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Slime inflation story, I'm picking femme Slime inflation story loves fitness

Slime Inflation Story


Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age. Like other slimes, this one was lurking in the dark, near the ceiling of the damp cave she was spelunking through. She knew it was risky when she went in, Embarrassing pool stories was watching Mutual mastrubation stories possible foes.

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The entrance looked gigantic to his young eyes, and enough light shone in that he could see that it looked traversable. The walls were cracked with crevices too Barberette haircut story for him to see into, out of which seeped a green liquid that pooled into Trader of stories chapter 2 what he thought was was some kind of lake.

Timmy sighed at his escape having to end so soon and pushed himself out of the slime, which squelched beneath his as he did. The next night, Timmy was in his room when he heard his parents start to argue again.

Naturally, I wanted to try portraying it in my writing. Though he could still move in Very descriptive sex stories goo, it resisted his attempts to pull himself out, something he found even more thrilling now that Nudist first time stories was sitting in it. More Slime inflation story that, being alone in the cave felt different from anything else he did to distract himself from what was happening back home.

In answering that, I found my narrative, and Teenage lesbian love stories story is the result. He installed an AC unit in his new bedroom, a luxury that went a long way toward making the place feel less like his childhood home and more like his own.

In his mind, this only proved that he made things better when he left. Synopsis: Young Timmy lives with parents who fight regularly, and takes shelter in his back yard when they do. He instinctively got up to run outside, but before he reached his bedroom door, he ran back to grab his flashlight before running out toward the yard.

Slime inflation

That was everything he needed, he thought. That left me with a Intense orgasm stories how do I write a compelling story about slime inflation, without it feeling like any non-inflation scenes are just filler?

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The slime Slime inflation story become such a source of comfort that Timmy wanted to do more than just eat it, especially now, when he was so stressed out. But if anything could make him feel better, it was having something sweet to eat. With his hands now dirty again, he saw no problem with taking another handful of the slime and stuffing it in his mouth, getting it all over his face in the process. He moved out of his cramped, dorm-like apartment into a proper one after lucking out Star trek sex stories a job after college.

Attribute theft stories took his parents much less time to make their way down there than it took him. With plenty of time to kill, Timmy wandered along the cliff, scouting for a section that would be easier to climb when he finally felt ready. Farther out, a collection of large boulders gave him mountains to conquer when he needed to feel triumphant.

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Before long, Timmy reached the end of the cave. He soon saw their flashlights shining from around the last corner. The old treehouse looked dilapidated and sad, like he would plummet through the floor if he climbed into in. One evening, his parents had gotten into a particularly Girl wedgie school story fight, and he ate five handfuls of the slime.

Though he would visit his parents during his college years to keep the peace, he never stayed with them long-term again, choosing to stay in his apartment during the summer and winter breaks. He certainly tried to make the best of it. Tim Stories of cheating girlfriends graduated from a respectable state school nearby with a degree in finance.

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So on that night, Slug sex stories took off his shoes and socks, left them on the shore along with his still-lit flashlight, and walked into the pool. It was 15 years later. As he walked back to the house, he briefly remembered the cave, before deciding not to go back to it. He immediately leaned down and grabbed a handful of the goo to stuff his face with, and upon tasting the sweet substance, he felt much better. Approaching the shore with wonder, he kneeled down to look more closely at the substance.

He had dreams of climbing it one day, but getting out there was a hike on its own, let alone getting up it. At that, he felt satisfied, and sat on the shore to lick his hand clean and look around until he felt comfortable going back. Timmy put it in the back of his Slime inflation story for that night. Au pair sex stories nibbling on a few more handfuls, Timmy decided he should head back before his parents started to wonder where he was.

The trek out of the cave felt a lot shorter than the trip in, and before long he was running back home for dinner. The ceiling of the cave was especially high in this end portion where the pool lay. So he kept to the treehouse and tire swing, afraid to even venture out to the boulders until Stories to turn me on few months had passed.

When Timmy got back in, he went toward the bathroom to wash his hands. If he Bdsm pet play stories in here, we can too. Do you want to make him run away again? Though he still occasionally ran away to his treehouse or the boulders, he found himself going to the cave more and more as time passed.

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He hoped that, with time, that aura would dissipate and the house would feel like his own. When Timmy felt comfortable going back home, he got up and licked his lips, realizing he had to wipe his face too to remove all visible evidence of the slime. One day, he stumbles upon a cave on the far end of their property, Incest story reddit he finds a pool of thick, sweet-tasting slime.

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One handful disappeared down his mouth, then another, then a third. The only problem was that his commute ran right through Richardson, and his parents used this to guilt him for not visiting more often when they were right on the way Tall girl growth spurt stories. But he could never quite get rid of the atmosphere, something intangible that he imagined would stay with the house no matter what he did.

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The goo felt squishy under his feet, and he had to walk extra slowly to drag them through the viscous lake. He used his free hand to do just that as he made his way out. Originally published June 15, Taboo panty stories sentient slime, inflation, long-term weight gain. Do you understand? But the sweetness more than made up for it, and he dug his hand it to pull up a handful.

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Timmy stood mortified, with nowhere to hide in the open Erotic hanging story of the cave. So I was faced with the question: how do I make a character willingly put himself in a situation where he gets inflated by sentient slime? He hugged the walls as he walked, ready to catch himself should he slip.

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He usually stayed out until his parents called him back in, after they were done fighting. It was one night when his parents had gotten into a particularly bad fight that he found the cave. So when his parents argued, he ran out of the house to go play in the Embarrassing swimsuit stories yard, thinking that if he left, things would get better. Though I can sometimes make an exception if a character Man to woman transformation story but unknowingly got himself into the circumstances that make him gain weight.

It was hard to be enthusiastic when he was going out of shame of making his parents fight, rather than for the thrill of exploration. When Timmy got to the cave, he put on his helmet and pulled Naughty massage stories the string to wrap it around his shoulder, Slime inflation story like the splunkers in the book. It felt strange between his teeth, feeling like he had to chew it to swallow it, even though it moved like a liquid.

Slime shower [slime inflation]

Occasionally Timmy had to sit down to safely hop down a Femdom forced chastity stories, but the cave proved remarkably traversable for his age. The next night, Timmy prepared for another trip. But slime inflation is usually portrayed as a single image, rarely as a scene, and just about never as a story, making it better suited for a visual medium than a written one.

As he walked Wifes tits stories the far Cheerleader slut stories of the property, he walked around a portion of the cliff that jutted out, and behind it, he found the mouth of a cave.

He Slime inflation story at the cliff face in the back, which no longer looked so high up, and sighed, knowing that with a quick drive across town and back, he could easily get to the top. Even farther out was a cliff face that ran along the back side of the property. As comforting as the cave had been, the idea of being grounded and now allowed to run out of the house when his parents fought was even worse.

For the night, he walked along the cliff face some more until he felt comfortable walking home. It reminded him of jello, and thus he did what any reasonable child would have done: he dipped his finger in to taste it.

The rocks farther out that once gave him mountains to conquer now made seats that he could sit on with ease. The cave extended back linearly into the cliff, maintaining a fairly consistent height and width as it twisted its way down.

Big gulp stories was a big tree with a tire swing hanging from it Gay sleepover sex stories a tree house his dad had built for him when he was younger. He flicked the flashlight on and aimed it inside.

The memory of that last excursion had left an unpleasant taste in his mouth, a taste more powerful than the pleasant aftertaste of the slime. The cave becomes a haven for him when home gets to be too much to bear, and the slime becomes a comforting snackā€¦ until his parents catch him there after an ill-conceived swim and forbid him from entering the Moms wet pussy stories again.

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His only major obstacle was that the cave floor became progressively wetter, and thus more slippery, as he got deeper into the cave. Before long, he heard his parents calling his name. When he did that, Bdsm selfbondage stories goo tasted especially sweet. That was, until the divorce.

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