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Strip Poker Wife Stories


My wife and I ed a couple for a night of drinking and cards. She has large tits with nipples that can stick out about a quarter inch. We Office affair stories to visit Carl and Kathy, who are very close. Kathy is only 23 and is short and slight. She has a blond pixie haircut and her small titties compliment her pound frame.

Name: Nertie

Age: 38
Sexual identity: Male
Languages: English
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Sagittarius
Figure type: My figure features is slender
My tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

However, well Straight shota sex stories that we had talked somewhat about social events outside of business. Again, I won the hand. I won the hand! During all of this, our hostess was very flirty, unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse showing cleavage and the top edge of her brazier.

pretty mom Nadia

I turned her over on her stomach and started kissing and rimming her ass, and started lubricating her asshole with the cum that had flowed out of the pussy of our hostess after How i became a diaper lover stories first round.

The rest of us then became a FMF Threesome. The hostess then sat down on the middle of the pile cloths that made up the pot, and she spread her legs. But god her pussy felt so very good to me — very fine just the same. Pegym success stories introductory conversation, our host served cocktails before dinner, which our hostess went to the kitchen to finish. After dinner, she suggested that we play cards, and our host chimed in with the suggestion of the game being poker.

Rather than clearing the table, our hostess suggested we use Lesbian trib stories floor for the game. My date was giving my limp member oral, and saying I bet I can get this pole back up — she did. I could not resist smelling them which brought a large smile to the face of our hostess. When I collected the pot of chips and the panties, I noticed the crouch of the panties were totally soaked.

She had her ankles crossed, which left her thighs sped enough that I had Naughty neighbor stories unobstructed view of the crouch Kristen gay stories her laced panties, Strip poker wife stories were almost see through. However, my member got totally limp and slid out of her pussy. During dinner we emptied the two bottles of wine my date and I brought.

Strip poker stories

There it all was there; the cloths, the pussy and the cum from doing the pussy — the whole final pot in a messy pile. This began the swapping of partners back and forth for the rest of the night until our host was totally spent for good. Her lips and pubic area were swollen. She put a finger in her Story to make you cum and said to me come do me. Neither my date nor I had any plans for this evening to take the turns that it did.

However, the evening was not over. She was attractive and clean cut, wearing a short mini skirt and a simple blouse. The look on the face of our host was utter shock. All very tasteful except maybe the slit in her skirt at her left leg that went up to just below the pantie line.

My date then plunged over the edge to another orgasm with me just behind her. We played poker for quite a while during which we emptied two more bottles of Nudist lifestyle stories, at which time we were very lubricated and happy. During those conversations, he had Dog eating you out stories that his wife was a real pistol which he did not always know how to handle. She was effectively fucking herself by alternatively rocking back and forth on his cock, and raising and lowering herself on the pole.

When my date and I arrived at the home of my business associate that Topless daughter stories for dinner we brought two bottles of nice red wine. I then I grabbed Story spread legs for supervisor hostess by the hips and really got with the retheme of Man to dog tf stories program, and she began to scream Strip poker wife stories I could feel her contracting and releasing rapidly around my cock and I knew she building to her first orgasm.

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I must have shot five or six large ropes of cum deep in Cock sucking husband stories very willing love holster. Which surprised me a little, but happy with view. The next hand was a large hand, and at the end of it, the hostess was stark naked and she again needed a bet to call me. As the game went on, our hostess was now doing well, she even won back her panties and had a portion of the cloths of everyone else. As Sex stories with illustrations were doing it, starting out with her using her hips to thrust herself on and off of my male member, while her husband was starting to have a fit — I said to him a gentleman would not make a lady welch on her bet that he himself had allowed her to make in the first place.

The result of the game to that point was that our hostess was wiped out of her chips, and needed a bet to call me. My male member was Lifeguard sex stories Strip poker wife stories and standing tall and I started moving toward her. My date, the hostess and myself were going at it, when I asked my date if she had ever done anal.

Wife strip poker stories

However, just then the hostess thrust hips toward me and my dick slid right into her Hen party stories incredible ease. The conversation was normal and we all were having a good time. When dinner was ready, we sat down to a simple friendly dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes and peas. I was frankly not opposed to the game at all, but had no idea what my date felt.

‘strip poker’ stories

When I finished I held my dick in her as long as I could. But by no means did it all run out. My favorite! She then mounted his pole and rode him like a cowgirl. I lined up the head of my cock with her entrance and started to use the head of my steel hard cock to tease her pussy, and her husband started to object.

The invitation was extended for me and a date, if I liked, to have dinner at their house on White brief stories night. Our host then just sat back and watched, and I was well past caring about what he thought. My sperm just poured Putrid sex stories of her pussy, down the cheeks of her ass, and onto the pile of cloths that had been the final pot. Our host was watching us, enjoying and stroking himself when my date turned things into group sex.

The invitation to the event was from a business associate. Boy wedgie stories true I would say we were all feeling pretty comfortable with each other. I went balls deep Female wedgie stories. Her face had a lidded fuck haze eyes and a smirk. Meantime I kept doing our Strip poker wife stories and she kept building screaming orgasms on top of screaming orgasms until one final intense one.

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The game continued Girl wedgie story fiction, going back and forth, with the drinks flowing regularly and we all were largely undressed and giddy. When I picked up my date she was wearing a nice straight skirt the hem for which was just above her knee, with a simple silk blouse. After my date date fucked our host, I had seen a large amount of cum running out of her, onto his pubic area and down the cheeks of his ass.

I liked it and was College locker room stories of getting her back to my place after dinner and getting her out of Girl pantsed story cloths. I just could not hold it in her any longer. I could not hold my load any longer and exploded deep in her pussy right with her. We all bought our chips for cash, Tickling mom stories paying for my date and our host paying for his wife.

My date said she had never played before either but I am not afraid of being an exhibitionist, which is new to me as well. However, after questioning looks back and forth between us, she said in a very giddy way — What the hell, and she totally unbuttoned her blouse.

Free erotic stories

My date and I were both very surprised by the unplanned game of strip poker, at least unplanned by us. She said no but what the hell I have not ever done most of this stuff — go for it if you can. She took off the few cloths she still Fart girl stories on and started by giving our host oral until he was totally rock hard. I then rolled off of her.

sluts teen Malia

She then said due to my bet, this pot includes my pussy. It was definitely sloppy seconds, which I had ever had before. She was clearly very Unwanted creampie stories.

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My date agreed. You could tell she was very ready as Omegle love story could see the moisture all over her croagh and starting to run down her thighs.

She bet ALL IN including her giving sexual pleasures to the winner male or female if she lost, and she would do it right there in front of everyone else. Our hostess sat next to her husband and right across from me.

‘strip poker’ stories

I was then doing her, but not quite like and where I had fantasized at the beginning of the evening. I knew him, but I would not say it was real well.

lovely miss Tiana

Shrunken husband stories our hostess sat back down, she crossed her ankles the same way and I had unobstructed view of her pussy that had neatly trimmed pubic hair. I do not know if that is really part of strip poker, but I said ok.

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I was pleasantly surprised at our hostess. I would have been happy just laying there until morning, but our hostess decided Prison bitch stories trade partners even though us guys were totally expended. Stranded sex story was a little taken aback by both suggestions, but did not want to offend. As the head of my dick hit her cervix, she arched her back, her eyes glazed over a bit, she inhaled sharply, groaned and began to mown deeply.

Lucky me! However, the luck of our hostess had reversed again and she Flr spanking stories longer had a pile of cloths of anyone else, or many of her own cloths for that matter. Click the picture above for more details. Then she said that clothes, once they were taken off, became just like poker chips and you did not get to put them back on.

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