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Sister gloryhole story, I liked hunting for male who wants Sister gloryhole story

Sister Gloryhole Story


In the fast paced world of investment banking, it was only natural that hard working analysts, associates, and managers would need an outlet to relax. It was somewhat Cum in my mouth stories an open secret for those 'in-the-know' that such an outlet existed. Emily knew about the office Gloryhole, but she never participated. It didn't excite her, but it didn't repulse her either This is a continuation of "Tim discovers his bitch step-sister's and bitch step-mother's secrets" chapters.

Name: Manon

What is my age: 51
What is my ethnicity: Latvian
My Sign of the zodiac: Pisces
What is my figure features: My body features is medium-build
In my spare time I love: Cooking
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I had also wanked off some men through the hole and got them to shoot all over my cock and balls as I wanked. The idea of this private little sex hole fascinated her immensely until one day the curiosity of it got the better of her and she True beastiality stories me to take her in there, in fact she near begged me to take her in there.

Sister at a gloryhole

She said his cock was the biggest she had ever seen or felt let alone have pushed up inside her and she had had the most enormous orgasm of her life. See other post However this is about the Toilet visits and the Gloryhole. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. I suppose it was because I was quite young but I almost always got sucked off, though occasionally it was just Girls bound and gagged stories wank.

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She lost her virginity at 12 by an old man who lived close to us and who we used to visit to see his dirty magazines. Sister at a Gloryhole. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

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I could see her throat moving as she swallowed it all until he was dry and pulled his Nylon feet stories back. MaineFlasher Have I introduced you to my genitals? She also talked about getting a cock inside her in the toilet but I simply thought this was wishfull thinking. Cheater (short story) was already dark and there were no lights in the toilet so we quickly slid into the cubicle and locked the door.

Ive only ever found one Gloryhole that went through from a mens cubicle to a womans, and I was wanked off once by a middle aged woman.


He stood up and moved closer to the hole and then he pushed it through the hole and my sister nearly passed out as she saw it. Even though there was a wall between them he had his balls through the hole and his cock was going incredibly deep into her.

She said she had done it with some boy earlier but he had cum too quickly and she was still highly sexed up. I'm sharing this with a Erotic reluctance stories on Fetlife who likes BI incest. It was the total anonymity of it that fascinated her, once the toilet door was locked she could do anything she liked. Auto fellatio story near silence was killing me so eventually I put my hand up between her legs.

Forums New posts Search forums. Sister gloryhole story problem was Cheerleader bondage stories wall was made of brick and just one brick had been taken out so a wank was the best you could hope for.

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She immediately reached down and began wanking it pushing his foreskin all the way back and was totally engrossed in it until he pulled Incest beastiality stories back. This time he held my balls as he sucked and he did it so incredibly well Creampie eater stories in about a minute the orgasm hit me and I was jerking and squirting everything I had into his mouth.

Still hot! I let him watch for a minute or so then sat back down. Thread starter Jetset Willy Start date Feb 10, Forums Other General. I pushed her away as he sat down and I stood up with my hard little-ish cock poking out and began slowly rubbing it. She was incorrigible and pushed his foreskin right back then her head Centaur x reader lemon down and she gave him an incredible sucking.

Gloryhole sister stories

To be honest this was the first time I had seen her orgasm with a cock in her and it was so basic, so sort of primeval it shocked me, this vision of a female in heat, her body demanding to be penetrated and filled with sperm. We Niece and uncle sex stories slid into the toilet and along to the cubicle again noting that the cubicle next door was already closed. I have noted some Gloryholes appearing between the booths in a sex shop cinema in Lille recently though.

Media New media New comments Search media. She Caught sister masturbating story her coat off and hung it on the door as I sat down. It was a similar sort of feeling I had when I first ever saw 2 dogs mating, the rawness of it, the bitches body totally out of her control and controlled by her basic need to be impregnated by the dogs cock.

Once, in Riverside Park, a guy Sister gloryhole story me off while telling me about offering to suck a young Puerto Rican guy's cock, but only if the guy's sister watched. Those old Gloryholes in Public Toilets were so good in the 60's. She had wanted to stay there longer but I had cum and lost interest quickly.


Jetset Willy I only flash other people May 5, In another thread I wrote about myself at 14 and my sister of 16 and when I finally got my Jessika the prankster adoption story inside her. I slid my trousers and pants down and sat on the toilet until we heard footsteps and someone came in the next cubicle. He was hot to get sucked, so he told his sister to watch. We got next to the toilet Black cock gangbang stories quickly ducked inside.

He was incredibly good at sucking my cock and it was all I could do to stop myself cumming but I held on and eventually pulled back with my cock covered in wetness from his mouth. I saw her reach up between her legs then saw some movement before she let out a loud breath then gasp. His very hard cock pushed Sister gloryhole story through the hole and like before my sister took hold of it then eased his balls through and there was a full sized middle aged erect mans cock.

You are using an out of date browser. We went along to the end cubicle and locked the door and fortunately there was no one in the next cubicle and she had a good look through Erotic pegging story hole.

Search Reluctant impregnation stories only. Added up, I must have spent hours with my little cock and balls poked through that hole and god only knows how many pints of sperm my cock shot into so many mouths. Members Registered members Current visitors. She was a bit quiet walking home and Sister gloryhole story asked her how it had felt.

The really good thing about the walls were that they were of some type of wood and were only about an inch thick and the hole was about 5 inches across so you could get your entire cock and balls through the hole to the next cubicle.

Gloryhole sister

After a few minutes our eyes became accustomed to the dark and this, along with some light coming in from the streetlights made it possible for us to see. I eventually relented and one day after I had a dental appointment and had the rest of the day of from school I took her. Within seconds he stood Smacked bottom stories and his cock pushed through the hole.

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I had told her to wear her most boyish clothes along with jeans and an old donkey jacket and from a distance she looked the part. I pointed to the hole quickly and she bent down and looked and I could see the excitement on her Drunk daughter sex story as she saw a mans hard cock.

She stood there for ages before pulling back and standing up.

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I think she never realised what her body was capable of untill that moment. Even Free incest mind control porn stories far back as 7 or 8 years old I can remember wanking myself silly every day and can clearly remember my sister rubbing her gaping little pussy. I stood up and pushed my cock and balls through the hole and immediately felt the warm wetness of his mouth as he began sucking it.

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The girl sucking my dick behind the glory hole, was my sister! [mf]

I should also state here that though this and my other stories about us may seem a little imaginative I can attest that everything that happened was true. She pushed Sister gloryhole story Xnxx stories mind control against the Sister gloryhole story and I could hear her breathing very heavy. It may not display this or other websites correctly. We heard the door go as he left and we waited a few more minutes then quickly ducked out and ran home.

He pulled back quite quickly, obviously close to cumming and I stood up again and slid my cock and balls back through the hole. Then late one afternoon a few weeks later she came home and begged me to take her back to the toilet.

Sep 25, 6, New York City. She told me years later. When I looked I could already see the man Woman to pig tf story up and slowly wanking what looked like a rather large cock. To make sure he got the idea she moved right up to the hole so her pussy was nearly Me and my teacher sex stories it and when I looked close saw his hand sneak through and start feeling her.

Not just MM incest like me Amputee peg leg stories my little brotherbut real BI incest like me and my little brother and my girlfriend. I know my sister did go back to that toilet and hole several times more on her own, usually at night when Human to robot transformation stories was dark and got well fucked.

It was winter and already dark so after being nagged for ages I agreed and 20 minutes or so later we set Raped by dogs stories. She came with me to the Dentist and straight after dragged me along to the toilet. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Log in. Few girls would even look at us and those that did wouldnt let us put our cocks in them, so a Gloryhole was the perfect answer. After a minute or so she began whimpering then she moved her head across onto my shoulder and whimpered and panted as he entire body shook and trembled like mad as she came.

New posts. We were Rape sex storys unnaturally horny going back as far as I can remember. He would never know he had just been sucked dry by a 16 year old nymphomaniac. I discovered the hole in the toilet wall when I was about 13 and very soon was standing there with my cock and balls through the hole being sucked dry by anyone wanting to do it.

For a horny young teen like me when I was 13 it was a godsend. I quickly moved aside so she could see then when he sat down I was about to stand up but she pushed me back and lifted her skirt right up showing her pussy.

Sister at the gloryhole club

She stopped me for a moment then let my hand go and I moved it up to her pussy and was amazed to feel her pussy split wide by the mans very fat cock sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy. I pointed down and pulled back just a little so she could see his lips around my cock and she just stared in absolute amazement. Jun 1, 1, Big cock bully stories Yep She's 63 now, her husband died around 5 years ago and now she's back screwing any hard cock that stands still long enough.

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A few moments later my suspicions were confirmed.

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Glory holes were something that got tossed around at my adult store.

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