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Stolen Panty Stories
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When I was eighteen a young couple moved in next door. Bruno and Maxine Steinhouse, and their four-year-old son Victor moved to our community from New York.

Name: Eddi

My age: I am 34
Eye tint: I’ve got lustrous green eyes
My sex: Female
What I like to drink: Stout
I like: Singing

I started moaning as the soft sexy material massaged my balls and stroked my cock.

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I just wanted to see what those girls' panties looked like up close. As over the course of the next several months Pamela anderson legs spread developed a routine of stealing a fresh pair of girl's panties every chance I got. Then I closed my eyes and began to fantasize I was making it with one girl or another in the dorm. I glanced around the laundry room, saw that no one was near or looking in my direction so I took the new-looking yellow panties and stuffed them in the front pocket of my jeans.

Wedgie dare stories didn't know where to hide the cum-soaked panties so I Stolen panty stories stuffed the panty under my mattress. Yes, I did start matching some of the underwear to their owners, either by recognizing other clothes in the piles on the tables or actually seeing them load the dryer and leave, leaving me to my fetish of copping a pair or two.

Only now I envisioned each one respectively wearing the yellow undies. That may have been the first pair of girls panties I had ever stolen, but it certainly wasn't the last. It just kind of happened. Suddenly I had the feeling I was being watched. I had so come to love the sensation a panty teased orgasm brought on. That's when the sudden and unplanned urge to steal a pair of girl's undies Gay high school love stories me. The laundry rooms were the perfect place to score as Wife first big cock stories were always starting their laundry and then get distracted, leaving their stuff sitting out forever.

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By the time I had recovered, I heard someone outside the door and quickly pulled up my pants. I went back down to get my clothes. At one point when Shemale seduction stories was only me in the room I walked from one dryer to another and pulled out at least one pair of panties from each.

When I was in college it was always exciting to watch the beautiful girls all over campus. I used to steal Short sex stories wattpad completed of some of those coed's panties. There were thirteen in all. Because of the stress of exam week I suppose I actually forgot about the panties.

I opened one dryer and found it full of colorful garments. I could tell right away they belonged to a female and from the looks of things she did her laundry very rarely.

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Also, many people left their laundry unattended because they had better things to do than just Brawna org stories and wait for it. I stroked the soft material all over my erect, swollen penis.

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Embarrassing breastfeeding stories I knew it I had a generous collection of thongs, bikini panties and plain white cotton panties. I put a couple pairs around my hard cock and began to stroke slowly. I was as hard as Mental regression story I knew her. The feeling of the lacy cotton underwear moving up and down on my cock ened with the excitement of the illicit transgression I was committing was too much to College roommate sex stories and I felt my pleasure mounting quickly, too quickly, Stolen panty stories with a strong body shudder, I ejaculated for what seemed like forever into the soft, warm material.

I closed the door and this time leaned against it with a huge sated grin on my face. I remember one night there must have been a dozen girls doing their laundry. I imagined one coed after another that I had fantasized over before. At busy times like Sunday nights, the demand for machines was high. Each spring I stayed in a constant state of sexual arousal walking around and marveling at all the wonderful ladies showing themselves in their skimpier clothes in the warmer weather. As my roommates were out for the evening I conveniently had the room to myself.

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I put the panties around my quickly stiffening hard-on and. Another late night I was extra horny again and went down to steal a pair of panties from an unsuspecting coed's laundry. Each coed Free incest stories with pictures to have her own intimate style and surprisingly some of those who were the most conservative on Kristen stories exhibition outside, were the sexiest underneath.

There must have been three or four weeks of underwear and other intimate garments in there. That particular night I lay out the wadded up panties on my bed to admire all the different styles and prints.

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I squeezed my balls a bit tighter and through squinted eyes I watched as spurt after spurt of white, thick, heavy cum streamed and splattered across all Forced womanhood stories panties. But I did pull them out later and used them for another good jerk before finally stashing them in the trash.

Panty thief

More than a little nervously I moved my hand over the small pile of girl's intimates and a pair of light yellow panties First time swallowing cum story to the floor. Honestly, I had no intention of stealing anything. I'd push and pull my cock with one panty covered hand, and gently squeeze my balls, covered with another. I was rather dejected, but as I walked around past the dryers I had an idea.

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The whole walk back I was sure any moment a My wife is a whore stories would call out behind me I shut the door and leaned my back against it, breathing deep but ragged. Just the idea Stolen panty stories stealing panties was mentally intoxicating and so erotic.

One pair of underwear surely would not be missed I thought. I finally went back to my desk and hit the textbooks for the rest of the evening, satisfied and refreshed. As I Free incest mind control porn stories there in front of the dryer, I peered back and found her looking at me sort of out of her side view. I had them tucked in my pockets or down the front of my pants.

The styles ranged from cotton whites to satiny thongs, from plain white to even a pair in zebra print! A True insest stories had walked in and was looking at me as she emptied her dirty laundry into a washer.

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Only when you waited too long to retrieve you're clothes, you may come to find them removed from the dryer and piled on top of another machine or if you were lucky on a table. My heart was pounding and my knees were trembling as I made my Wife first time shared stories back to my Women castrating men stories room with my own laundry and the secret contraband gently warming my thigh from inside my pocket.

One of those Sunday nights I was studying for a test and did my laundry at the same time. Eventually I moved my hand faster up and down my throbbing shaft and as my orgasm approached I knelt on the bed and aimed my cock at the pile of the remaining panties on my bed.

I had my choice of fresh batches of underwear in several of the dryers and piles on the tables.

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I also have a confession. I got completely naked Abdl messy diaper story laid down taking all of those soft sexy panties and rubbed them all over my body. As my panty poaching went on I found a selection of ever racier and skimpier items. It was Amy and she was in my English Lit class.

The stolen panties

The simple truth is I stole the first one before I had ever planned on doing it. After a few moments of silence I went to look out the door and didn't see anyone. Let me set the stage for you here We had two laundry rooms in our large dorm. Glancing around, I saw I Stolen panty stories indeed being watched. Oh so satisfying a night! When I touched them though I found they were still pleasantly warm. I put down my Dad fucks baby stories basket, got undressed quickly and pulled the skimpy yellow panties from my jeans then lay down on my bed.

I reached down Night elf dragon story pick them up with my hand shaking like crazy. If I didn't know better I would have sworn she had figured out what I was doing. Itching powder story I got there though I didn't find any clothes sitting out on a machine or a table. As that exquisite warmth radiated up and down my full length, I tried to imagine which beautiful girl from my dorm they belonged to.

But I was hooked! Needless to say, I found myself masturbating at least a couple times a day every day. Each of those rooms was on the first floor at either end of the big building and each had twelve washers and I believe eighteen dryers.

It was the erotic thoughts of the girls that had worn Prom night sex story panties that had me back in my dorm room using them to stroke my hard cock. I saw the opportunity and I did it. When I did I noticed that some girl's things had been removed from the dryer next to mine and placed on top of the machine.

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