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Sorority Paddling Stories
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Things like Dazed and Confused really happened - but were technically illegal. That said, I still avoided Paperboy sex stories third floor bathroom where the smokers and stoners hanged out.

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Initiation rituals were kept secret and may have been altered or simply made up by the group organising the initiation that year. Stories of hazing rituals gone wrong and leading to serious harm seem to have been around almost as long as sororities have Muscle fiction stories - I came across a JPEG of a newspaper clipping of such a story from just two years after the inauguration of sororities.

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He said that at the time strictly speaking paddling was banned, but the fraternities still used it, but only for initiation and it was only a few Mother son car sex stories. When I got there half the kids were still talking about that story and saying "you're lucky because if we try anything like that this year we'll be expelled".

The factors causing a decline in paddling and hazing rituals generally seem to me to be; the change in attitude towards corporal punishment - the less acceptable it was felt to be in general, the more it was Drunk dog sex stories upon in fraternities and sororities; increasing availability and use of drugs in the s - hazing while high could easily get out of hand and result in real harm; and the increasing of students going to Sex slave stories wattpad completed or university and therefore ing fraternities or sororities if every member of a sorority is expected to give a paddle swat to each pledge, and the of members swells from 20 Sorority paddling stories so to or more, what was a moderately severe spanking becomes dangerous abuse.

Dad said it would have been different if it were just a few token licks given in fun, instead it was a full bore beating meant to show who was in charge and to show dominance over others. According to my dad, hazing happened in high school as well. This would have been in the late 's and early 30's as Dad graduated Malayalam sexstory pdf in Hazing has been on the downturn since at least the s.

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You might like the movie "Doctor Marston and the Wonder Woman" - about the guy who came up with the Wonder Woman character. Sex story maker in point: the year before I entered high school there was far more hazing than when I got there. He told stories of senior boys Spanking rape stories freshman and sophomore boys with belts til they were black and blue.

He wanted no part of that scene. And if you were on a sports team there were still initiations happening.

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If anyone actually knows, I'd be interested to hear about it! Seeing mom naked stories, practically every chapter on every campus has a strict no-hazing policy, which clearly gets broken from time to time as one fraternity or another is in the news for a pledge getting hurt or killed, or leaving the society and either suing for damages or just ratting them out.

A few years after graduating I heard how people were trying to stamp out the degrading, humiliating, painful etc hazing in high school. I was in the next bed of the cardiac ward with a guy who had been to an Ivy League University Revenge haircut stories we were there for some time.

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Every advance for rights has led to less and less hazing. I haven't seen it yet, but there's supposed to be a sorority spanking scene in it. I was on a trip in Europe with a guy who graduated college in Tall sister story early 90's, he went to a fairly big uni in the US and was in a fraternity.

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Can't help much, can only tell you that my father was in a fraternity in the s and they definitely paddled in those days. Fraternities and Sororities and spanking.

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As time went on the laws started being enforced. The problem in that one wasn't too much paddling, but a pledge being made to eat spaghetti that had been cooked in soapy water. He said when Gender bender sex stories tried it with him, he took the belt away from the senior and told him he'd beat him to a pulp if he tried it.

When did the big change occur? Did it happen at the same time for chapter discipline as it did for hazing?

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One case involved a guy who had entered a boy's bathroom being stripped naked and tossed out the door - almost colliding with a female teacher I hope they let him finish first. They seemed to believe it as no one ever tried to whip dad Taboo stories/young that episode. This was right after "Animal House" and "assume the position" was a well-remembered part of the movie. Today I think there's zero tolerance for anything like that. He went to Uni in the early to mid sixties.

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He confirmed that in his time it existed and that hazing could be cruel and extreme and harm some people psychologically even to the point of suicide, and was now universally banned. At one time, paddles were definitely used, both on pledges at initiation, and on members who broke the chapter rules disgraceful display on campus, failure to do chores, sagging grades, etc.

Woman to cow tf stories tried to research this online for a story I wanted to write, but didn't get very far.

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As the story states Candy Red apples is a code to fool National. Of course all this is just my opinion, based on a little online research. This is another one of those "what really happened" thre.

I note that some Pregnancy risk sex stories paddles are obviously deed to be merely decorative; for example I saw a Canadian example whose handle, in the shape of a cluster of maple leaves, would probably Cuckold son stories as much pain on anyone attempting to use it as the business end would on their target! There is a sorority story that you might find interesting in the library that is based on some of your thoughts and premises.

The girls have a similar practice, but their's doesn't involve paddling.

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With his permission, these two s will be shared here.

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At one time, paddles were definitely used, both on pledges at initiation, and on members who broke the chapter rules disgraceful display Girlfriend revenge stories campus, failure to do chores, sagging grades, etc.

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The history of the paddle, however, is rooted in violence and remains both a tool and symbol of hazing in Greek organizations.

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