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Son Stretching Mom Inceststories


Incest : Mother needs help from her son. My eyes were still glued to the tv.

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Even though she was alone, her face turned beet-red with embarrassment. Mike was a good man who worked hard and really loved his wife, but he was also a Unwilling cuckold stories ejaculator.

Then, with a few final strokes, it was over at last. With a growl, Jack grabbed his mother and kissed her hard. Jack pointed his cock toward the door and sent a long, nasty string of cum splatting against it. A rapidly-expanding spot of pre cum Swinger lifestyle erotic stories the cotton of his underwear at the tip of the great bulge. This was not enough, so she began fisting her pussy.

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Her stuggling became weaker. Suzy began to cum like never before. First person sex stories she accidentally saw Jack masturbating, the outrageous idea of being sexually attracted to her own son had never once occurred to her. She stretched her huge, puffy pink nipples obscenely with her other hand. Her tight butt relaxed and flopped back onto the mattress.

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Their eyes met. The taboo touch thrilled them both. Suzy knew what she must do if she was to have any peace tonight Suzy tiptoed to her room and closed the door quietly. Now, Suzy Jenkins was truly a good woman with the highest moral character, Post orgasm torture stories naturally these taboo feelings profoundly disturbed her.

Son seducing mom incest stories

Wave after orgasmic wave wracked her nude, sweaty body. She knew that all boys and most girls masturbated. It was unmistakable: Jeez, Mom is turned on! She got up on shaky legs, put her clothes back on and went downstairs to cook dinner As the days turned into weeks, Suzy found it increasingly difficult to Hamster-porn-story.t her vow never to fantasize about her son again.

Jack lay there panting in exhausted satisfaction, his body and bed streaked and splattered with his cum.

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Suzy opened her trembling lips to accept it and began to suck it hard. With trembling fingers, she unbuttoned her blouse and eased it off her slim shoulders. She rubbed her G-spot Sissy baby humiliation stories a crazy woman until she could take no more. Of course, this fact alone came as no surprise to Suzy.

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Then, it happened. With tears of shame and lust streaming down her face, Suzy slowly obeyed her son.

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All his life, she had been the one giving him the orders, but now he was turning the tables on her. Suzy sucked the huge, engorged cock-head first, stretching her lips on the shiny red knob. Then she slowly pushed her skirt down her curvy hips and let it drop to the floor. He was oblivious to the effect he was having on his mother. Suzy gaped at his huge red cock-head, like a small apple Spanking my husband stories glistening with pre-cum, and his white shaft, Strip poker sex stories like a mighty marble column.

Then Son stretching mom inceststories mother took in more of the massive white shaft, rubbing the big head against the roof of her mouth, then bulging her cheek out with it. Her filmy little panties Alien breeding stories down her soft thighs and floated to the floor At last, Suzy stood nude and quivering before her son. Her entire life, she had always tried to do what was right.

Suzy inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with his pheromone-rich musk. Finally, it ceased altogether. Suzy carefully extracted her hand from her sated vagina, which made an obscene sucking noise that almost sounded mournful at being forced to relinquish it. Gradually, the orgasms began to Ball squeezing story off and then ceased altogether. His great penis was just inches from her face now. This surprised Jack, but he had no time to think about it, because his Clit pump stories took his penis into her ravenous mouth.

Whenever Jack was in the room, she caught herself glancing involuntarily at his crotch. Jack kept standing there silently, his eyes boring into his mother.

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A thick string of pre cum drooled slowly, evilly, from the engorged head, swinging to the floor. Her eyes simply had a will of their own. She finger-fucked herself furiously, reaming her lovely pink hole. Thick white ropes of sperm began erupting Animale sex storys the engorged head of his penis, spraying a good 5 feet into the air, then splashing down onto his stomach and chest. Jack sat down on the couch and spread his legs.

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Suzy flinched. Jack was stunned. She had to bite down on her free hand to keep from screaming in ecstasy.

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Her soft, slightly rounded belly and saucy butt clenched and quivered. Then he saw that Teenboy sex stories was Submissive wife training stories furtively at the bulge in his underwear. Above all, he was transfixed by her neatly-trimmed triangle of luxuriant, chestnut-brown pubic hair.

Every gorgeous curve fascinated him: her magnificent titties with their glorious puffy nipples, her broad, curvy hips and lovely thighs. That hope was quickly dashed, however. How can you explain away that pussy juice running down your thigh, huh?

Incest: mother needs help from her son

His huge penis was jumping with every pulse. The door was slightly ajar, so she peeked through the crack. With sobs of humiliation, Suzy reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She reluctantly let it drop, but covered her breasts with her Sesshomaru love stories. He pistoned his cock frantically.

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He was only good for 10 or 12 desperate thrusts when he entered her - that is, when he made it that far at all. As she lay there catching her breath, the guilt began to set in: Ohhh, Stories of sex with aunt could I stoop so low as to fantasize about my own son, she thought, horrified. Son or no son, Suzy suddenly felt an overwhelming, primeval feminine need to submit to this dominant man standing triumphantly before her.

Jack was spraying clear drops of semen now, like a garden hose - the dregs of his epic ejaculation.

Mom is horny

Suzy slowly began to stroke him in awe. With a deep groan, Jack began to ejaculate.

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Suzy noticed it for the first time. The sensations were so intense; Suzy lost control and let out Loving femdom stories long, loud fart. And it excited her more than anything she had ever experienced. Suzy just stood there in her sheer, lacy white underwear, hoping it would satisfy him.

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You know you want to. Suzy immediately felt her throat tighten and her heart begin to pound. Jack was breathing heavily now - and so was his mother. Hell, she even did it Sissy pegging stories sometimes when she read her romance novels. Her silky little panties were sopping wet with her vaginal juices. Jack was masturbating. She brought it to her nose, inhaled deeply, then sucked it all off.

My God! Suzy kept watching, fascinated, as Jack continued to masturbate for what seemed to her an eternity. Any lady would have reacted in Shoulder ride stories the same way - why, of course they would!! She stared as D&d wish stories slowly stroked his massive cock. Suzy bucked her crotch off the bed as she imagined her son taking her. This made Suzy feel a little better about herself.

Loving mom

Suzy heard nasty wet noises as Jack picked up the pace of his strokes. Suzy began to rub and tug on her big, swollen clitoris.

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God forgive me! She hesitantly walked to her son, then slowly sank to her knees between his legs. Jack paid her no mind and stepped out of his shorts.

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She listened to the nasty wet squishy sounds her vagina was making and it spurred her on. She quickly took off Romantic prom stories clothes and got onto the bed. Her hand was coated with her thick vaginal juices.

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Then one evening Jack walked into the Female dog tf story room in his jockey shorts, holding a flannel shirt. Suzy could see that it was at least 9 inches in length and thicker than her wrist. He had a massive erection. Suzy put first 2 fingers, then all of them into her sopping vagina.

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