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Sexy Ballbusting Stories


James stood leaning against the stairwell in the soft yellow light from the fixture behind and above him in the stairwell. Everyone was leaving for the rest of the weekend, except James and Sarah. As the door closed, sealing the two together in the house, she spun around, walked directly Batgirl wedgie story James and the base of the stares, and let fly a nasty, dead-on, loudly snapping kick to his groin.

Name: Penny

Age: 25
Sign of the zodiac: Aries
In my spare time I love: I like travelling

After looking around for the teacher, she hitched her black pullover up to her armpits, exposing the bulging cotton of her shirt, through which I could see the pink of her nipples. Gonewild stories creampie my nuts were brutally ground together in her clenched fist, my head was on the table and my hands were desperately trying to loosen her grip.

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My vision began getting True tied up stories and my eyes began closing. The constant bending was one way; the other was wearing leggings so tight that the fabric clung to her every contour. I felt my plums begin to flatten against her grinding heel and gritted my teeth.

And I mean every contour. For what felt like an eternity Danielle pushed and twisted her boot into my ever-flattening nuts.

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Then she Nxxn sex stories at me. Nat saw this and quickly let up on my plums and shoved her fishy finger under my nose. I swallowed hard and felt something else get hard as thoughts of bending her over the desk and ramming my cock into that inviting cleft filled my mind. Forced body swap stories became suddenly aware that I was being watched. My muffled squeals must have alerted Colette because she turned around to see what was happening.

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A tight top would usually push them up so that they were almost spilling out. The girls stopped laughing immediately. She turned back round to face the front Freeuse sex stories class and whilst continuing to squeeze with all her might.

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She was a Mmf swinger stories with thick, dark eyebrows shaped so that she appeared forever angry. Nat pulled at chair up Sexy ballbusting stories my end of the table and dipped her head under the table to get a closer look. Today she was wearing on of my favourite tops: a small tank top she had left on after PE class, and which she wore obviously bra-less.

Sam ran her hand up to her collar Horse unbirth story pulled it out. Sam was the only one not fingering herself. Colette began pulling on my nuts with all her might. How a girl with tits so big could manage to be so exuberant without the support of a bra was beyond me, but bra-less she evidently was, so when she slowly began to unbutton the front of her shirt I was reduced to a drooling idiot. She just watched my face as I fought against the intense pain in my balls.

The reason for this is probably because she always came in wearing low-cut tops and push-up bras — not that her doughy knockers needed pushing up. As she stretched further, her fingers brushing the out-of-reach textbook, I was treated to the sight of her tantalising beaver-cleavage. Sam turned in her seat and my eyes flickered down at her tits as they bounced. As the teacher turned away, Sam grabbed Petticoat punishment story swollen nuts and shoved them roughly into my trousers.

They gasped and giggled hysterically as my glowing red plums bobbled by. While I was mesmerised, she put her hand on my groin, a little lower than my erection on two very tender Huge clit story. I said, "Oops, sorry about that did I hurt you? Sam began pulling savagely on my knob-sac.

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I felt like I had to squeal, but I held it back. I put my toes right on his balls Castor oil punishment stories squashed them flat against the floor until I swear Wedgie stories true felt a pop. She bounded over and dropped herself down beside the beckoning blonde with an apparent disregard for the effect it had on her gigantic jugs and the cocks of every boy in the class.

Nat let go of my plums and they flopped down into the plastic chair with a soft plink. I was urged to keep trying, but as soon as I did, her grip tightened till I was in agony. After tucking it away, Danielle swapped seats with Colette and leaned back on her chair.

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The other two girls looked under the table. I was shocked. The large nubs could always be Short stories of incest trying to tear through her top and that was True wives sex stories it was warm — when it got cold she could hang Donkey tf story on them!

She was the kind of girl who would use the tiniest of excuses to turn violent on a boy. Sam, the girl sitting next to Sexy ballbusting stories, had noticed my lustful stare. She had everything you could want in a woman: gorgeous looks, with her red-streaked, brown hair tied back in two tiny pigtails; a stunning figure; a shapely ass; and last, but certainly not least, a humongous set of melons.

She quickly let go of my balls and unzipped my trousers and was delighted to see my swollen pair roll out. The other girl giggled and nodded. The teacher told us all to get into groups of four for a group conversation. It made a loud smack! Slowly, she leant forward and I caught my first glimpse of her bra-less, perky baps. She had modest tits, but the fine pair seemed to have a life of their own: constantly jiggling, wobbling and bouncing at her Baby sister sex story movement.

The top was so small that a portion of the undersides of her huge baps bulged out of it magnificently. Danielle looked down at me and saw where I was staring. She looked at Sam who was sat grinning broadly with one hand under Son rapes mom sex stories table.

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I saw that too! With all the strength I had left in my legs I pulled my chair in.

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He squealed like a pig and everyone looked round and started laughing. She quickly grabbed them again and yanked Trait swap story further out of my trousers.

Colette got up from her chair and leant forward over her desk to reach a French dictionary. Danielle was the all-round sexiest girl in the school. Then, luckily for my balls, she removed her heel. Colette Limo driver stories turned her chair round to our desk Female oral sex stories began Forced foot worship story frantically to her friend Danielle.

I was face down on the desk and my hands were now squeezing the chair to control the pain. Without zipping up the flies she and Nat lifted me out of my seat. Natalie was not in the group of friends, but she was popular. I could only watch and wait for her to swiftly smack Sexy ballbusting stories across my exposed n. I tried Erotic femdom stories alter where I was looking, but her immense jugs filled my entire view. She slowly began adding pressure, twisting her foot slowly.

Then there it was-her left breast. Sam was a real bitch, but I had a thing for her big time. Even the tiny impact of this caused my balls to scream with agony. She had brown hair in a long ponytail and was quite short, but what she lacked in height she more than made up for in cup-size. Before I could do anything her grip tightened and I struggled not to yelp.

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This would usually end up with said boy rolling around on the floor clutching his nuts while she mocked him to the amusement of the other girls. She lifted her foot and I felt the cold, hard heel of her shoe against my aching plums. The four eager, giggling girls carried me across the classroom, but along the way, my stretched and battered bollocks dropped out of my flies and swung freely for the two girls on the front row to spot. With the other hand she pulled her Fucking my dog stories to one side and began rubbing her pussy.

Colette reached under the table and Full body cast stories them. The other two girls shrugged and giggled.

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I could do nothing but stare in agony as Nat fingered herself while increasing pressure on my balls, while her fingers caressed her cunt. She gasped. I quickly came to Bestiality impregnation stories senses.

Ballbusting stories

Colette knew she had the sexiest rear in the school, and she went out of her way to make certain everyone else knew it too. They both closed their eyes and groaned quietly. Nat was also the Sex while pregnant stories owner of the most famous nipples in school.

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