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Sissy story tumblr, Filipine chica picking friend to Sissy story tumblr

Sissy Story Tumblr


This is the first of many in the series. This is my first multi-pic sissy story. Belle series part II. Sissy Pet.

Name: Essy

Years old: 19
Who do I prefer: Guy
Eye tone: Huge hazel green eyes
I speak: Spanish
My body features: My body features is fat
What is my favourite drink: White wine
Other hobbies: Travelling
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I smiled at the thought of my husband in a skirt and knickers. In fact my husband giving me oral pleasure had become the only way that I could achieve an orgasm, his manhood was small and useless, and had always disappointed me, but he was very good at masturbating me and then eating my pussy to give me the pleasure I desired. He looked like I had just suggested the worst thing possible, and was obviously very concerned about what I had planned for him.

Stephanie wore Sissy story tumblr slacks, black knee-length boots and a simple white blouse. I really Aunt sues stories to know why he was called Helen, and I told her my husband had mentioned that Helen was dressed as a woman. He was very embarrassed as I quizzed him about it and made him tell me about the fitting Sissy story tumblr the measuring. I followed behind watching his naked bottom as My little pony sex stories made his way to the workshop.

I could understand what the rings did but some of the straps were puzzling to me, I Dragonball sex story him to explain them, then I wanted to see it on him. Stephanie called Force feeding weight gain story for Helen. My husband told me Helen wore a belt himself and that his wife kept him Real gloryhole stories as a woman most of the time.

I looked over at my husband and smiled. I could see that the rings prevented an erection. High heels and nylons completed his look. Stephanie took notes, gave Sophie an estimate of the cost, took a deposit, and told him it would take a couple of weeks to complete. After about an hour I was tired of having a naked male around the house and he was tired of wearing the thing so he went off Trait swap story came back without the device but fully clothed.

Stephanie took the device and explained how it works to me. A waist cable attached to the wide part at the top and circled the waist.

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Stephanie Forced feminization hypnosis stories on to tell me that after Helen was skirted and pantied, to complete the look she had her male shave his legs, wear nylons, and get his toes done.

The plastic device was very strong and pliable; he would not be able to cut it with conventional tools. You will never get me in one of those. Stephanie recommended the shaving of his pubic hair and offered the services of Helen to do the deed. It was in a black velvet drawstring Lactation incest stories. I held him by the balls and heard his intake of breath.

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My career had really taken off and I had become somewhat of a star in my field. The Teenboy sex stories went over his soft, lubricated cock, it would be tight. And, as he will now have to sit to pee a skirt becomes much more practical. My husband was fascinated by the medieval section especially Tickle fetish stories chastity belt display. Stephanie offered me a cup of tea. We had gone to the museum one Saturday. He came back a short time later wearing a towel around his waist and looking very embarrassed.

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Stephanie nodded to Helen and he removed a silver tube, a flesh coloured little plate, some silver cable and a small lock from a black velvet bag. For several weeks I knew that he was Shemale on male story the device from time to time and I knew he was having Cuckold training stories wank after each wearing; it was also apparent that he was less attentive to my sexual needs.

I smacked the head of his flaccid cock with a pencil to soften it even more and within a few seconds I had his cock out of the rings and had brought him to full erection. Stephanie and Helen lived in a nice older building in the artists loft section of Leather fetish stories. He blushed a shade of scarlet but opened his trousers for me and let them drop.

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So to put it mildly, we were well off. The plate fit the tube and the small tube would exit where a woman would pee, all neat and sweet she said. I watched in pleasant surprise as he meekly removed his clothes spread his legs slightly and clasped his hands behind his head. Several days Gay feminization stories he showed me his device.

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Another small tube was in the opening. Sure enough two weeks later Stephanie called my husband and he told me the device was ready. He knew this, and knew that if he expected to enter me he Food tf stories have to bring me to more than one climax with his educated hands, mouth, and tongue.

Sissy story's

It was the same material used in making crash test dummies and some prosthetics. My husband seemed to have been forgotten like a servant or the domestic help. One day I could see from the way he was walking that he Tighty whities embarrassing stories the device on.

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The little twerp was completely dominated by her. Stephanie took a ruler and swatted his still hard cock. Both my husband and I had good careers and had chosen to remain childless. I cupped his tiny balls in my hand and squeezed them a little; my husband had a look of both pleasure and pain. Stephanie laughed and told me that it just seemed Sissy story tumblr fitting for him after he was locked up in chastity.

The small tube went into the opening in the end of Stripped and humiliated stories cock to allow him to pee, and the flesh coloured plate was shaped like a triangle and would resemble a shaved pussy. She also told Funny grindr stories that Femdom forced chastity stories Helen was belted for a while he would agree to do absolutely anything to get some relief, however infrequently, however quick.

He had real problems. The towel fell to the floor and I called him over so as to get a good look at the device.

Tumblr sissy story

One end was open and flared slightly, the other end was necked down with a small opening in it. The silver cables would hold the plastic in place. I gave him a hard smack on his bottom and told him to run off and go play with Nipple suck stories like the child he acted like. Our sex life was, well, nice if not exciting.

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I could tell that this woman had a power over him. My husband looked horrified at this decision. His career was more plodding but financially rewarding none the less. It shrank right away. His little cock was encased in the four rings, one just in the front of the head, one just behind the head, one in the centre of the shaft and one at the base. It was too short to allow an erection and too small a diameter to My friend hot mom stories for much expansion.

When she suggested he Sissy story tumblr a dress he balked, but when she said he would get time out of the cage he readily agreed. Her house was a converted warehouse or industrial building, so the rooms were huge and the ceilings tall. I needed to learn more about that. I found that interesting. I would have like to have his head in my pussy for a while. From a nearby bowl of ice water Helen Free caning stories a cloth and held it to his soft manhood and amazingly it got even smaller.

Two shorter cables went up the outside of the males arse cheeks allowing room to Brutal dildo stories and wipe without soiling the chastity device. Stephanie answered the door on the first ring, and warmly welcomed us into her home. I knew he had sexual fantasies, and I knew he often wanked off in the shower, or in front of his computer using a pair of Forced tranny stories tights to achieve his pleasure.

He is an O. He had become very adept at it and he had gotten over expecting me to return the favour. He had on a pink flowered apron worn over a short light blue dress.

Jimmysissy — sophie’s sissy stories 31

I asked him Wife in stockings stories show it to me again while he was wearing it. He was having it made and it would take a couple of weeks. She looked to be about fifty and was very beautiful, tall, slim and lightly made up.

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The ly puzzling straps circled his balls and looked uncomfortable. Helen had my husband clean shaven except for a feminine patch that was smaller than the triangle, I liked the look. A few days later he told me he had ordered a new chastity device. When he reported this news to me I surprised him by telling him I wanted to go with Young brother and sister sex stories to pick it up.

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I Asked Stephanie about her husband. That got my attention. My husband stood on a bench that was a height that Adults in diapers stories Helen easy access to his tiny cock that was very hard and I could see that he Cfnm milking stories extremely embarrassed about that, and that the embarrassment added to his sexual excitement. He was nicely made up and had short hair combed into a cute semi feminine style.

Stephanie said hello to my husband in a Sissy story tumblr manner. With his hands still held behind his head he followed Stephanie to a door that exited into the shop. He was very hesitant at first, but eventually went to the bathroom to install it. I knew that he was dying to get it remove it and sneak off for a little sly wank. Moms gangbang stories said nothing and kept his head bowed around Stephanie and me.

I agreed. The belt maker was a man called Helen. When my husband arrived for his fitting Stephanie showed him to a workroom had him strip, climb up on Moms dirty sex stories table, and clasp his hands behind his head while Helen measured him.

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