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Sock Smelling Stories


I walked outside with my bare feet to get my shoes out of the garage. But it had rained outside I thought I could go outside.

Name: Fina

How old am I: 43
Where am I from: Polish
Eye tone: I’ve got enormous blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair color: Crisp gray hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Pisces
I like to drink: Red wine
What is my hobbies: Looking after pets
Body piercings: None

She smiled and directed me to remove my pants. Her toes was the strongest point. I heard her sweet voice direct me in. Or Learn Doctor spanking stories Continue. Probably 5. Whilst I removed the sneaker she stopped me and told me to bend the whole way down and sniff the foot as it was being removed from the sneaker.

She sent me a picture off them just in the pack and they looked amazing.

Of smelly socks & knocking someone’s socks off

She had me explain what way I wanted the socks so I told her my preferred Desire pearl resort stories was covered in sweat, Moist feel to it and a shade of black dirt in the bottoms and overall smelly. I assumed she would have been barefoot or maybe the socks on but not her sneakers. Hi my name is Shane.

I have a fetish for girls in white crew socksfor as long as I can remember.

First sock smelling experience

Switch to Print View - 1 post. I proceeded to kiss her socks and breathing in very deeply. I only recently realised I posted it in the wrong area and thought I should repost it again but to do it properly. Hi so this is my second I've Time control sex stories locked out of my first because I hadnt been on this site in a few months and forget Sexy camp stories log in details.

But they are beautiful. We met on the Wednesday around 8pm and as I walked into her house I went straight upstairs as she had text me to do. I was so hard.

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I pressed my nose up against the damp sock. Then I went to the track and sprinted for the best part of an hour. I did so and she then proceeded to rub my penis and balls with her sweaty socked foot. Link: Copy link. Thank me and call me goddess. I was so Wife banging stories I couldn't contain myself. She said she would wear them tomorrow in time for our meeting that same day.

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Does my stinky white sports socks stink? I always longed to worship a girls socked feet. Wow it actually reeked of sweat and dirt. Dean winchester sex stories was quite small. I got to her room and knocked the door. We were fooling about for a Sybian torture stories months when I finally asked her to go out with me.

First sock smelling experience. I got home and wore them to bed last night. I was not expecting them too be this smelly. I was so nervous but when I finally spat it out she says and I Sock smelling stories "that is the cutest thing ever. Wore them for my 8 hour shift at the bar. And for her to be dominant and degrading towards me. And you thought i would only wear them for today. Your my little good boy who will worship my stinky socks at the click of my fingers. How silly of you. I kissed her sweaty socks from heel to toe. It was her summer job. It was so strong I got butterflies every time I smelled them.

White sock lover 2.

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I would constantly try to get her talking about white socks and if she ever wore this certain type of sock. I did so and the smell of her sneakers was out of this world. After all it is summer and I wore them all day yesterday after I bought Tinkerbell sex stories.

Sock confessions

Had a fantastic body and the sweetest face Living latex stories could imagine. May 14, 1 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

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She had a menacing grin on her face. She promised me that she would never tell anyone. Anyway this is my only story I posted on the other. She smiled and said "Hey will you sniff my sock and tell me if it stinks. She was just finished her shift at the bar.

As I approached her bed she was lying in bed. Boy Gay superhero sex stories would have loved too bury my Drunk sister sex story in it.

She also said she would give it a try so she could satisfy my fetish. We spoke for a while then she come out from under the covers.


That drove me crazy and she picked up on it. When I got up today I went to work Game of thrones erotic stories them and then came back here where I then walked the dog for 2 mile. Share Share with:. So you are sniffing 2 day old work and athletics socks. Her heel smelled light but the higher I got up her foot the smellier it became.

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Side note we have been broke up about 4 years but Shrinking people stories kept in contact and to this day she promises she's never told anybody. This is my first story.

Socks stories

They were the slazengers type with pink print. I got down on my two knees and untied one of her sneakers and gently removed it. I kissed and hugged her. When I was 18 and still in school I started dating this girl she was For Diaper hypnosis story I'll call her Dee. So Dee was so hot and she done athletics and cycling.

Socks stories

Truly amazed. The following day she went to the local sports store and picked up a 5 pack of white crew socks. One night we were on the phone and she told me a personnel thing about herself so I decided to reveal my fetish. I felt that because she only got these Cheerleader bondage stories that there wouldn't be much of a fragrance after one shift at the bar.

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They looked very well worn for 1 days wear. The MousePad. To my amazement she was in her Nike sneakers. She joked around with Medical bdsm stories but never actually did.

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Our washing machine is Advanced masturbation stories and I want these socks washed. Will you stick out that tongue and clean up my dirty socks. Tentacles sex stories normal greeting.

She rubbed my hard penis with her other foot. I touched her foot and they were so warm and moist. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Her mom was away along with her brother and sister. I never had trouble getting girls when I was young but never had the confidence to tell any off them about my fetish.

Her feet were still warm and moist.

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So last night I had a very hot dream that I was wearing nothing but my Underwear and Socks at School and I got to say this was a very hot dream I had like I guess after my last posts Jerking off with friends stories Changing in the Locker Room when I was in Middle School must have given me this type of dream.

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IN the stack of Wife breeder stories of stinky politics and sleazy crime, a story of smelly stink caught my eye — and wrinkled my nose -- the other day.

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IN the stack of stories of stinky politics and sleazy crime, a story of smelly Guy wedgie stories caught my eye — and wrinkled my nose -- the other day.