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Spanking At School Stories
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Again, her lessons were very dull and boring. Louise Walton took her Maternal giantess stories ruler from her desk, measured it out across my small hand and smacked my palm hard.

Spanking life

She then made her way to the front of the room and locked that door too. Soon, the belt was undone and the button and zip and she paused. I was instructed to sit down behind a desk, given a textbook and sheets of paper and told to copy out from the first she came Medical bdsm stories. I was a well behaved student during my time at Ballbusting wife stories but also received punishment during a Maths lesson.

School spanking stories

I am short sighted but did not wear glasses until much later in life. Same on my left hand. I first experienced Miss Manson shortly after starting at the school and she was teaching us Geography. I knew that it had been written my brother had done it for Forced diaper story

By charles hamilton the second

Published 5 years ago. Her hand then wandered to my Erotic nude beach stories and she began to massage my bum cheeks, running her hands around each bum cheek in circles. This is a true story of what happened to me during my time at secondary school between and Inif my memory serves me correctly, corporal punishment in schools was banned.

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However, it is my experiences with my History teacher, Miss Manson which have stuck in my memory even more. She Sexy vibrator stories wearing my favourite white cotton short sleeved blouse and a knee length silky blue and white patterned skirt. I could smell her perfume and also could try and get a sneaky look at her lovely breasts. The spankings were so similar to that first one. Any trouble at school usually resulted in my mother beating my bare buttocks severely with a nasty wooden coat hanger.

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Besides, it would give me an opportunity of being alone with Pauline for an hour. I began to think that I Erotic femdom stories about to cum, but Pauline finally decided that it was time.

I obeyed and Pauline added them to the pile.

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By now, I already had the textbook closed and would be running to bend over the desk at the front of the Pantyhose footjob stories. Four more after school detentions with Miss Manson happened. Memories of Miss Manson "A true story of a not so "soft touch" teacher" 9 Votes 9.

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Given over the trousers with her right hand and I Painful wedgie stories felt them before being sent on my way. She was a soft touch to be honest and was unremarkable looking.

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She said nothing about it, instead asking me to pick up my boxer shorts and hand them to her. That first detention with Pauline started like any other detention. I remember an incident in a Drama lesson True amatuer sex stories the school. I think it was more to do with how Pauline dressed.

When I was standing in front of Pauline she eyed me up and down and saw me looking down at her lovely breasts.

School spanking stories

I walked over silently and looked down at Miss Manson. I stopped Babysitter tied up stories and looked up at her. I was just at that age when I as becoming sexually aware and admit to having a crush on her.

Pauline smiled at me and closed the textbook on my desk. As it turned out with my surname being at the back of the alphabet, I ended up sitting right at the back of the class. Well, apart from being spanked by a lady who I fantasized about all the time, that is. We were all in PE kit of t-shirt and shorts and had been instructed by the teacher, a tall, blonde lady called Mrs Bolton, to freeze and stand perfectly still.

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Miss Manson was nothing special however. She was in her late thirties or early forties, was very slim and stood at about five feet five inches tall, had short dark hair but was not one of the female members of staff that normal boys would fantasize about! They were small, but always looked so well formed and we used to laugh at her nipples always being visible through the tight blouses she wore regularly. This one still upsets me to this very day. I stood there in my boxer shorts, erection straining inside, in front of Miss.

The rest of the class were staring at me in silence too. Copy out of a textbook and that was my History class. Soon, Pauline Manson was folding my shirt up neatly and placing it softly on her desk. Miss Walton got to her feet and looked at me for what seemed like an age. Then Pauline sent me on Sitting on lap stories way and nothing more was said.

What came next still shocks me to this very day. Pauline ignored my erection as I slowly lay over her knees, placing my hands on the wooden floor. Then came the familiar question. Eventually they slipped and were around my ankles, my rock hard penis pointing straight at Miss Manson. This turned into an awkward silence until it was broken by Pauline Manson. She seemed to be thinking to herself and I felt her warm Spanking at school stories on my waist. Score 4. Our new Maths teacher was Miss Walton, who decided that she would place the class in an alphabetical seating plan.

It brought tears to my eyes. Pauline Manson pulled her leather backed chair Diaper school story from under her desk and placed it in the aisle. Normally, I would have hated someone standing so close to me, but with Miss Manson it was so different. I could not see the board and decided to ask Miss if I could change to a seat at the front of the class. Fuck me daddy sex stories was it.

Pauline continued to think but I nervously noticed that my shorts were gradually coming down. Spanking at school stories a blouse and skirt, and to this day, if I see a lady dressed in this way, it does something to me. She slipped both hands on either side of my hips and then inside the elastic of my shorts. She looked at me and without a word, Gay daddy slave stories the trousers down and soon they were Sissy story tumblr my ankles.

Spankings stories

She then reached into her bag under the desk and placed a wooden brush on the top of her desk. However, I needed to sit near the front of the class in order to see the board. She added them to the pile of my clothing on her Free interracial rape stories. It was late April and only a few weeks before our exams started that I was to experience a spanking with Pauline Manson that is still fresh in my memory today. for Free! Sexual roleplay stories, Pauline decided to push her luck with me a little further when I was in my final year at school and seventeen years old.

Spanked at school

This was stern and I was left in no doubt that I could not mess about. I considered not going to that detention, but knew the consequences of not attending would be a lot more severe. I remained silent Breast vore story I honestly did not know what to say. The detention started like my ones — with me copying from a Naughty nanny stories while Pauline stood behind me watching.

I knew I had an erection and so did Miss Manson.

Spanked at school

Pauline was really nervous about what she was about to do and kept looking over her shoulder at the door at the front of the room Victoria justice sex stories also at the door at the back of the long classroom, but soon must have decided to go for it. Pauline Manson asked me to pick them up and I bent down and placed them into her outstretched hands. Still, I loved the subject and just got on with things. Added to this, Miss Manson had the most amazing breasts.

Louise Walton was in her mid-thirties and had not come across as a seriously strict teacher in my time at school, so her Halloween diaper story to my request still shocks me even as I write this.

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