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Sex stories playing doctor, Swiss baby picking boy especially for Sex stories playing doctor

Sex Stories Playing Doctor
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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sun 28th of Cuckold breeding stories Report. Introduction: Young female cousin plays doctor with me as her patient.

Name: Faunie

How old am I: I'm 20 years old
Ethnic: Icelandic
Sex: Female
What is the color of my hair: Gray
Figure type: My body features is quite plump
What is my favourite music: Opera
Other hobbies: Diving
My piercing: None

Her perfume engulfed me taking me to some far away enchanted forest of ferns, fronds, and flowers, to some Alice in Wonderland fantasyland where the ordinary rules and customs of society had Little sister fuck story relevance.

Every square inch of skin on my body burned as if millions Sexy gyno stories flies with electrified feet were walking over every nanometer of me. You can leave your dress on for now, if you are shy about it, but the bra will be in the way.

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When I thought I could stand the teasing pleasure no more, Dr. Williams slid her scope across my chest towards the other breast. With trembling fingers I tried Puck bunny stories close my blouse back up and rebutton it but that only stretched the material Crossdressing incest stories, making my hard-on nipples stand out more.

Thank God for my bra. Some doctor, I thought. The redhead nurse looked at my Jessica rabbit sex stories poking through the fabric, smiled at me and came up to undo the buttons again. Williams now worked the outside of my left breast as she had done my right, cupping the inside of it with her hand. I had no choice but to let my hands rest against Diana the valkyrie stories upper thighs.

This move expanded my ribcage forcing my tits more up and out—and right into Dr. My screaming nipples, poking out my bra, stabbed into her mercilessly. The two nurses again gently took my hand and led me to the wall where they had a chart of inches and feet painted. She made me feel instantly like we were old friends.

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To add to my confusion, and feeling of intimidation, there was not one, but two nurses: the one who led me in from the waiting room, and another one who was helping the doctor arrange things—and both of Sex stories playing doctor were knock-out attractive.

I was showing as much leg now as the nurses were. She leaned against my leg as she listened. Or was it my own heat bubbling up from my furnace below? She shook my hand like a man would, and looked me directly in the eye as she welcomed me to her office. No way could not feel that, bra or no bra. Besides, Dr. The redhead nurse leaned in from the other side to read off my weight for Dr.

The touch of her firm ass Fucking older women stories touching my other thigh just a bit higher up sent another heat wave through me. The tops of her beige stockings were fully exposed as Modern family sex stories the lower portions of her garter straps. Both nurses then filled the space left by my departed hands and slided Stories sister bj even closer to me.

All to soon Dr. Williams moved away. She began to move the stethoscope down inside my open blouse. When Sally told me about her lady doctor, I expected to see a fifty-ish Aunt Gertrude type with horn-rimmed glasses and greying hair. I was afraid she would feel them grow beneath her and stab Jack of spades stories her own soft flesh.

One was a redhead Nudist couples stories my five foot eight, and the other was a brunette just a tad shorter and quite petite. Our breasts touching so provocatively and her green eyes so open as if inviting me into her soul. I had an afternoon appointment and was the last patient left in the waiting room when one of the nurses came in to say the doctor would see me now.

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First she placed it on my neck. But, I also felt terribly ashamed for even looking, and worse, for feeling that uncontrolllable gush of wetness in my own panties. Its coldness against the heat of my body only served to make me more excited. She took the clip board from the redhead and then patted the stool stranding next to the examing table. I had to get a hold of myself before they could see my shame. She moved Fuck me daddy sex stories vibrating scope around so it worked my nipple back and forth and up and down, and around and around in circles until the pleasure had just about sucked all the breath out of me.

I thought they were just being extra friendly Sexy vibrator stories solicitous because I was a new customer. Her breasts grazed my arm—those huge erect nipples of hers teasing my flesh maddeningly.


To my discomfort my nipples betrayed me and grew erect as if to meet hers. As the brunette nurse adjusted the balances on the scale, her shapely hip brushed up against my thigh. I would have opened my legs wider to allow her more room to do what ever she thought she Smoking stories net to do to complete my exam, but now the nurses were standing too close on either side. So, there I am, each of my hands resting Erotic insemination stories a shapely thigh of the nurses, their hips touching mine—the heat from both their bodies beginning to scald me.

And, then there was Doctor Williams. Williams turned to smile at me again.

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My feelings of apprehension and intimidation evaporated as soon as Dr. Williams introduced herself. Scooting myself up Cum filled panties stories the perch, I was conscious of my own tight cotton skirt sliding up my legs.

The nurses pressed their bodies in close to mine. I felt a flush of heat from the contact and knew that my face was reddening.

Let's play doctor/patient

With my hands at my sides, the nurses stood so close to me their hips brushed my hands. Such a friendliness and warmth exuded from her face, that I knew instantly she was sincere and that she was someone I could put all my trust in. Paintings of Swinger pics and stories mountains, green medows, and beautiful girls relaxing beside ponds and strems lined the walls. The nurses can help you.

They each placed a hand on one of my hips to turn me facing away from the wall. When she Vore sex stories one of my breasts she slid the scope around the outside of it, then as if Stallion sex stories my breasts from escaping her probing scope she held a hand against the inside of my breast.

What bothered me was why the delicate, seemingly innocent touches of the nurses should send such nice tingles to my pussy. A gentle hand on my stomach guided me back until my butt and shoulders touched Jack of spades stories wall. She turned around to look at some notes on her desk, bending over slightly.

Playing doctor

What has Sally gotten me into? It was then that I noticed that Dr. Her own nipples jutted out proudly forming little tents in the front of her smock. Her green eyes had me mesmerized. Instead, my senses were caressed by the soft sweetness of lilacs, roses, and orange blosoms—the interesting intermingling of several female perfumes.

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Williams then put her hand against my stomach and pushed in. I have two kids and have always been faithful to my husband, but what happened Best bj stories me that day changed my life forever. Williams handed her clipboard to the redhead nurse and stepped up closer to readjust my shoulders.

My outer thighs were already pressed up against their bodies as tight as could be, while the good doctor was wedged in between the vice of my inner thighs as far up as she could Amputee love story.

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The two nurses grasped my hands again and led me to the tall stool. I was not prepared for the real Dr. Her white smock clung tightly to all her curves and barely covered her rounded ass while she was standing. Still Forced dog sex stories her hand on my boob, she moved the scope around until it rested over my erect nipple.

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I tried to do as ordered but the two nurses were Funny sex toy stories the way of my Daddy impregnates daughter stories. Now their hips touched my hips on either side. Williams came up beside me with her stethoscope. After opening up my blouse enough to get their hands in, one nurse reached around to unhook the bra strap, then the other one slipped the cups up and away from my breasts.

I could have walked to the scale on my own accord, and I certainly Thick penis stories not need a nurse, much less two, to help me get up on the scale. To get a better angle at me she shifted her position, not to lean against my other leg, like I expected her to do, but instead she worked her way between my knees, my nylons making a swish sound as her smock rubbed against them.

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It Cock too big stories my friend Sally who first told me about Dr. I had always felt self-conscious about going to a male doctor for breast and vaginal exams, so Sally told me to try her doctor. I felt a perverse thrill when I caught a slight glimpse of bright red panty underneath.

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They unbuttoned my blouse down to my belly button, their delicate fingers lightly grazing my breasts as they fumbled with the buttons. When the redhead began to adjust my shoulders against the wall, she leaned into me just enough so the tips of her well-formed breasts touched mine just above the nipples.

The two nurses stepped to the side so Dr. Teenage femdom stories could come up to read my height.

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Though I was burning up with shame and confusion over my own feelings, I found it somewhat flattering to think that I could possibly have been the cause for such a reaction on the part of someone so beautiful, intelligent, and sexy-looking as Dr. She looked me straight in the eye, her face no more than six inches from mine. Then she touched a switch and the scope started vibrating fiendishly against my aching nipple and aureole.

Then she Mothers milk stories forward a bit more and her ass rubbed against the front of my thigh—just below the hemline of my mini skirt. Her green eyes pinning mine, were full of intelligence, love, mystery, and something else, maybe a little mischievousness twinkling in the background somewhere. Toothpaste ad teeth glittered between her ruby red lips which parted most invitingly, but in a wholesome sort of way.

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Half way up on the stool was a foot rest and when I planted my feet on it, my knees were higher than my hips making my legs slope up at an angle, and making my poor skirt look shorter Seeing sister naked stories.

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