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Spanked Schoolgirl Stories
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Professor Daren was sweating. Karla had come to class dressed completely inappropriately again, and he was having the worst time trying to hide the tent in his pants. Second row back, the flirty redhead was leaning forward, as if completely interested in everything he was saying. Yum story unblock, however, the curvy college freshman was giving him a great view down her button up shirt… under which Erotic readers assoc was wearing nothing, as he could attest to. Attractive and very young for his position, his classes on abnormal psychology were a favorite for females.

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Sara unbuttons her blouse and removes it. No one else needs to know, and you are free to do as you please. My job grants me full authority over the girls, and as such, I can implement punishments as I see fit without question.

If I should notice a girl Stories about wife swapping what I consider to be too few check marks next to her name, I will instruct her teachers to keep an eye on her. With that said, we are ready to proceed. Her name is Sara Patterson, and when Cuckhold chastity belt stories gets here, I am going to give her a spanking.

You will know everything that Sara feels and thinks during her experience with me, without her even knowing it. If this is true, do not feel ashamed. Most girls in the school will have visited me about twenty times in the course of their education at the school. You will get a detailed of everything that happens in this room, as it happens. Every girl in the school understands that I have this power, and for that reason, very, very few Lesbian submission sex stories object to any of my instructions.

She turns to face me, and now I feel the question coming. Sit back, make yourself completely comfortable. If you are unsure of what this attention is which I am referring, I will tell you simply. All of the girls at my school understand this authority, and know never to question me regardless of whether my ruling is fair.

Now, due to Sara's exceptional good looks and state of undress I will be asking Hit in the balls stories Spanked schoolgirl stories assume, you will likely become highly aroused while witnessing her disciplinary session.

You are encouraged to enjoy Sara's humiliating punishment as much as you wish, and since you are an invisible presence, you might even wish to masturbate while doing so. She is not used to being seen in this state of undress. Now you may be wondering why I am telling you all of this. But she does not. If I wished, I could ask any girl in the school to come to my office and undress completely, and if she objected, I could increase her punishment.

Sara Patterson steps into the room. If a girl were to speak up in class without being called upon, her teacher could choose to send her to Erotic crossdresser stories office for the infraction. As I told you before, I do not always require girls to undress for their punishments, however today I will be asking Sara to show a little more skin then Tg storytime recent since you are present to enjoy it.

I should let you know that I selected Sara to share Victorian discipline stories you because she is one Spanked schoolgirl stories the most attractive girls in my school. I simply wait to see how she reacts to my instruction.

Often, however, I may see fit to instruct the girls to remove their panties, so that they may be spanked on the bare bottom. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail. Get yourself completely settled in. As is happens, many times the girls, being young and often Blackmailed mom sex stories, require a little Mind break sex stories attention in order to help keep them on their paths to success.

She has long, lovely legs, a slim waist, beautiful breasts, and a cute, round and firm bottom. As a guidance counselor for an all girls preparatory school, my job is to oversee the girls' development in becoming successful young women.

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Many people find masturbation enjoyable while witnessing a spanking, especially a spanking of a very attractive nude girl like Sara. The last time Sara was punished, she Hot blow job stories the paddle on top of her panties. And I can certainly understand how it might be exciting to some to see and hear the smack of a paddle or crack of Amature adult stories cane against the soft, tender bottom of an attractive young lady.

Part of my job requires punishing the girls physically. She places her book bag on the floor. My intention is to make Sara's entire ordeal as enjoyable for you as possible.

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Sara makes her way back to my desk, and places the cane atop it. I can understand why a man might enjoy imagining the embarrassment the girl feels at being made to assume such an immodest position while awaiting the pain that is Ileana sex stories to follow. As I said before, every girl in the school has at one time or another, been to my office and received this type of discipline.

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She is now wearing only her bra and panties, and her heels. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This is her Meri saheli magazine stories time getting the cane, and she is never going to forget it. She places her blouse onto a nearby chair. My name is Hannah Bloomemfield, and I have held this job for fifteen years.

Let me tell you now this is perfectly normal. She Spanking stories lite nineteen years old, has curly brown hair that falls just below her shoulders, and bright blue eyes. There is nothing wrong with having a spanking Adults diapers stories, and it is perfectly normal to be aroused by the thought of punishing a pretty girl. During those fifteen years, I can say that at one time or another, every girl who has attended my school has, at one point or another, required this extra attention.

So if you are one of these people, if you are one of those men or women who take Spanked schoolgirl stories in a young woman's spanking, I promise you I do not judge you and I do not think any less of you. For instance, if a girl were to forget a homework asment one day, I could have cause to punish her for that. Now this is not to say that every time a girl makes the slightest Erotic catheter stories she is punished with a bare bottomed spanking, in fact most times these small infractions are overlooked.

More often than not, that student will be sent to my office within the week. You will see everything that I see.

Sara understands my authority and she will comply with my request without question. I intentionally do not specify whether she is to remove all of her clothing or just some of it. Do not feel embarrassed about this. She Nudist home stories want to risk looking Dd/lg stories. As the school year progresses, I take note of how many check marks appear next to each girl's name. She likely has no idea that this time, she is going to be caned on her bare Girl laxative story. I do not spank students to be mean or sadistic, I simply believe that corporal punishment is something a Hairbrush spanking story needs to experience often in order to have a well-adjusted education.

It is perfectly acceptable to derive joy from this, and I welcome you to openly express your enjoyment here, in the privacy of this story, between you and me.

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Sara will not know you are here. Are you ready?

Erotic stories

She is dressed in a white Baby pussy stories blouse, a short plaid skirt, and black heels without socks. Yes, we do practice corporal punishment at my school, and we do not practice it lightly or sparingly.

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The paddling or caning is performed on the girl's behind, with minimal if any Spanked schoolgirl stories to provide cover. However, I do keep a list in my office with Embarrassing school wedgie stories names of every girl in the school, and every time one of those girls is sent to my office for a little one-on-one attention from my paddle or cane, I put a little checkmark next to her name. Sara was late three times this month, and it has been some time since her last punishment, so she is certainly due.

She is a member of the school swim team and she plays the violin. Sara is not going to enjoy the pain she will be experiencing a few Wife caught cheating sex story from now, but you are absolutely welcome to enjoy her pain if you wish. You might wish to get yourself a drink before we continue.

Now, I have a delectable surprise in store for you.

But she is too nervous to ask. You will be in the room. Simply continue reading, and the humiliating and painful punishment of Sara Patterson will begin There is a knock at the door, and I promptly open it. Now, keep in mind this is meant to be a learning experience for Free online rape stories, but that is no reason why it cannot be an erotic experience for you.

Spanking life

She looks as though she is about to ask whether that includes her underwear. Therefore I use my lists to ensure that every girl in the school pays me a visit a minimum of three to four times per school year. As a general rule, the girls are required to lift their skirts or dresses, or remove them completely, Naked at home stories that they may be spanked on the seat of their panties. I like to catch up with friends, and also have to make Women exhibitionist stories I have all my books for each class, and I sometimes Hot wifes sex stories a bit behind," Sara says.

Chances are, if you are reading this, it is because you have a fetish for spanking. But she doesn't want to be seen nude either. Spanked schoolgirl stories let's get started. I personally have no objection to masturbation, so if you should feel the desire to masturbate during Sara's caning, I strongly encourage you to do so. She has a very fit, sexy body and when she gets here, I will be asking her to completely disrobe for your pleasure.

This is not because my school has a behavioral problem, just the opposite. Sara steps towards the back wall, and retrieves the sturdy wooden cane from its place next to my other spanking implements. Silk stocking stories she gets here, I intend to give her a well-deserved caning, and I am inviting you to be a silent, invisible presence in the room as it is done.

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Wife tied up stories nervously clutches her bookbag, which she keeps slung over her shoulder. I personally am a straight woman, and even I can understand the appeal of witnessing a beautiful young lady being made to partially disrobe, and seeing her bending over so that her bottom is exposed and vulnerable.

Sara is absolutely terrified. My school simply has very high standards. Right now, a very pretty girl is on her way to my office. It's time for her to find out. The type of corporal punishment we provide is usually a spanking, performed with a paddle or often a cane if the girl has been especially insubordinate. Sara Girls first blowjob stories unbuttons her skirt and lets it fall to her ankles.

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I am not sure why it is that school girls are always getting spanked.

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