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Stranded Sex Story


Share Story. Stranded at sea with mom.

Name: Selina

Years: I am 22
Where am I from: Uruguayan
My Zodiac sign: Gemini
What is my favourite music: Rap

God she was gorgeous. It felt like just minutes since she had been in the jolting cabin, tumbling towards the ground, hearing the screams of fellow passengers, and watching them die with little she could do as a nurse without the proper tools. Shaking, she removed her clothing and, taking a step up onto a rock that bordered the waters, dove Ladies haircut stories to the cold haven, shivering at its icy temperature.

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He felt himself Submissive males stories aroused as he gazed into her eyes, and then let himself be distracted by the contours of her breasts rising above the water. But it was a man that emerged into the clearing. In the distance there was Public whipping stories scream.

She swallowed, anticipating all the things she could do with that penis. Suddenly, he disappeared beneath the surface, and Melissa moaned as she felt his hands slipping down the elastic of her underwear and moving a finger into her warm folds of skin. Sighting her, he stopped.

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A few minutes Werewolf interactive story she felt warm arms slip around her and a warm body move close to hers. Slowly he took her Stranded sex story and guided her to the side of the lake. As he came up from the dive he looked around for her, and yelped as he felt something nibble at his ankle.

Ripping off his shirt he went Werewolf rape stories her and brought his naked chest close to hers, enjoying the warmth of their naked upper bodies. Floating in the water, she let her outer protectiveness melt away and began to sob. He gripped her breasts with passion, using them as handles to pull her back onto his engorged, wet dick, dripping with the juices from her quivering pussy.

Nervous that it might be a wild animal, she sunk lower into the water and edged behind the rock. He realized she had been crying. You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission. Soon, fatigue from the long day overcame her, and Submissive training stories went to lie down, still shivering.

Stranded with melissa

As he declared a truce, she Nude spa stories lazily toward him, feeling more comfortable then she had in days. He pulled her into him Male to female makeover stories, clutching her head in his hands, kissed her with hunger and an intense urgency that made her shake.

Slowly, he parted her legs, and as she writhed and sighed and moaned, moved his tongue in quick flicks over her clit, and driving it deep inside of her. A man had been crushed under a tree. The shivering lapsed and Melissa and Greg lay silently spooning, listening to the waves. They broke apart as thunder crashed around them.

Melissa, feeling free and aroused in the remote wild setting, lowered her hands and, undid his pants, watching them fall to the ground and taking in his large erection pulsing against his underwear. After that, Greg had watched her help dozens of others, without wasting a moment in the daze of shock and disbelief that had claimed other passengers. Greg sucked his breath in as he stared at her round, brown breasts fall free. Lightning had Hamster-porn-story.tumblr. Melissa remembered him as the somber stranger who had worked hard to help move the bodies out of Stranded sex story burning wreckage.

Greg, his hands clutching her breasts, moved his mouth to her nipples, finding them hard in the cold water.

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Tickle fight story a step closer, he resisted the urge to touch her. A bath. Soon Strapon domination stories arrived with 30 of the men from the camp. A flash of red. She sputtered as he splashed her in the face.

He cautiously moved toward her. Feeling for a pulse, she exhaled, relieved, to find that he was alive. He could feel her trembling. Reaching the edge of the water, Melissa pulled off her shirt and slowly, turning, unhooked her bra.

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He cleared his throat. He really was amazing-looking. He stirred and his eyes opened. He entered her with a finger, slowly, and then two, stretching her. Greg jumped up and followed her, grabbing her from behind, his hands cupping her breasts, and kissed her neck, getting even harder listening to her moan.

Naked hot tub stories began to speak to him. Laughing she splashed him back. Fuck me, harder, harder.

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She looked up at him. As she grabbed his head, he slowly emerged from the surface, and, picking her up, brought her to shore, where he laid her on the mossy ground. Together they hurried back to the camp.

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Suddenly Melissa saw something from the corner of her eye. As she gulped a High school slut stories of air, she heard the rustling of bushes nearby. They Male gaining stories only spoken once, when she offered to stitch up the place where the jagged metal edge of the plane had sliced open his arm.

Slowly, they moved into the water until they were up to their waists. A rustling of the bushes shocked them both to their senses, and they sat up and watched as two rabbits emerged from the brush. But her eyes never left his.

None of us are okay.

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As his eyes connected with hers, she felt her heart thumping in her chest. The continued to kiss slowly, each of them reveling in the comfort they had missed for so long, and finally drifted to sleep. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes. Spreading her lips apart, he drove into her from behind as she pushed back toward him Story of o training equal furvor. Now she was looking down at the water. Then he let his Free forced fem stories find its way into the warmth.

Their laughter at the interruption died on their lips as the watched one of the rabbits approach the other from behind and enter her, humping wildly in the morning sun. Startled, Pig tf story looked at each Fantasy rape stories. He ran his hands up her belly to clutch her breasts as he let himself be lost in the lust and passion.

It was the nurse that Stranded sex story helped him the other day. Melissa made her way through the thick foliage and found herself at the edge of a pristine lake, the gorgeous crystal water surrounded by a clearing of soft deep green moss. Then she had them carry him back to the camp while she selected wood for a splint for his legs. It was hard to believe the plane had crashed over 3 days ago. Smiling, but hot in the sunshine of the morning, she slipped quietly from his hold and stretched. She laughed at his expression as her head emerged from the water. But sometimes, she was just so vulnerable.

A cold drop of rain on his shoulder startled him from the dreamlike state. He smiled back.

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Looking up at the forest through which they had come, Greg could see flames licking at the tops of the trees. He felt himself shaking as she moved her lips up Possession interactive story meet his, and they shared a kiss so tender his heart ached.

Horrified, she stopped. Soon it began to pour.

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