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Slime Girl X Male Reader


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Name: Joleen

My age: 31
Tint of my iris: Lustrous brown eyes
Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
What I like to drink: Rum

It hard to think that this is the infamous Shego, one of the most powerfulest and evilest villains in the world. You looked down the corridor behind her to see that Gay prostitute stories as broken down twenty cells, in a sector of forty, devouring everyone in them.

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She reeled you into her gelatinous body in a near whole body hug. You walked up to an airtight bulletproof glass door with a key pad next to it. With a loud burp she patted her now larger belly which has doubled in size. The top of the feminineizing Girl tied up stories turned dark green portrayed as hair as it poured over her plumped shoulders and down to her growing shelf of a butt.

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She dropped the dangling prisoner into her mouth and down her throat. In front of you was a twelve foot tall obese green blob holding one of the prisoners in one hand and another one dangling over Torrid stories of sex blob"s mouth. Without warning she slid forward causing your body to go right through her body and out the other end covering you with her slime. You heard the muffled screams Sex stories double penetration the prisoner as they dissolved into her goo.

You can see that she was still unhappy about your early departure as her body had become more gelatinous, melted look as she slowly slid back to her tub.

Female characters x male reader

To have any piece Reluctant lesbian sex stories her escaping would bad, even with her less evil self. They laugh and make kissy faces at you, mocking you and this prisoner. She smiled a little and shook her head in agreement. You could see Shego getting slightly bigger as she took up more of the floor"s space.

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As a matter of fact, when she was first brought into her current holding cell she was still her slender normal size but still a blob self. With her new size they was so large that you could sleep in between them. Shego is happy you here!

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Her hips and butt was twice as massive as they stuck out to the point where you could literally Horse anal fucking stories on them. When you were ased this prisoner almost a year ago you felt embarrassed by their mockery as you tried to deny anything they say. Taking Old sex stories your sincerity card you swipe it on the keypad and typed in a code that only you know. Inside the tub was a greenish goo that was near overflowing as it appeared to be wiggling on it"s own.

You ignore the sounds of the prisoners mocking you as you pass their cells. You shot out of your bed and looked out of your room to see several caretakers runing pass you. Large chubby arms separated from the main mass as the shape of a portly woman came to fruition. Now you walked stone faced as you stop caring about what some criminals thought of you. It quickly clicked that this blob was Shego. You watched the prisoner sink into her stomach as you became horrified by what you saw. They always get particular rowdy when you bring food to your ased prisoner.

Yandere slime girl x male reader

They can be so abusive to you as you weren"t really a large guy like the other caretakers. You could see that was was not only taller but wider. You Forced to suck dick stories the door pistons unlock as air escaped with a hiss.

She had this big grin as her eyes darted to the cart of food.

Universal love (f!yanderes x m!reader)

Repeating the same process as you did with the other door you entered into a large white tile concrete room with no windows. It all started when she was in a lab accident caused by Dr. The chemical concoction resulted in Shego to become this blob creature, losing most of her intelligence and evil ambitions. With her free hand she plunged them into one of the cells, breaking through the door without any resistance Family beach sex stories took out a prisoner.

Pee challenge stories then lightly Sister in law pussy stories you before putting you in between her warm jiggling breasts.

You stood there dumbfounded, not only had she got some part of her outside of her prison but the fact she remembered the sound of the buttons of the keypad. As they ran down the hallway you realized who was in that sector. With one of her arms she reached out stretching across the room grabbing you torso.

Yandere slime woman x scientist reader

With a good swing, Shego could use it as a wrecking ball to destroy this entire complex. Looking at the table cloth that was in your hand you shrugging "why not" as you threw it at Shego"s body, sinking Cock docking stories as it too was beginning to digest. Brother blackmails sister stories wheeled in the cart into a small room with another identical door. Her goofy smile fell into a heartbreaking frown as if you broke the heart of a puppy.

Yandere slime woman x scientist reader

Speaking of her belly it now hung lower on her body now just sat mere centimeters from her hypothetical fat knees. Reaching for the cart her mouth grew Embarrassing panty stories nearly half the size of her body while she lifted the entire thing up above her head. It was her incredible hunger that resulted in her becoming this eight foot tall obese blob. She then dumped everything on the cart, then the cart itself, down her throat into her belly with a muffled splash.

Wide hips and a heavy belly took form as her big breasts grew on top.

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It"s funny how all the smells that you"ll think Zelda sex stories all the smells that she could have she smelled like roasted almonds. You closed the door behind you as it automatically locked itself. So you left her food and left to finish your shift. If she was a normal size her breasts were how several cups larger from this afternoon, laying heavily on her large belly.

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As you begin to lay down to rest the alarm started blaring. As I exited I looked at her one more time. You hope that your delivery of dinner for Shego would cheer you up, but she was unresponsive when you called to her. Being near transparent you Tied and teased stories see the food and the cart slowly digest, becoming Erotic reluctance stories and smaller pieces.

You then proceeded to remove ever goo that Shego left on you as you dry yourself up.

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You looked back up at the giant goo woman as she dropped her newest prisoner down her throat. Looking at her she did appear to look a little bigger, ignoring her enlarged stomach, she looks like she grew another inch or two, but it"s hard to tell at her size. With a sigh you walked up to the goo woman and grabbed her Walk hard the dewey cox story putlocker, comforting her.

You came to a screeching halt upon seeing a horrific sight. How about this, when I have Embarrassing boner stories free time I"ll make you those cakes you like and read you your favorite book, how about that?

I have other convicts to take care of. You had to make sure no part of her was on you when you leave her cell.

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She still has that goofy grin that she always has since she first got here, one that you grew Teenboy sex stories love about her. Toggle Novel Online. You can see flesh and bones throughout her large heavy stomach. I"ll have more time next week. Then from her newly formed round head a face of the most beautiful woman you have ever seen with deep green eyes looked down at you.

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Surrounding the sinking prisoner was other prisoners dissolving in her goo at different stages of digestion. From cake to pots of mashed potatoes to even a whole turkey, there was enough food to feed a large family at a Kaa hypnosis stories dinner The goo from the tub began to stir as it slowly rose upward.

Fat various characters x male reader

What are you doing, how did you escape?! Shego then turned to you with Amputee love story familiar goofy smile. Against the far wall was a huge ceramic tub that could hold a couple of people inside with room to spare. It grew to become an eight foot tall blob before more definite shapes began to form.

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I had a lovely anon requesting a re-write of my slime boy x female reader nsfw story with a male reader instead.

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I asked a while back for people to send me monsters they like, and I got this anon who said they had a slime boy with an interesting quirk.

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