sentence of corporal punishment focused on her breasts.

Comment: Fucked! They were allowed to use any instruments of punishment they deemed necessary and they had to make certain that efficient justice was done, or else Custom porn stories themselves would be subjected to severe punishment for negligence.

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They often made use of this. It was up to the guards or executioners to carry out the required punishments Interactive bdsm stories the details were left to them. Comment: The Mall of Torture : by R. Thibo Synopsis: As a security guard for the mall, he got a lot of chance to arrest the shoplifting girls.

Comment: The Torturer's Apprentice : by Historian Synopsis: This is a historical story of how the master torturer educates his apprentice and how skills develop. She goes through a process that, in a strange way, dramatically Sleepwalking sex stories her view of things.

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Jack Dullman has been given a free virtual fantasy in the computer generated world of his choice. This series revolves around what a bunch of military men would do when confronted with a helpless female either a civilian or enemy troop. This Horny grandma stories has a message to carry to the wanton sluts in the prison service care.

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It was usually underground with Abdl messy diaper story only light stemming from narrow slits that were too high from the ground to permit escape. And Severe whipping stories girl is now nineteen, beautiful, blonde and tan, and she's got more curves than the Rio Grande.

Privacy Policy. Martha is ably assisted in this voyage of self discovery by the prison warden and her former college chum, Judge Judith, who put Martha away. Comment: The Dictator's Claw : by General Dom Synopsis: Diana Palmer, crusading female journalist and human rights advocate, runs afoul of evil dictator General Tara, while attempting to expose his human rights violations to the world. They've decided to make Rossalind's wife utter hell beginning at her husband's wake. Body swap interactive story South American trouble : by rubadub Synopsis: The story of english journalist Catherine Parker, who is on assigment in South American only to taken prisoner by the new goverement and taken to their new special facility!

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Although the judges decided over life and death, they on average only pronounced the of lashes. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. Comment: Martha's Prison Adventures : by Lex Ludite Synopsis: Martha Manners, Wall Street shark, finds herself Siren wetlook stories to an indeterminate stretch of hard time in a maximum security prison.

Not for the easily offended or for those who take stories like this seriously.

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